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TechLife October 2019

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TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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if a job’s worth doing...

THE FIRST FEW PCs I owned were store-bought boxes. I had a very well-worn beige-box machine back in the day, and I remember a somewhat more stylish Dell machine that I managed to keep alive for nearly a decade with some judicious upgrades. They were good machines, but not great, and they didn’t do much to teach me how they really ticked. But when I eventually built my first PC it was like a quantum leap of knowledge. When it’s your hands seating the RAM, applying the thermal paste, and troubleshooting the installation of an OS or tweaking the BIOS for that extra bit of performance, that’s when you really start to get an understanding of PC hardware. When you set out to learn how a PC is put together, you realise…

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exclusive software

KEEP YOUR PERFORMANCE STEADY AND SECURE MAINTAIN A HEALTHY PC WITH ASHAMPOO WINOPTIMIZER 2019. FULL VERSION WORTH $30 Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019 boosts, cleans and optimises the performance of your Windows system far beyond what built-in tools can deliver. Multiple included modules help analyse, customise and tweak Windows to your needs. One-click optimisation, a user favorite, removes clutter, fixes invalid shortcuts and cleans your browsers off redundant data like browsing history entries and cookies. PC maintenance tools remove junk files and browsing traces and also clean the Registry database. Powerful process and service management tools along with boot optimisation help improve Windows startup times. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019 also features powerful system analysis for detailed information on installed software and hardware. Download link: www.ashampoo.com/techlife SPARE YOURSELF FROM INTERNET VILLAINS ELIMINATE AGGRESSIVE VIRUSES WITH ABELSSOFT ANTIRANSOMWARE. FULL VERSION WORTH $26 The…

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sony xperia 1

SONY’S INTENTION IN making phones with 21:9 screens is to make them the best handsets available for viewing movies, which are typically 21:9, unlike TV shows, YouTube videos and streaming platforms’ originals, which are all in various other dimensions. If you watch movies on the Xperia 1, as with the Xperia 10 series, you won’t get any black bars on the top or bottom. Sony has made some improvements over the Xperia 10 range for the Xperia 1, which it claims makes it even better for viewing movies. These include Dynamic Vibration, which causes the handset to vibrate slightly when viewing media in order to replicate the effect of booming audio in a cinema, and Creator mode for the display, which slightly alters the RGB makeup of the screen to resemble…

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essential tech news

APEX LEGENDS MAKES EA A FORTUNE, WHILE THE SIMS 4 CONTINUES TO PRINT MONEY EA’S BATTLE ROYALE IS A MONEY-SPINNER ON THE LEVEL OF FIFA. Apex Legends is one of the major drivers of EA’s current success, with up to 10 million people playing the battle royale on a weekly basis, the company hopes it carry on for the next 10 years at least. Also, veteran title The Sims 4 is still raking in cash despite being released five years ago, helping the company earn a net revenue of US$1.21 billion (about $1.8 billion). [HD] FACEBOOK’S FUTURISTIC MIND-READING WEARABLE IS ONE STEP CLOSER TO REALITY FROM IDEA TO REALITY. It looks like a mind-reading interface could be one step closer to reality, with Facebook releasing the first significant update on its thought-to-text project, with researchers…

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apple is adding new features in ios 13 that’ll hurt facebook

APPLE IS IMPLEMENTING A CHANGE IN IOS 13 THAT WILL RESTRICT BACKGROUND ACCESS OF THE CALLING FUNCTIONALITY FROM ALL MESSAGING APPS, INCLUDING FACEBOOK’S MESSENGER AND WHATSAPP. As reported by The Information, Apple is implementing a change in iOS 13 that will restrict background access of the calling functionality from all messaging apps, including Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp. Clamping down on the apps that can run on a device in the background should help improve its battery life by reducing processing demand, which should also nudge up its overall performance. Another, and more pressing issue, is related to what else these apps can do while they’re still silently running after the user thinks they have been closed. In 2015, Facebook was found to be abusing its VoIP capabilities in its main iOS app…

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new laws could force netflix and youtube to create more australian content

DESPITE MAKING A hefty profit Down Under, thanks to its 11 million Aussie subscribers, streaming service Netflix has only poured a small amount of that cash back into the local film and television industry. Since its 2015 launch, Netflix has produced just one original series – Tidelands. However, a report on the practices of digital platforms from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) could see more local productions on international streaming services. Following the release of the report, communications minister Paul Fletcher told ABC’s Insiders program that platforms like Netflix, Google and Facebook must be held to the same laws and regulations that other media companies are forced to abide by. “As this report analyses,” Fletcher said, “There’s a set of obligations on one set of businesses, serving Australians and…