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TechLife August 2018

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TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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turning off tv and putting on netflix

THE 2017 ONLINE & ON DEMAND REPORT BY NIELSEN SHOWS THAT, IN THE LAST THREE YEARS, USAGE FOR STREAMING VIDEO ON DEMAND HAS INCREASED BY 30%. THE PACE OF change to streaming TV has been surprising for me, in that it’s a surprise to realise I haven’t turned on traditional free-to-air (FTA) TV since early last year, and that was to watch Leigh Sales grill a politician on 7:30. Even then, that was because I didn’t have access to the internet to stream something completely different. I’m not alone in making the switch. The 2017 ‘Online & On Demand’ report by Nielsen shows that, in the last three years, usage for streaming video on demand (SVOD) has increased by 30%, usage in broadcaster catch-up services (such as ABC iView and SBS On…

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exclusive software

AN ELEGANT MUSIC MANAGER MANAGE, ENCODE AND LISTEN WITH ASHAMPOO MUSIC STUDIO 2018. FULL VERSION WORTH $30 Ashampoo Music Studio 2018 is a tried and versatile application to edit and burn audio files. Audio disc ripping happens quickly and missing track information is filled in automatically based on an extensive online database. Files can be burned or converted into different audio formats. The integrated audio editor enables users to modify or remove individual passages and allows them to split up tracks into individual parts. Organising music collections is another strength of the program. Metadata can be modified, volumes altered and files renamed based on customisable naming schemes. Songs can be easily mixed with fading and audio tracks extracted from existing videos, say, to create ringtones. Download link: www.ashampoo.com/techlifemagazine KEEP YOUR FILES UPDATED EVERYWHERE STAY ABREAST WITH…

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inside techlife

TECHLIFE IS AUSTRALIA’S most practical mainstream technology magazine, having been in print since 2012, when we launched as a redesigned and modernised version of Australian PC User. The latter was first printed in 1990, and we take that 25-year heritage seriously and strive to be both ethical and transparent in our coverage of technology and any other topics we broach. Like our sister magazine, APC, we have two main goals here at TechLife: to track down the best of modern tech and to help our readers get the most from it. We’re also an open church in terms of platforms. We know most people aren’t wed to a single brand’s products and use a variety of devices in their lives. And like you, TechLife’s journalists want to know what’s good in…

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lg g7 thinq

THE G7 THINQ, LG’s best phone in years, touts a ‘Super Bright’ LCD that’s viewable in direct sunlight, which is ironic because the rest of it has a hard time standing out. It’s a reasonable, but not significant upgrade over last year’s LG G6, with a larger 6.1-inch all-screen display, AI-enhanced cameras, a loud ‘Boombox Speaker’, a faster chipset and Google’s Android 8.0 Oreo software out of the box. LG is emphasising that this is a smart, not flashy, phone and is determined to push AI onto all of its smart devices. The execution on this new ThinQ phone is, thankfully, a little more practical than its nomenclature. SUPER BRIGHT The LG G7’s design puts an emphasis on its 6.1-inch LCD screen, which takes up nearly the entire front of the device,…

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google under investigation in australia for large-scale android data harvesting

GOOGLE IS UNDER investigation in Australia after software company Oracle produced evidence that the internet giant has been collecting user data from millions of Android smartphones without consent. According to the report submitted to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has been illegally receiving detailed information on search histories and user locations of Australian Android owners, amounting to about a gigabyte of data per device each month. It has been alleged that the data collection began as part of Google’s Street View project, but is still ongoing, coming at the cost of the consumer. Oracle’s report claims that the transfer of information uses up part of a user’s data quota each month, alleging that Aussies are unwittingly paying their telcos to have their details sent to…

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apple tightens iphone security loophole to prevent police hacking

WITH THE ROLL-OUT of iOS 11.4, we saw Apple plug up a security loophole in the iPhone Lightning port, but the Cupertino firm has now announced that iOS 12 will take this fix to the extreme. While Apple has historically been non-compliant when law enforcement has sought capabilities to hack into Apple customers’ devices, in certain instances, police have been able to use third-party hacking tools to exploit a loophole in iPhone Lightning ports. To combat this, Apple incorporated the USB Restricted Mode, which disables any data transfer via the device’s Lightning port if it hasn’t been unlocked in seven days. After that, the port’s functionality is limited to charging the device, and therefore stops hacking tools from accessing the device’s data. While the above method introduced in iOS 11.4…