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TechLife January 2021

TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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what will 2021 bring?

Want to send us some feedback? Get in touch with what you like, and what you’d like to see change. We’re always listening. They say there are only two inevitable things in life – death and taxes – but as a veteran tech reporter I think, in these modern times, we can assume one other inevitability. There will always be new tech and gadgets around the corner. In 2020 a lot of us have been forced to rethink how we work and communicate, as COVID restrictions have seen offices close and our physical social bubbles shrink, so I think one thing for certain in 2021 is that we’ll see new ways to work and stay in touch become part of our new normal. Businesses will rely more and more decentralised cloud solutions, while…

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Turn youtube into spotify Organise and enjoy music with Audials Music Tube 2021. Full version after registration. Audials Music Tube 2021 makes it possible to browse all music on YouTube, sorted by genres, artists and albums, and to connect with your own music collection. Audials Music Tube searches YouTube to deliver the highest quality music to you, legally and at lightning speed! Singles, albums or the complete discographies of your stars can be sorted. Download link: www.techlife.net/exclusives Transfer desired files in moments Send images, videos and songs to storage with Abelssoft Data2Pocket. Full version worth $18 So you want to take your music to a barbecue with friends, or gather your last holiday pictures to a family reunion, without having to laboriously collect everything or copy it back and forth. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could…

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google pixel 5

$999, store.google.com The Google Pixel 5 is boldly bucking a trend in the smartphone market that this journalist would be very happy to see vanish entirely – the four-figure flagship. While there is a place in the world for the Ultra, Pro, Plus and Max models out there, it’s getting harder to swallow the growing price of their ‘entry-level’ siblings. Every major manufacturer has begun steering the full range of its primary lineup in the premium direction, making for rapid price increases across the board. You can pay around $1.5K for an iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy S20 right now and it’ll be far from the top model in their respective ranges, then there’s the fact of how rapidly their prestigious place in the lineup will be usurped. This isn’t to…

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microsoft may have just leaked more details on its cloudpc service

Some more details have been revealed concerning Microsoft’s mysterious CloudPC service thanks to a recently posted support document. The document provides further confirmation that the service is in development, although few details remain available regarding how it will function. The document marks the first time that Microsoft has publicly referred to the “CloudPC” service, which previously had only been mentioned via unofficial leaks. Nevertheless, there is quite a bit of unsubstantiated information regarding CloudPC available. The service is expected to launch sometime in early 2021 and is expected to deliver a Desktop as a Service solution, giving business customers a modern, elastic, cloud-based Windows experience. It will be built on top of Windows Virtual Desktop and will see Microsoft manage the service, meaning that companies won’t have to look after Windows Updates…

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chrome 87 has hidden ‘actions’ that make the address bar even more useful

Actions are a new text-based feature which makes Chrome’s omnibar (or address bar to most of us), even more useful. As well as using this area of the browser to type URLs and searches, with Actions enabled you can also use the bar to perform key tasks within Chrome and access various settings. While doing things such as translating pages, clearing browser data and opening an Incognito window with a text command is not going to be to everyone’s taste, it’s something that will be appreciated by power users. And the fact that Actions serve as shortcuts to some deeply buried settings, you might well find that some of them save you time. As is so often the case with settings and options that are rolling out gradually to users, you…

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audio-technica’s new content creator pack lets you record studio-quality audio at home

For anyone who’s ever dreamt of starting a career as a podcaster, streamer, or musician, being stuck indoors due to the current global crisis does have one potential upside: it’s an awesome opportunity to get the ball rolling. One of the biggest barriers to entry to this scene, however, is acquiring all the kit you’ll need to sound professional. Thankfully, recording-industry giant Audio-Technica has just released a Content Creator Pack, with three crucial tools for anyone aiming to capture studio-grade audio. Included in the pack is the ATR2500x-USB condenser microphone, ATH-M20x studio monitor headphones, and a handy boom arm to help position the mic where you’d like (and also look the part in the process). The pack retails for $349, but we’ve already seen some retailers discount it to $299 – which is…