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TechLife November 2018

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TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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so what the hell is fortnite anyway?

IT’S ALSO NOT GOING TO BRAINWASH YOU INTO BEING A DELINQUENT. IT’S JUST A GAME. ANY PARENTS WHO ARE WORRIED THAT THEIR CHILDREN ARE ADDICTED BECAUSE THEY’RE THROWING TANTRUMS OR WON’T DO ANYTHING BUT PLAY FORTNITE NEED TO SET LIMITS ON PLAYTIME. BY NOW YOU will have heard of Fortnitein the press, on TV, and if you have children in (or visiting) your household, you may have even heard its name uttered out loud. You might have also seen a few segments on TV, parents worried they’ve lost their children to Fortnite. So what is it? Fortniteis a videogame, playable on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox and even a smartphone, and is popular for two reasons. First up, it’s caught that magic wave of the ‘battle royale’ trend — where 100 people…

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exclusive software

DON’T PAY THROUGH THE NOSE FOR AN OFFICE SUITE GET ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED WITH ASHAMPOO OFFICE FREE FREE Ashampoo Office Free provides you with three powerful, efficient and easy to use programs in an affordable suite. The perfect integration of these three programs allows for fast, reliable and comfortable working, whether you’re in the office or at home. Ashampoo Office Free is highly compatible with Microsoft Office file formats and opens, edits and saves Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. This guarantees a seamless document exchange with Microsoft Office users. For even greater flexibility, Ashampoo Office Free runs from USB flash drives to provide you with a full office suite on the go. Download link: www.ashampoo.com/techlife GET YOUR PC RUNNING GOOD AS NEW OPTIMISE PERFORMANCE WITH ABELSSOFT PC FRESH FULL VERSION WORTH $50. PC Fresh optimises computers—and…

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the wall

I TRIED SOMETHING THAT IS RARELY COVERED IN WI-FI ARTICLES — ROTATING THE WIRELESS MODEM (THERE WAS NO SEPARATE ANTENNA). BY ROTATING THE MODEM THROUGH 90 DEGREES AND RUNNING THE SPEED TEST AGAIN, I WAS GETTING 27 MB/S CONSISTENTLY. Turn, turn, turn Referring to your September 2018 issue with the lead article, ‘Transform your Wi-Fi’ (page 57), I was particularly interested as I had just been connected to the NBN (FTTC). Being an Optus client, I was initially going to set up with their supplied equipment before considering the purchase of a new modem router. Everything went well in getting the system up and running. On a direct connection to the modem I was getting an expected 40-50 MB/s download that dropped down to a disappointing 10-15 MB/s by wireless about five metres away.…

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samsung galaxy note 9

THE NOTE 9 IS AN ABSOLUTE POWERHOUSE, WITH ITS EXYNOS 9810 CHIPSET AND 6GB OF RAM OFFERING SNAPPY PERFORMANCE AT ALL TIMES. ON PAPER, THE new Note 9 mightn’t seem all that different to its predecessor, 2017’s Galaxy Note 8. Look beneath the surface, however, and you’ll find a smartphone that has addressed almost every issue that last year’s model had (although the Bixby button is unfortunately still here, just waiting to be pressed accidentally — more on that later) to become the best smartphone that money can buy right now. DESIGN Premium in every sense of the word, the Galaxy Note 9’s design screams sophistication, even when it’s being cheeky (the Ocean Blue colour variant’s striking yellow S Pen can attest to that). Like previous handsets in the business-minded line, the Note…

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google diagnoses our smartphone addiction, prescribes chill pill

GOOGLE HAS REVEALED the results of a recently-published long-term study on “excessive smartphone use and healthy disconnection”, which found that, regardless of age, culture or gender, “mobile devices loaded with social media, email and news apps were creating a constant sense of obligation, generating unintended personal stress.” Ultimately, Google boiled its research down to find three approaches to remedying this stress, and these were to facilitate disconnection, reduce temptation to re-engage, and allow for partial disconnection. Conveniently, Google points out that several of its existing and upcoming features help tick these boxes – Android 9’s Digital Wellbeing dashboard, YouTube’s Time Watched profile, and parental controls such as Family Link all neatly fit these solutions. “We have a responsibility to […] give people a way to reclaim their time and not feel tied to…

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need to know

FIVE EYES NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS CALL FOR MANDATORY BACKDOORS IN ENCRYPTED CHAT US, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA & NEW ZEALAND WEIGH IN. In a meeting in late August, the Western governments who form the Five Eyes intelligence alliance put forward a number of proposals that focus on national security, including a stronger stance on encrypted messaging. The proposed law “encourages information and communications technology service providers to voluntarily establish lawful access solutions to their products and services” — and if they don’t, the country’s government “may pursue technological, enforcement, legislative or other measures to achieve lawful access solutions”. [HD] EU TARGETS TECH GIANTS WITH TOUGH NEW ANTI-TERROR CONTENT RULES COMPANIES WILL HAVE JUST ONE HOUR TO REMOVE OFFENDING ITEMS. Although Google, Twitter and Facebook have allegedly been trying to curb the spread of radical sentiments on their social…