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23 May 2019

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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I’m 10. I’m tired Who said heater? Tummy time It’s the tongue! Run! The birthday boy Everyone on the tl! team will attest that one of my favourite pages is Pet Pin-Ups. To be honest, we all love it. And so do you, our readers! Our pets inbox is the busiest of all. Which is why I hope you will indulge me this week as I celebrate the Pet Pin-Up in my life, Dizzy, who turns 10 this week. Our little silver fox, who also answers to Dizz, Dizzle, Wizzy, Wizzlet or Wizzy-Woo, spent the day at home doing what he loves best, just hanging out with my husband, Simon, and me. And he got the best birthday present ever. We brought out the…

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your life!

What’s in a NAME? Zara Zara means ‘princess’ and she most definitely is that! It’s also a form of Sarah, which was the name of my grandmother, who passed away last year. Adele Watson, Lamington, WA WINNERS are grinners A beautiful shampoo and conditioner hair pack arrived! Thanks for my prize tl!. Barbara Kobus, Woodville South, SA Having fun on a recent girls’ trip to Hawaii. Sharon Robinson, Nowra, NSW ME and my PET My 11-year-old son Joseph is receiving a loving thank you lick from our newly adopted beagle-x-cocker-spaniel Harry! Rebekah B, Blackburn, Vic I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I finished…

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my baby cured my addiction

Me and baby Mia Brent, Mia, me and Madison I wanted to be thin for my wedding Vanessa Alford, 39, Melbourne, Vic As I inhaled deeply, euphoria swept over me.Pounding the pavement, pushing my body to its limit, was my high.Aged 26, and a marathon runner, each week I ran up to 160km – I was even sponsored by Nike.A physio, I’d always led a healthy lifestyle.But now I couldn’t fathom starting the day without exercise.Carefully counting each calorie, I made sure carbs and fat never passed my lips. In Thailand in 2004 Like a junkie, I hankered for my next dose of adrenaline.Nothing would get in my way. Not even a special breakfast with my best friend Anna on the morning of her wedding.While…

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he kept my girl’s body under his bed

Parents Steve and Sheila Clifton Maddie loved sports When Sheila Clifton arrived home on November 3, 1998, her daughter Maddie met her at the door with a smile that lit up the eight-year-old’s freckled face. Maddie’s sister and mum in 2008 Promising to be back for dinner, sports-mad Maddie, wearing her favourite red basketball shirt with her name emblazoned on the back, ran off to play in the street as she and her sister Jessie, 11, did every day.Neighbours saw Maddie hitting golf balls down the road at around 5pm, but when dinner time passed, Sheila and her husband Steve became worried.A neighbourhood search revealed nothing.‘It was like she just vanished off the face of the earth,’ Steve said.The community rallied, with police and hundreds of volunteers…

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‘helpless victim’

In 2017, Judge Waddell Wallace upheld Phillips’ life sentence, saying he was not convinced society would be safe if the killer was set free. Phillips recently ‘His actions were motivated by deviant, prurient intentions,’ he said in his findings. ‘He targeted a helpless victim and carefully planned his actions toward her. His actions in inflicting injuries  causing death, particularly in silencing Maddie Clifton by repeated stabbings after he had dismissed her as dead, as well as his cold and callous demeanour in hiding her decomposing body, represent a level of depravity that cannot be explained or attributed to immaturity, impetuosity or recklessness or headless risk taking.’ Phillips’ mum Missy at court in 2017 (COMPILED BY SAMANTHA IRELAND)…

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fish & chips saved my life

Max Watson, 66, Perth, WA Breathing a happy sigh, I smiled and glanced over at my wife Rujira, 64.‘What do you fancy doing today?’ I asked.It was August 2018 and we were on holiday in Sydney visiting my stepdaughter Rajita, 34, and her husband Kay, 35.After spending the weekend together, the kids were at work and we had the day to ourselves.‘How about heading to Madame Tussauds and lunch somewhere?’ Rujira suggested.‘Sounds great,’ I agreed.Travelling into the city, we spent the morning looking at the amazing wax figures and taking snaps with the Queen.‘That was fantastic,’ Rujira said as we left.Walking along Darling Harbour in the sun, we found a restaurant that looked perfect for lunch. Browsing the menu, I saw the fish and chips. One of my…