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TechLife August 2020

TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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simple truths...

2020 is not holding its punches. It started in smoke and flame, shifted gear into a global pandemic that saw us all changing the way we work and live, and now it’s offering up a global movement for social change, inspired by the tragic death of George Floyd. And so, we’re not holding our punches either. As a company Future Publishing is dedicated to doing what it can to promote a simple truth – that Black Lives Matter. This may seem a stretch for a tech magazine like ours, but there are simple places to start. We’re going to be covering black voices and issues in the tech world in our news section, and where we can call out First Nations issues in our own country, we’re going to do so…

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Spit and polish your PC “A total of six helpers analyze your system and enable deep cleaning operations.” Keep your system fresh with ASCOMP Cleaning Suite. Full version after registration If the system boots up more and more slowly and the hard drive gets fuller, then it is high time for a thorough system cleaning! But which data can be deleted without risk, which are still needed for the smooth system and program flow? Cleaning Suite gives the answer! A total of six helpers analyze your system and enable deep cleaning operations. For example, you can delete temporary files, clean browser histories, caches, and cookies from all popular Internet browsers, and prevent installed applications and tools from starting automatically at system startup. Download link: www.ascompsoftware.com/fullversion/ cleaningsuite_techlife.php Never lose a file again It is a fast backup tool…

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macbook pro (13-inch, 2020)

From $1,999, www.apple.com/au As we’ve seen with other recent MacBook releases, Apple hasn’t changed much at all about the basic design of the 13-inch MacBook Pro – when the laptop’s closed, at least. It comes in the same Silver or Space Gray color, and dimensions are roughly the same, at 304.1 x 212.4 x 156mm. This is slightly thicker than the previous model, which had a depth of 0149mm. It’s also slightly heavier at 1.4kg, versus 2019’s 1.37kg. The difference won’t be too noticeable for most people, and it’s still reasonably light for a pro laptop. However, there are plenty of 13-inch laptops out there that are thinner and lighter. The Dell XPS 13 (2020), for example, weighs in at 1.27kg. Ports-wise, you’re again only getting four Thunderbolt 3 ports (or just two in…

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3d printing revenue set to boom this year

3D printing is quickly becoming mainstream as a growing number of businesses now use this technology to improve their speed and flexibility while reducing costs. New research from LearnBonds has revealed that revenue from the global 3D printing industry is expected to continue its surge and grow by 155 percent to reach US$40.8bn in value by 2024. As 3D printing enables the production of complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods, it is widely used for small production runs, prototyping new products and in education and medicine. According to Wohlers Associates annual report, the global 3D printing industry is expected to be worth US$16bn this year. However, in the next two years, the market revenue of this industry is forecast to reach US$25.5bn. Statistics show that this strong upward trend is…

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microsoft shows ai journalism at its worst with little mix debacle

With a global pandemic keeping us pretty occupied for the past few months, you may have allowed yourself to forget about that other apocalyptic danger – that is, unchecked artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, an AI program being put to use at Microsoft’s MSN.com has brought it back into the spotlight. The story centers on an article published on MSN.com about Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall, incorrectly using a photo of another mixed-race band member, Leigh-Anne Pinnock. This would be bad enough a mistake for a human editor to make – not just because of its terrible timing amid worldwide protests against racial injustice – but it takes on a whole new flavor when the automated processes behind this article came to light. MSN.com doesn’t do its own reporting, preferring to repurpose articles from across…

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microsoft is annoying windows 10 users with this pop-up

Windows 10 has recently once again started displaying a nag pop-up that takes up the whole screen when it appears, which could have some users worrying that their system has installed an update without their knowledge somehow (or that their PC has even been reset). The full-screen nag prompt enthusiastically addresses users on the subject of ‘making Windows even better’, and as you might guess, the way you can do this is by hooking up your PC and account with other Microsoft services which are linked in the pop-up. They include Office 365, OneDrive, Your Phone and Windows Hello, and some folks may get déjà vu when seeing this screen, because it’s the exact same one presented to users after first setting up Windows 10. Windows Latest highlighted the fact that some folks…