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TechLife June 2019

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TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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are $1,500 phones the new normal?

I’M STILL TOTING about a Samsung S8+ as my trusty, day-to-day phone. It’s served me well as a phone, but even more so as a camera. It’s travelled from the Sahara to Iceland, and has taken some cracking shots in its time. But it might also be getting just a touch over the hill. It’s the first phone I’ve owned where I’ve managed to crack the glass, and a few pixels are starting to give up the ghost. It’s annoying in a phone so expensive, but hey – it’s been a round the block a time or two. My upgrade options, if I want to maintain that level of photographic power are looking a little... excessive. Sure, whatever I get will almost certainly be on a plan, but it’s more than a little…

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exclusive software

QUASH RESOURCE HOGGING APPS STREAMLINE PERFORMANCE WITH ASHAMPOO DISK SPACE EXPLORER 2018. FULL VERSION WORTH $20 The compact yet powerful Disk-Space-Explorer 2018 provides a detailed overview of file distribution and disk space consumption. Unlike Windows Explorer, Disk-Space-Explorer 2018 lists results based on file types and helps quickly locate potential resource hogs. The file type filters are customisable, making it easy to scan drives for specific files, e.g. video files or documents. Bar and pie charts provide visual clues as to to the percentage of disk space usage for each file type. For a more in-depth view, users can quickly navigate through folders and customise existing file type filters or create their own. With Disk-Space-Explorer 2018, users can finally find out exactly how much space their photos, songs, videos or any other files really…

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huawei p30 pro

THE P30 PRO is a statement from Huawei, with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer declaring that its new flagship will “rewrite the rules of photography”. It aims to do that with its quad camera system which offers a 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and huge 50x digital zoom, along with bold claims for low-light performance. Elsewhere the P30 Pro packs in the features you’d expect from a modern flagship phone including a premium design, in-display fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, plenty of power under the hood, a big screen and a decent-sized battery. Huawei has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and the P30 Pro is its most accomplished smartphone to date. DESIGN Huawei has stripped back the bezels above and below the screen to the bare minimum, reducing the size of the notch…

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new australian law will punish facebook, youtube, and twitter for violent content

WITH GOVERNMENTS AROUND the globe scrambling to respond to the terror attack in Christchurch, pressure began to mount for social media platforms to hold more accountability for the content that they host. Australia is one of the first nations to draft new legislation targeting the online platforms, passing a hastily-crafted bill titled ‘The Sharing of Abhorrent Violent Material’ that aims to specifically curtail the sharing and hosting of violent images and video online. With the new bill in place, it is a criminal offence if these platforms fail to notify the Australian Federal Police about “violent abhorrent conduct” found in online videos, and/or fail to remove the offending media in an “expeditious” or “reasonable” timeframe, according to Australian Attorney General, Christian Porter. Specifically, this conduct is categorised by any media…

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essential tech news

INTERNET EXPLORER HACK COULD STEAL USERS’ DATA – EVEN IF THEY USE CHROME OR FIREFOX MICROSOFT REPORTEDLY IGNORED SECURITY RESEARCHER’S WARNING. Security researcher John Page discovered that any user with Internet Explorer installed on their system is vulnerable to an exploit that utilises the browser’s. MHT file format, whether or not they use it. According to Page, it has been successfully tested in Internet Explorer 11 (the latest version) on Windows 7 and Windows 10, although Microsoft has yet to roll out a fix as of the time of writing. [HD] THE ACCC ISN’T HAPPY WITH NBN CO’S PLAN TO RAISE PRICES ON LOW-SPEED SERVICES WANTS 12MBPS PRICES TO BE ‘ANCHORED’ TO ADSL COST. A speech given by ACCC chairman Rod Sims has weighed in on NBN Co’s plans to disincentivise the lower NBN speed…

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huawei laptops had security backdoor that exposes them to hacking, says microsoft

CHINESE TECH GIANT Huawei has been in some hot water in recent times for reportedly employing relaxed and potentially compromising security in its tech devices – namely its smartphones. A recent article by the Epoch Times has revealed that researchers at Microsoft uncovered a critical flaw in the security of the company’s flagship laptops, the Matebook series. Although it hasn’t been revealed at what point the flaw was initially discovered, Microsoft first published information regarding the issue on its March 25 blog post. Microsoft had succesfully fixed the loophole, allowing Huawei to release a patch removing the offending problem. The nature of the flaw is similar to the exploit used in the WannaCry ransomware attack, which allowed bad actors to get access to users’ data via a backdoor in the…