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Taste.com.au July 2019

From Australia’s favourite food and lifestyle website comes an exciting food experience – Taste.com.au magazine. The magazine brings to life all-new and exclusive recipes that are a joy to make and eat, whether you're after a quick and easy midweek meal, a healthy lunch or something decadently indulgent. Plus, each month the magazine features some of Australia's favourite foodies including Matt Preston, Manu Feildel and Marion Grasby, showcasing irresistible new recipes and ideas from their kitchens. Here comes food like you’ve never seen it before. With food beautifully heroed on high-impact pages, you can almost taste it. Plus, as you read the magazine, enticing extras are always at your fingertips, a simple click away, bringing the pages of the magazine to life.The new Taste.com.au magazine digital edition is now available to download! Select the single issue or subscribe today.

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1 min.
the magic of pork

My favourite scene from The Simpsons is Homer’s exasperation when he realises that his vegetarian daughter, Lisa, is never going to eat meat again. “Wait a minute, Lisa honey… what about bacon?” says Homer. – “No!” says Lisa. “Ham…??” – “No!!” Lisa yells. “Pork chops…???” – DAD!” screams Lisa. “Those all come from the SAME ANIMAL!!” “Hehehe. Yeah right, Lisa,” Homer mocks. “One wooonderful ‘magical’ animal.” This always cracks me up, not just because of Homer’s complete cluelessness, but because he’s so right! Pork really is one completely magical animal, and bacon, ham and pork chops are not even the half of it. Pulled pork, pork belly, rolled pork and pork crackling are right up there as wonders of the food world. And, don’t be scared healthy foodies: pork fillet steak has half the fat…

1 min.

EDITORIAL editor-in-chief Brodee Myers brodee.myerscooke@news.com.au editor & books editor Cassie Mercer food director Michelle Southan creative director Giota Letsios food editors Miranda Payne, Katrina Woodman art director Natasha Barisa senior food consultant Alison Adams chief subeditor Alex McDivitt subeditor & digital producer Shelley Sing nutrition editor Chrissy Freer editorial coordinator & feature writer Imogen Rafferty multimedia/video Jade Dunn, Mim Stacey DIGITAL general manager – digital development, News DNA Gemma Battenbough online editor Laura Simpson senior producers Rebecca Nittolo, Rosalie Gordon content producer Stephanie Hua ADVERTISING managing director, national sales Lou Barrett general manager, newsamp Renee Sycamore client solutions director Ed Faith nsw client solutions managers Melinda Deluca & Donna Hodges (02) 8045 4734 donna.hodges@news.com.au nsw client solutions specialists Ally Adler, Lucy Tootill & Elizabeth Hamilton (02) 9078 6425 elizabeth.hamilton@news.com.au vic group client solutions manager Eugene Loane (03) 9292 2286 vic client solutions manager Charmaine Wu (03) 9292 1597 charmaine.wu@news.com.au vic client solutions specialist Tatiana Sumpter (03) 9292 3223 tatiana.sumpter@news.com.au qld…

1 min.
must-see videos!

Zucchini fritters The clever way to get the kiddies to eat their greens without the tears. How to: line a tin Learn how to line a cake tin like a bona fide member of the CWA. Lemonade scones One of our most loved and highly rated can be yours in 30 minutes. How to: freeze leftovers Say goodbye to freezer-burnt meals that could’ve fed the family. Chicken & mushroom risotto The perfect wintry dish with a step-by-step, silky success guide. How to: make coconut cream From a can of coconut milk, plus storage and other hacks.…

1 min.
our top meals at a glance

1 min.
shred it up

PULLED PORK SHEPHERD’S PIE serves 4 | prep 30 mins (+ cooling ) | cook 4 hours 30 mins ½ tbs extra virgin olive oil\750g scotch fillet roast pork½ brown onion, thinly sliced1 garlic clove, crushed350g passata1 cup salt-reduced chicken stock½ tsp fennel seeds½ tbs fresh oregano leaves1 carrot, peeled, diced½ cup frozen peas1 tbs Worcestershire sauce¼ cup grated cheddar sour cream mash 5 medium sebago potatoes, peeled, roughly chopped½ cup sour cream¼ cup grated cheddar 1 Preheat oven to 160°C/180°C fan forced. Heat oil in a large flameproof casserole dish over high heat. Add pork. Cook, turning, for 10 minutes or until browned all over. 2 Add onion, garlic, passata, stock, fennel seeds and oregano. Cover and bring to the boil. Transfer to the oven. Bake, turning it halfway through, for 3½ hours or until…

1 min.
so many ways

Pulled pork is a favourite when added to a roll with coleslaw, but the sweet and tender shredded meat is a versatile ingredient which can be added to soups, stews and much more. Scotch fillet roast pork is the best cut to use for pulled pork. Simply place in a flameproof casserole dish, partially covered with liquid, then slow-cook in the oven on a low heat. Now you have a base for many different meals. Try it with nachos, pop it on pizza, add it to pasta or surprise your family with a new take on chilli con carne. • For more information, visit pork.com.au…