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TechLife June 2018

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TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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seven billion people and a $20 billion problem

HUBER ESTIMATES THAT, GLOBALLY, $20 BILLION OF PREVIOUS METALS ARE WASTED EVERY SINGLE YEAR THANKS TO TECHNOLOGY BEING DUMPED. CLOSER TO HOME, THE UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY SAYS THAT AUSTRALIA GENERATED 570,000 TONNES OF E-WASTE IN 2016, AND ONLY 7.5% OF THAT WAS RECYCLED. THE CITY OF Albuquerque, New Mexico, is home to what is probably the world’s smallest gold mine. Rather than digging for the precious metal, it’s instead recycling it from existing technology, specifically by stripping down a part of your mobile phone that you forget about as soon as your handset is turned on: your SIM card. Gold is an integral part of SIM cards, and the ABC reports that materials chemist Dale Huber and his team at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque are using ultrasound to extract the metal…

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exclusive software

MAINTAIN CLEANLINESS AND STABILITY SHED USELESS SOFTWARE WITH ASHAMPOO UNINSTALLER 6 FULL VERSION WORTH $50 With Ashampoo UnInstaller 6, you can finally uninstall applications without worry. Even better: you can get rid of unwanted software instantly at the click of a button! Experience the most extensive installation monitoring technology to date, and remove applications without a trace. The newly developed snapshotting technology enables you to trace system modifications with great speed and incredible attention to detail. And don’t forget system maintenance: Numerous integrated maintenance tools will help keep your system lean and fast. Download link: www.ashampoo.com/techlifemagazine SHARE FILES WITH YOUR PHONE WITH EASE DRAG AND DROP BETWEEN DEVICES WITH ABELSSOFT SEND2PHONE FULL VERSION WORTH $16. Easily send yourself links, images or any other files between PC and Android phone — or the other way around. Using the highest…

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the wall

Extraordinary: the new normal While on my commute, I generally try to get up to date on all my tech news on my phone — when I don’t have a copy of TechLife on me, of course! I’m drawn to stories about SpaceX quite often, being both a fan of Elon Musk and also an avid science-fiction reader, and I think the giant leaps the company is taking with regards to landing rockets and how they’re recycling them is pretty extraordinary. But this latest article on Teslarati (www.teslarati.com/spacex-falcon-9-sea-landing-tess-exoplanet) included this rather stunning first sentence: SpaceX has successfully completed the first drone ship recovery of a Falcon 9 booster in nearly six months, bringing to an end a what will likely be the final drought of by-sea rocket landings in the company’s history. It’s…

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imac pro

THE IMAC PRO is a wolf in sheep’s clothing — somehow, Apple has packed a workstation with up to an 18-core Xeon processor in a frame the exact size of the regular 5K iMac. The only thing more amazing than the engineering feat of producing it is the price you might pay for one. But this is a truly pro machine, and that kind of power comes at a cost. Apple provided us with a very high-end unit for our review (described in the specs), but the ‘basic’ $7,299 model offers an eight-core, 3.2GHz Intel Xeon processor, a less-potent 8GB AMD Vega 56 graphics card, 32GB of memory and a 1TB SSD. It’s all hugely configurable — our beefy unit included the 10-core CPU at $1,280 above the basic 8-core model,…

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aussies are opting for faster nbn plans but complaints are on the rise

THE NUMBER OF Aussies opting for the higher NBN speed tiers is increasing, according to NBN Co’s March 2018 report. More than a million premises have signed up for high speed broadband in the last four months alone. That equates to 37% of homes and businesses now on the NBN50 option, as compared to just 16% from March last year. NBN Co claims that this surge is due to lower wholesale prices that have allowed resellers to purchase more bandwidth. But while the price cuts have led to easy access to high-speed internet, it’s also increasing congestion during peak hours. According to the report, average network congestion is now higher than what it was in February. That’s not the only problem facing the NBN, though. The number of complaints about the…

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need to know

COMING SOON: A LUXURY HOTEL IS SET TO OPEN IN SPACE GRAND OPENING SLATED FOR 2022. Called Aurora Station, this luxury hotel module will be launched into a low-Earth orbit at an altitude of 322km in 2021 and will have two-person private suites for a 12-day round trip. Stays will cost well over US$20 million and guests will be taken on trips to the International Space Station. A three-month training program will, however, need to be undertaken by any guest to get them astronaut-ready. [ SS ] NSW TO REVIEW WHAT HAPPENS TO SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS POST-DEATH LIST YOUR ONLINE ASSETS IN A WILL. What happens to social media accounts after a person has died will be reviewed by the NSW Government in laws that will overhaul legislation governing wills, estates and privacy. Current laws…