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TechLife June 2020

TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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what day is it again?

We’re still very keen to hear your feedback on every issue, so if there’s something you like - or just plain hate - let us know! Welcome to the first issue of TechLife produced entirely in the time of COVID-19. If you’ve been watching any of the popular late-night shows, like my fave – John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight – you’ll be growing familiar with all kinds of homemade backdrops and lo-fi production efforts. We’re kind of in the same boat here at Future Publishing; in our Google Hangout meetings, we’ve all become very familiar with each other’s home offices, or, in my case, the loungeroom. Not to mention getting to know each other’s cats, which is easily the highlight of any given meeting. But the show, and this magazine, must go on!…

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Encrypt with ease “Users are able to encrypt sensitive data like business reports, TAN lists or holiday photos thanks to a clear and easy menu navigation.” Protect sensitive files with Steganos Privacy Suite 20. Full version worth $30 Steganos Privacy Suite 20 combines the award-winning Steganos Security software products Steganos Safe and Steganos Password Manager. Users are able to encrypt sensitive data like business reports, TAN lists or holiday photos thanks to a clear and easy menu navigation – on PCs, in networks and in the cloud. Passwords for all online accounts can be created automatically and are easily managed and administrated, regardless of whether it is on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Download link: www.steganos.com/specials/ techlife0520/sss20 Eliminate clutter and confusion “The new Abelssoft File Organizer ensures order – fully automatically.” Be tidy with Abelssoft File Organizer. Full version…

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razer blade stealth 13

$2,599, www.razer.com When Intel unveiled a new generation of laptop processors, equipped with powerful new Iris Plus integrated graphics, modern notebooks suddenly became more capable of gaming than ever before. It’s only taken a few months for a gaming-oriented manufacturer to jump aboard, and we’re glad it was Razer, because the new Razer Blade Stealth 13 might be the best gaming experience we’ve ever had on integrated graphics. The previous integrated graphics version, the Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2018), however, was a bit lacking. An 8th-gen Intel processor alone wasn’t enough to carry anything but the most basic games, so despite the lower power draw and quieter running volume, it wasn’t quite worth the asking price. Iris Plus has changed the game, though, and Razer has put it to work in this new…

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amazon warehouses close following virus ruling

Amazon closed its warehouses in France for several days after a court ordered the company to limit deliveries to essential goods such as food and medical supplies. The company’s decision to close its six warehouses in the country followed a ruling by a French court that the ecommerce giant could be fined €1m for every non-essential item shipped. In a statement to The Verge, an Amazon spokesperson provided further details on its situation in France, saying: “Following the judgement of a French court on Tuesday, we have to temporarily suspend operations in our Fulfilment Centres in France. This is in spite of the huge investment we made in additional safety measures to keep our hard-working, dedicated colleagues safe, while ensuring they had continued employment at this difficult time. Our FC operations are complex…

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apple is trying to sell mac pro wheels for almost twice the price of a new iphone se

Apple is known for releasing some pretty pricey products, but it might have gone too far with the asking price for the Mac Pro Wheels Kit – which offers four wheels for the new Mac Pro for a staggering $1,049. That’s almost twice the price of the newly-announced iPhone SE update, which is on sale for $749. For the price of nearly two of its latest smartphones, Apple is offering Mac Pro owners a kit with four wheels, a 1/4-inch to 4mm hex bit tool and an installation guide. That doesn’t exactly scream ‘value for money’. Apple describes the wheels as “custom-designed stainless steel and rubber wheels [that] make it easy to move your Mac Pro around”. We previously reported that Apple was going to ask for US$400 for wheels for the Mac…

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chrome finally gets a long-awaited feature to simplify everyday browsing

Group your tabs to make life easier. Chrome has just received an update that should make your everyday browsing much more straightforward. It is all too easy to keep dozens, score, even hundreds of tabs open in your browser – believe us, we speak from personal experience. But while you may think it is helpful to keep all of these tabs open for when the time comes that you need to use them, when this time does roll around, you’re probably going to have a hard time finding what you need. But Chrome has a solution. Google recognises the mess people are able to get themselves into with tabs, and has added a grouping option to the browser that makes it easy for anyone – or just about anyone – to stay far…