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that's life! 12 December 2019

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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We always knew that our amazing podcast series, How I Survived, was a winner. The almost 400,000 people who have downloaded it clearly agree. The podcast was launched back in June last year with the extraordinary Rhonda Stapley, who survived an attack by infamous serial killer Ted Bundy as the first guest. I, along with many, many other listeners, was blown away by Rhonda’s remarkable tale. And like them, I was hooked! While Rhonda remains one of my favourite episodes, I adored the down-to-earth attitude of Aussie grandpa Bill Singleton, who survived a catastrophic run-in with a chainsaw. And I sobbed hearing how Kiwi couple Andrew and Kathy McLaren survived an horrific terrorist attack through sheer grit and a hefty dose of good luck. To be honest, I have cried often…

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your life!

Len, two, has his favourite Christmas sweater on. Jacquelyn Walden, Auckland, NZ Frankie-Lee loves to check out Christmas displays and lights. Shelley Greco, Mangere Bridge, NZ A copy of that’s life! came with me on my holiday to Koh Samui. Narelle Hogan, Karridale, WA Harley, four, and his dad Lewis, were excited to see Santa arrive by boat. Emily Walter, Geilston Bay, Tas Thank you, that’s life! I was thrilled to receive my Remington Ultimate shaver prize. Gary Irvine, Wilton, NSW My daughter Harper, seven, was so excited to go on her first cruise. Christine Durrant, Shell Cove, NSW Cash our Staffy loves to get his photo taken with Santa. Kylie Vickery, Maclean, NSW DON’T I KNOW YOU? Meeting New Zealand’s former Prime Minister Helen Clark was the highlight of my day. Audrey Shepherd, New Plymouth, NZ What’s in a NAME? Amara This is a beautiful and special name…

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i married santa & didn’t know it!

Placing baubles on the Christmas tree, I was giddy with excitement. Soon the whole family would be together and I wanted to make the house feel festive. Going all out with tinsel, a big porcelain Santa Claus and twinkling lights, it was my favourite time of the year. Although my husband Les didn’t share my enthusiasm in decorating, he had the biggest heart. Meeting in 1979, I was drawn to his bright red hair and kind eyes – we were married six months later. ‘I can’t wait to start a family,’ I told him, and neither could he. Importantly, we wanted to make a difference to someone’s life But after discovering I’d been born with a deformed uterus, we thought our wish would never come true. Then two years after we married, we were delighted to find we…

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bashed for trying to help

Chatting with friends at the pub, it was almost midnight. Time to go home, I thought. Hopping up, I went to find my big sister, Mariah, 24, who’d been missing from the table for about five minutes. Walking around the corner with one of my friends following me, I saw Mariah on the lounge outside the toilets with an upset woman I’d never seen before. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked Mariah. Apparently, the girl had a fight with her boyfriend and she was scared. ‘Can you walk me outside?’ she asked. Thinking she wanted to go home, I led her out onto the verandah, towards the exit. ‘Everything’s going to be okay,’ I reassured her. But as soon as we got outside, a man – who I guessed was her partner – started screaming at her. My blood boiled. How dare he? I…

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xmas miracle my mum came back to life

Waking up on Christmas morning, I couldn’t wait to open my presents. I was 14, and it was a special day for me, my dad Jonathan, then 42, and my half-sisters, Chelsea, nine, and Charli, two. But there was one thing always missing – my mum Emma. With long blonde hair and an infectious smile, Mum was such a beautiful and selfless woman. At 20 weeks pregnant with me, she was diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer after visiting a specialist for pain in her elbow. Devastated, she wasn’t willing to risk my life to save her own. So instead of having lifesaving treatment, she underwent radiation to help reduce the pain in her arm. Working closely with doctors, she’d waited until she was 32 weeks along to give birth to me so I would be…

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cockroach for lunch!

Feeling a shiver of excitement, I drained the potatoes I’d boiled and seasoned them with plenty of butter, pepper and salt. This will save so much time on the day, I thought. It was two days before Christmas and my hubby Barry and I were getting ready for a festive break in the Blue Mountains in NSW. We’d found a gorgeous holiday cottage where we planned to spend Chrissy together. To make it a little easier, I’d decided to whip up the mashed potatoes before the trip. As I started to pound the spuds, Barry walked in to the kitchen. ‘They look delicious. Any chance I could have some now?’ he grinned. ‘No! Hands off until the big day,’ I told him. After transferring the smooth and creamy potatoes into a plastic container, I popped them in…