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TechLife August 2019

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TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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oscar mike

IN COMPUTING TERMS, I’ve been chained to the desktop for nigh on four decades. From the first MicroBee I broke my childish teeth on (not literally), to the various Macs of my first share house, to numerous handbuilt PC gaming systems for the home, or work machines to pump out magazines like this... it’s all been on desktop hardware. Up until now. For most of the last year I’ve been working on a MacBook Pro, and the process has been pretty seamless. Sure, it’s alongside a dual-screen desktop PC, but all the hard yards of production have been on a laptop. Even more recently, I’ve moved my gaming from desktop to laptop, and you know... it’s pretty fine. Being able to pick up and game anywhere is really quite neat, and I’ve not…

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exclusive software

MAKE YOUR PHOTOS PROFESSIONALLY SING EDIT TO PERFECTION WITH ASHAMPOO PHOTO OPTIMIZER 2019. FULL VERSION WORTH $30 Photo editing doesn’t have to be time-consuming! With Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019, all it takes is a single click to improve your photos significantly. The integrated image optimisation auto-detects dull colors, unsuitable color tempatures or poor exposure and instantly fixes these defects! The software even features a more advanced anlaysis to auto-optimise white exposure and contrast spreads. Thanks to its sophisticated algorithm, this photo editing software is your weapon of choice to optimise your photos! Download link: www.ashampoo.com/techlifemagazine REMOVE UNWANTED DOCUMENTS FOR GOOD LEAVE NO TRACE WITH ABELSSOFT FILEWING SHREDDER. FULL VERSION WORTH $20 Deleted files can be easily recovered with the proper tools. So it’s a wise choice, in the case of sensitive data, to choose a method that permanently…

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google pixel 3a

IT’S NO SECRET that the prices of smartphones are getting steeper by the year, so it’s deeply refreshing to see a major player buck the trend. While mid-range alternatives to premium flagships aren’t necessarily new – Samsung has been offering up affordable Galaxy phones for quite some time now – they often arrive with some significant compromises. We’re pleased to see the Google Pixel 3a has deftly balanced the best attributes of its flagship counterpart while reducing the price to an amount that’s much more sensible for your average smartphone user. DESIGN For those familiar with Google’s recent lineup of phones, particularly the Pixel 3, the aesthetic characteristics will be awfully familiar. The Pixel 3a’s rear sports a two-tone appearance in either black or white, with a single camera and flash in…

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despite what we thought, htc is still in the phone game, launching two new handsets

Most people thought that HTC had silently departed the smartphone game, beyond its attempts to launch a blockchain phone in the HTC Exodus, but it seems most people were wrong. The HTC U19e and HTC Desire U19+ are the company’s two new handsets, and they’ll be launching in Taiwan in June and July respectively, although there’s no news on a release anywhere else. While we did get the HTC U12+ in 2018, it’s no longer available from major retailers and received a rather lukewarm reception upon launching. As such, we’re intrigued to see that the company is back with more – even though we’re curious as to what happened to HTCs 13 through 18. While the U19e bears the name of the company’s previous line of premium flagships, it’s said…

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essential tech news

VICTORIA POLICE HAVE ADDED A TESLA MODEL X TO THEIR FLEET OF VPATROL CARS THE ALL-ELECTRIC ALTERNATIVE TO HIGHWAY PATROL. As an alternative to the Holden and Ford mainstays of the Australian police force, the Victorian highway patrol has taken on board a Tesla Model X to use in its fleet, hoping that its in-built software will help integrate into existing law enforcement systems. While it’s currently being used as a trial, we could well be seeing more of the environmentally-friendly vehicles be hitting the road in the future. WESTPAC’S SHARK-SPOTTING DRONE MAY SOON BE USED TO SPOT STRUGGLING SWIMMERS AI UPGRADE COULD HELP SAVE EVEN MORE LIVES. The Little Ripper drone was first launched in 2016 on NSW coasts in order to help Surf Lifesavers spot sharks, but a new update to their AI…

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google tweaks its search to show you more variety, limiting results from the same site

More changes are afoot on the world’s most well-known search engine: Google says it’s taking steps to stop multiple listings from the same site showing up in results. The tweak is “designed to provide more site diversity in our results” Google says, with user feedback on the issue one of the main reasons for the new approach. However, the sort of results you see will still differ depending on your query – in some situations, Google says it will continue to display several hits from the same place if they’re “especially relevant” to what you’re looking for. Typically, though, you won’t see more than two listings from the same site in the top search results. According to Google’s Danny Sullivan, the change isn’t going to affect the way that sites…