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TechLife September 2018

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TechLife is a tech mag with a difference. It focuses on how technology can help you rather than on product specs. In an era when the tablet and smartphone have joined the personal computer as essential devices in our lives, TechLife shows you how to get the most from them.

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social transport for the masses

A LACK OF INFRASTRUCTURE TO SUPPORT THE BIKES FOR TOURISTS AND LOCALS, PATHS THAT BLENDED INTO ROADS WITH LITTLE INDICATION OF WHERE TO GO, AND SHEER APATHY ON BEHALF OF RIDERS CONTRIBUTED TO FAILURE. IT SOUNDED IDYLLIC. “We are dedicated to making Australian cities as green and liveable as possible by providing the ultimate healthy and low-carbon mobility solution,” said Zhang Yanqi, co-founder and COO of bike-sharing service ofo, in a statement dated October 2017. Roughly nine months after launching in Australia, with 200 bikes on inner Sydney streets and another 200 planned for both the Waverly and Inner West areas, the yellow bicycle company is packing up and moving out. Anyone living in Sydney will have seen ofo bicycles, largely strewn across footpaths, jammed against lampposts — or in the headlines…

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exclusive software

NEVER LOSE YOUR DATA AGAIN BACK UP WITH PEACE OF MIND WITH ASHAMPOO BACKUP 2018 FULL VERSION WORTH $20 If you’ve ever sat in front of a black screen because Windows refused to start, you know the value of backups. It’s so easy to keep your data safe! Back up entire disk partitions in just a few clicks and restore your files even in the event of a total system failure — that’s what Ashampoo Backup 2018 is all about. This application was specifically designed to do the heavy lifting for you, that means safety without the need for constant user interaction or system slowdown. It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s safe! Download link: www.ashampoo.com/techlifemagazine PROTECT YOURSELF FROM BIG BROTHER FOIL WINDOWS SPYING WITH ABELSSOFT WIN10PRIVACYFIX FULL VERSION WORTH $20 Foil Microsoft’s attempts to gather your personal info:…

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the wall

WE HAD TRIED TO GET THE GAME WORKING THROUGH STEAM, EVEN, BUT FOR SOME REASON, THE STEAM CONTROLLER OVERLAY SIMPLY WOULDN’T POP UP, MEANING WE COULDN’T CONFIGURE THE CONTROLLER FOR THE GAME — NOT THAT THE GAME HAD REGISTERED IT ANYWAY... Controller incompatibility I recently went out and bought myself a new game — a physical disc no less — which is a bit of an event for me, since gaming is something I can rarely find time to do these days (I have three kids). Plan was to sit down after the kids have all been bathed and put to bed, and play the game with my husband. (I won’t name it, as this rant might cast a dark cloud over it that I don’t think the game itself deserves.) We…

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edifier luna hd speakers

EDIFIER’S REVISED VERSION of its crisp-sounding Luna speakers are both modern and a bit behind the times. Thanks to their design, the Luna HD stereo speakers (model code e25HD) could pass for modern art, just like the original Luna speakers. The sound quality is exceptional for a stereo setup, though it would want to be for $299.95 (the same price as the superseded models). So while they sound great and look even better, they could do with being a bit more modern. Your input options are limited to Bluetooth 4.0, optical and a standard 3.5mm. That’s an minor upgrade compared to the previous model, which didn’t have the optical input. Nor is there any mention of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa integration, so if you want a smart assistant, you’ll have…

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apple patches ios bug that crashed apps due to taiwanese flag emoji

IOS 11.4.1 HAS seen the rollout of USB restricted mode, which prevents the hacking of an Apple device via the Lightning port. But that’s not the only feature that Apple slipped into its latest incremental update. Former NSA hacker Patrick Wardle found that, when iPhone users either sent or received a message containing the word ‘Taiwan’ or a Taiwanese flag emoji, the app they were using would crash. Wardle detailed the bug extensively in his step-by-step blog post and reported it to Apple, which led to the issue being quietly patched in the latest iOS release (11.4.1) under the code CVE-2018-4290. Wardle found that the bug would crash several messaging applications, such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and would occur as soon as the user typed in the country’s name…

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need to know

THE EU MAY FORCE GOOGLE TO MAKE SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO ANDROID IMPENDING LEGAL DECISION COULD MESS WITH CHROME. If phone manufacturers want access to the Play Store on their Android devices, Google requires them to pre-install Chrome and Search, something European antitrust regulators aren’t too happy with. According to Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition chief, this requirement ensures Google’s dominance in maintaining its own ecosystem, giving the company undue advantage over any competing search tool and browser. She could slap Google with a record fine if she rules against the company, which could also force Google into offering Android users easier ways to swap their browsers and search engines. [ SS ] RESEARCH CLAIMS SOME ANDROID APPS ARE SECRETLY RECORDING YOUR SCREEN BUT YOUR PHONE ISN’T EAVESDROPPING. People have believed that their phones have secretly…