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Surfing Life #345 TRAVEL

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ed’s words

There’s an oft quoted saying that states, “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us,” (Anonymous). Being such an enriching experience, travel not only literally broadens our horizons, but also opens our minds to new landscapes, cultures, food and of course, waves. And if travel is indeed such a life altering experience like the quote suggests, my question is: why are you still here? I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled a fair bit over the last 12 months. The type of work I was doing meant there was more international travel than domestic, and it also meant I experienced some destinations for the very first time. Brazil, Bali (don’t judge me, I’m a late bloomer) and Taiwan were among them. I’m one of those people…

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up ahead

This issue we chat to a pioneer from the surf travel and tourism space. Shaun Levings was the founder of World Surfaris, which went on to become a veritable super power in the surf tourism industry. Shaun got his start in travel back in 1995, not long after his sixteenth birthday after joining a small travel agency in Gosford, NSW. From there he moved to the big smoke, to join national travel agency, Thomas Cook. His first experience in dedicated surf tourism came with The Surf Travel Co after spending six years in Sydney, but after his wife Jacquie landed a job with Qantas in Brisbane, the couple moved to the Sunshine Coast and World Surfaris was launched in 1997. Shaun eventually exited the business in 2016, but not after…

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the family

QUESTION: WHAT IS YOUR BEST TIP… OR TWO FOR TRAVELLING? BRAD BRICKNELL I always get to the airport way too early, but I’d rather that than be scrambling last minute to make the plane. Paw paw ointment for ya crusty lips is a Godsend — those long-haul flights really dry you out, plus the ointment is really good for cuts, crazes and bites when you reach the other side. Make sure you research what power adaptors you need in a foreign country otherwise your beloved iAppendage ain’t going to last long, and always pack a spare couple of tees in your backpack… it’s better than rocking up at customs with red wine stains on your gear. RAY BISSCHOP There are two vital things you need to take on a surfari. Number one and almost the…

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the great goat debate

If you were forced to make a call, right now, on who is the greatest women’s surfer of all time? Would you say Steph or Layne? What can be said about Stephanie Gilmore that hasn’t already been written? Probably not much at all, she’s the modern queen of the surf world. Much has been said about her flawless and flowing style. Her contest record speaks for itself and her smile is disarming and endearing — a true champion in every sense of the word. Shortly after our last issue (Surfers) went to print, Steph went on to win a seventh World Title at the Beachwaver Maui Pro, the final event of the WSL World Championship Tour. It’s been said many times during her illustrious career that she’s maybe struggled with motivation after…

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who’s next?

The 2018 WSL men’s world title race was one for the books. Going down to the proverbial wire at Pipeline at the end of last year, Gabriel Medina muscled his way into the history books becoming the first Brazilian surfer to claim two world titles. Our own Julian Wilson fought like the warrior we know he is, and did all he could to wrestle the title away from Medina by making the final. But once Medina got there, the world title was a fait accompli for the man who finished strongest in the back half of the year. Wilson ended up number two in the world, with the other 2018 title contender Filipe Toledo, finishing the year in third place. And while we are on the record, two other Australians finished in…

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mick’s in the money but the pie is shrinking

One of the world’s most recognisable surfers has just signed a 10-year contract with his main sponsor, the year after he retired officially from competitive surfing. What does that say for the three-times world champion who won’t surf another heat on the world tour again? Well it means there is a lot more to Mick than just putting on a contest jersey. And for Rip Curl, the architects of his ‘lifetime’ contract, it means that Mick is more than just another surfer on their books. “Mick isn’t just a world champion surfer,” says Neil Ridgway, Rip Curl’s Group Marketing Chairman. “He is the most important surfer in the history of our company,” he concludes emphatically, before elaborating further. “We know that — and he feels it too — so we decided to…