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TechLife October 2018

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TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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the tech that’s changed our lives

FROM JUNE 29TH, 2007, TO JULY 16TH, 2008, A STAGGERING 6.12 MILLION iPHONES WERE SOLD AROUND THE WORLD. JOBS WASN’T KIDDING WHEN HE SAID THAT APPLE WOULD REINVENT THE PHONE. THE LIST AND history of technology that has shaped mankind is long. For the sake of space and simplicity, let’s start with the internet. Tim Berners-Lee published the first webpage on what we can legitimately call ‘the internet’ in November 1989, whilst working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), before it went live to the outside world in August, 1991. Consider that the birth of the internet. Berners-Lee created it to facilitate the sharing of ideas in a free and open manner, shunning the notion of privatisation so that there wouldn’t be multiple World Wide Webs. Summing up the…

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exclusive software

MAKE YOUR PHOTOS PROFESSIONAL GRADE TWEAK AND OPTIMISE IMAGES WITH ASHAMPOO PHOTO OPTIMIZER 2018 FULL VERSION WORTH $30 Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018 makes your images look better. Automatic optimisation is at the heart of the program and enhances images at the click of a button. This is achieved through detailed image analysis that reveals possible weak points. Pale colours, incorrect exposure settings or wrong colour temperature — Photo Optimizer’s algorithm finds them all. The new version also features automatic white balancing and contrast spreading for even better results. Auto-optimisation has been refined and fine-tuned with the help of 5,000 customers to precisely fit the needs of ambitious photographers. Naturally, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2018 also includes indispensable image editing tools to adjust colours, rotate and mirror or resize and crop images. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer…

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the wall

Changing mobile habits Is it just me, or are people starting to use their mobile phones differently these days? I don’t mean in the ‘we’re not using them as phones anymore’ sense, either. More and more, I’m seeing people walking around with them not pressed up against the side of their heads (where regular humans have their ears) but held parallel to the floor, with the user speaking very loudly into the bottom. Sometimes, the user is wearing earbuds, sometimes not. Phone mics are sensitive enough to pick up your voice from where the device should be held — against your cheek — and don’t require that you hold them like a plate and scream at them. If phones did require that the mic be that close to your quivering lips, they…

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nvidia shield tv (2017)

THE SECOND KIT IS PITCHED AT GAMERS, AND ADDS AN NVIDIA-BUILT GAMEPAD. DESPITE LIVING THE in age of smartphone video-streaming apps and Google’s Chromecast making it easy to get almost anything online onto your TV, the idea of a do-everything standalone media player still has appeal to many people. If you’ve got a TV purchased in the last 4–5 years, chances are it has apps that cover all the major Australian streaming services, although if you’re wielding an older TV, there’ll likely be some gaps. From a media-streaming perspective, then, Nvidia’s Android TV-powered Shield TV box seems more pitched as a device for those with an older telly, although it does have 4K video output and, moreover, built-in Google Cast capabilities, meaning that it can act like a supercharged Chromecast Ultra…

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most nbn customers finally get the speeds they pay for, according to accc report

WHILE THE ROLLOUT of Australia’s national broadband service has admittedly not been a smooth ride, things do seem to have been improving over the course of 2018. According to the ACCC’s second ‘Measuring Broadband Australia’ report, only 7.4% of NBN customers are receiving less than half the maximum internet speed promised in their chosen plan. While that percentage is still a significant number, the ACCC report finds that it could be due to “physical limitations” — like the use of old routers that don’t support high speeds — rather than shortcomings in the amount of available bandwidth or other larger infrastructure issues. On the other hand, around two thirds of users are seeing speeds that are at least 90% of what their plan promises. While there hasn’t been much improvement in…

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need to know

REVISED NSW ROAD RULES WILL HEAVILY PENALISE DRIVERS CAUGHT USING THEIR PHONE FROM SEPTEMBER 2018, YOU’LL COP MORE DEMERITS. In addition to installing new tech in traffic cameras that automatically detect phones, NSW drivers will cop five demerit points for the illegal use of mobile phones while on the road from September. Drivers are allowed to use their phones for calls, music and navigation, but only if the device is in a cradle. However, learner, P1 and P2 drivers aren’t allowed to use a phone at all. [HD] FACEBOOK SUFFERS WORST WEEK IN COMPANY HISTORY THE COST OF USER DISSATISFACTION. The social media platform’s recent quarterly earnings report showed it lost approximately a million monthly users and 3 million daily users in Europe, and experienced no user growth in the US, sending Facebook shares down…