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January 2018

Surfing World is Australia's most respected and longest running surfing magazine, established over 50 years ago. Surfing World is a mag all surfers can be proud of.

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Creedo rubbers up for the summer cause he no like the sun. Sun bad. Wash the band. (Macfarlane) 10. Watch the world title get decided at Pipeline The Billabong Pipe Masters begins on December 8 (it’s probably on right now) and features a world title showdown for the ages. Barring some crazy unforeseen circumstance (and they have been known to happen from time to time), the crown will go to either the little prince, John John Florence, or Mr Shaved Nipples, Gabriel Medina. Flick to page 38 to read Sean Doherty’s breakdown of the big show, then dust off your 2010 World Cup vuvuzela horn and settle in to watch the greatest show on earth (after Seinfeld). 9. Listen to Raw Power by Iggy and the…

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league of legends

Jack McCoy Godfather of Surf Film Any model Toyota. They just keep tickin’. Tyler Wright 2016 WSL World Champion Jeep Wrangler Sport. It’s like my brother Mikey’s mullet. Business up front, party out back. Rosey Hodge WSL Commentator I have a 4WD 2001 Four Runner and I love the thing. But I would trade it in for a cool van of some sort. Matt Hoy 1997 Bells Beach Champion Toyota Hi-lux because I’m trying to coax Kim at Burton Toyota into giving me one . Ellis Ericson Freesurfer, Wash the Band …

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seeing western red

We surfed a wave known as Cyclops’s big brother, 20 kilometres further out to sea, and it was big and we got some good waves and Ordy shot some good frames but I ended up with 10 stitches in my head. The next day we hit Cyclops. It was meant to be a bit smaller and with no wind but when we pulled up it wasn’t really telling us much. I stuck a medical glove on my head and a balaclava over that to keep my stitches dry. I was keen to surf but I wanted to see a few waves roll through first. At Cyclops one in every 10 waves is rideable from behind the peak so I wanted make sure I was dialled on which waves to…

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on the boll

SURF FILM Scary Good by Surfing World Are you sick of being hit over the head with Surfing World’s feature length surf film that isn’t a surf film, Scary Good, yet? Well, here it comes again, buzzing towards your head like a fly at a picnic. Despite writing for Surfing World Magazine in most issues, I had absolutely nothing to do with Scary Good, and I actually don’t even really like the lads that made it all that much. They’re smelly. But I can honestly tell you that the film gave me more stoke than anything remotely to do with surfing has all year. From the incredible punk soundtrack created on the site of the surf trip and movie, to the humour and charisma of the cast, to the…

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teena mcilveen the lady of many colours

It’s the day after New Year’s at the Clearwater Surfboard factory in Currumbin, Queensland. Teena Mcilveen, 38, is just getting back to glassing after the holiday break, so she turns on her dance playlist, featuring the likes of Calvin Harris, Foals and a Dr. Dre remix, to raise the energy of her little white workshop. “Whenever I put dance music on, I get so much more done,” the freckle-faced Mcilveen says, flashing a dimpled smile. Nicknamed ‘The Lady of Many Colours’ by an old friend of Clearwater’s owner and shaper Steve Del Rosso, Mcilveen soon gets into her groove, pouring fluorescent pink resin into coils on the underside of a short board before adding generous puddles of mauve, which she uses to pick up the pink highlights and connect…

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mack daddy

Young Mack is already packing a mean oop, a wild rail game and by the sounds of it, doesn’t mind whipping into a few when the surf gets juicy. It’s a grom’s life ain’t it! Macklin Flynn is the eldest of four boys and his fam resides in Mandurah, Western Australia. At only 12 years old grom he already hits the outer reefs with his Dad on a jetski, has a quiver of boards that includes a gun under six foot long and he doesn’t mind blowing tail right in the face of his heroes. “I dropped a mean grab rail hack right into Shane Dorian’s face last time I was in Bali. And when I paddled back out he gave me a high five,” says Mack Daddy.…