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But there’s more Microsoft can do – while it looks fresher than ever, it does seem more like a cosmetic upgrade in a lot of ways. Well, the Windows Microsoft said they’d never get to – Windows 10 was meant to be the operating system’s last iteration – is finally here, and... it’s actually pretty good! Is it perfect? Well, not quite, but it’s a smoother product than many of its brethren. But there’s more Microsoft can do – while it looks fresher than ever, it does seem more like a cosmetic upgrade in a lot of ways. The upgrades to the Microsoft Store are welcome (and they’ll come to Windows 10, too), but many other improvements are only skin-deep. But if you want to know more you can check out…

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Ashampoo Burning Studio 2021 Worth $49.99 Reliable burning software for CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays. Ashampoo Burning Studio 2021 is a powerful disc burning suite for CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. The software quickly burns files, audio, and video to all recordable disc types but also specialised media such as BDXL or M-Disc. The built-in disc ripping auto-detects track names and easily turns audio files into custom audio discs complete with individually designed covers and inlays. Playlists can be auto-generated during ripping for easy playback in the desired song order. The program can also finalise discs to make them playable on older retail players or car radios. Built-in disc spanning automatically spreads data across multiple volumes if it can’t fit on a single disc. This makes it easy to burn entire photo, document or song…

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microsoft surface pro 8

From $1,649, The Surface Pro 8 is the biggest change to the Surface Pro lineup in years, bringing some design improvements we’ve been begging for along with much improved performance as well. It’s still very much recognisable as part of Microsoft’s core line of Windows tablets, but it truly feels like a new generation – just in time for the launch of Windows 11. Design The Surface Pro lineup kind of started to stagnate for the last couple iterations. Both the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro 7 were just spec updates of the Surface Pro 2017. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as four years ago, the Surface Pro was a pretty fresh device. But now it needs a pretty substantial redesign, especially in the face of the new iPad Pro,…

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windows 10 is getting windows 11’s new microsoft store the store is branching out.

Rudy Huyn, Architect of the Microsoft Store, has confirmed that the redesigned Store is coming to Windows 10 users who are currently signed into the Insider program. The new Microsoft Store was a big tentpole feature that Microsoft showcased when Windows 11 was first announced. For years, the Windows Store, which first debuted in Windows 8, was difficult to navigate, mainly due to the many junk apps that were available to download. But with apps such as Zoom, Disney+ and soon Android apps from Amazon coming to the Store, it looks as though Windows 10 users may be tempted to hold off from upgrading to Windows 11 for a bit longer. The Microsoft Store is rolling out to users on the Insider program on the Release ring, which lets you access pre-release builds…

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adobe photoshop and illustrator are coming to your web browser

Collaborating with others using Adobe’s graphic design software will soon be even easier as the company has announced that two of the most popular products from Creative Cloud will soon be available on the web. At Adobe MAX 2021, the company revealed that Photoshop and Illustrator are coming to your browser to help give others a voice in the creative process. Up until now, creative teams had to rely on other online collaboration tools to give feedback and work together online. By extending Photoshop and Illustrator to the web, even those who don’t have access to Adobe’s photo editor and graphic design software will be able to contribute. Now when a user shares cloud documents from Adobe’s software, collaborators will be able to review their creative work and add comments right from their…

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what we know about windows 11 se

Windows 11 SE is reportedly a new flavor of Windows 11 that Microsoft has been developing. Its first real mention showed up with the rumor of a new budget-friendly Surface laptop designed for education earlier today. Not much is known about the latest version of Windows; however, leaked builds of SE were shared across the internet months prior to Windows 11’s release, giving us a better idea of SE’s capabilities and purpose. Current projections suggest a 2022 release date for Windows 11 SE alongside the new education-focused Surface laptop. We know that Windows 11 SE will be targeted specifically toward the education market (particularly for children). It will run on low-end hardware usually present on school laptops and will feature specific educational features for remote control of school laptops. This means you…