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that's life! 26 December 2019

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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By the time this issue goes off sale Christmas will be over for another year and we will be just two days away from the new year. No, make that the new decade – 2020, no less! I don’t know about you, but after two decades that were kind of awkward to define (the noughties? the teens?) I like that we can now refer to living in the ’20s. We can only wonder what will happen in this decade. The ’20s in the last century (and it still feels weird saying ‘last century’!) saw a huge amount of change and innovation in Australia. Jazz music arrived from the US and women threw away their corsets and embraced more comfortable fashions. Imagine the relief our 1920s counterparts must have felt when…

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your life!

DON’T I KNOW YOU? At Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, my husband and I met superstar Michael J Fox. Kylie Jones, Croydon Hills, Vic My granddaughter Olivia celebrated her first birthday with a smash cake. It’s clear that she enjoyed herself. Allison Bennett, Engadine, NSW ME and my PET Our pup Byson and son Zayden are two peas in a pod, always together. Jess Bruce, Emerald Beach, NSW My partner Aaron insists that all this car needs is a tyre change. S. Piendl, Nowra, NSW My granddaughter Madison met Daisy Duck at Disneyland. Maria Dhillon, Kialla, Vic What’s in a NAME? Angelita Angelita means ‘little angel’ in Spanish and our precious daughter definitely is our little angel. Mary-Grace Pascal, Gulfview Heights, SA On our trip to Orlando we were so excited to meet and swim with dolphins. Karen Hooper, Bannockburn, Vic WINNERS are grinners Look what I found…

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playtime keeps my girl alive

Georgie Doherty, 31, Mount Martha, Vic Hello Eve,’ I grinned, trying out the name my partner Shaun and I had picked for our girl. Born just seconds before, weighing 3.1 kilos, we were so excited to be parents for the first time. But within moments, the nurses rushed over to us and scooped her up. ‘She should be turning pink by now, it looks like she isn’t breathing,’ one said. Standing to the side, they started working on her. ‘We’re going to take her to Emergency,’ another said. As Shaun went with her, I tried not to panic. But after 20 minutes, Shaun messaged me. She’s not ready to come back yet, he wrote. Rushing to them, my heart dropped. Shane explained that Eve wasn’t able to breathe by herself Nurses and doctors surrounded our girl. She looked beautiful, but it was…

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my bestie stole from me as i buried my son

Streaks of mascara ran down my face, as I sat at my desk, my head in my hands. ‘Can I get you a cup of tea?’ asked a kind voice. ‘Or a cuddle?’ I looked up to see my best friend, June Watson. I tried to swallow my tears, but it was hard. My eldest son, Ben, had died 15 years earlier from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, aged just 15. He’d only been diagnosed with the disease three and a half weeks before his death and it shattered our family. My two other sons, Lee, then 12, and Sam, nine, and my ex-husband, Kevin, had all struggled to cope. At first, we’d been unable to even think about burying his ashes, so I’d given them to my mum to look after. She was retired and at home all day,…

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aussie grandad helping others chloe’s mission

Ken Eaton, 70, Joondalup, WA Sitting down to dinner with a beautiful black-haired woman, I felt like the luckiest man on earth. ‘Are you married?’ my date asked, eyeing the wedding band on my finger. ‘Yes I am,’ I smiled back. More than 30 years earlier, I’d married the woman of my dreams aged 19 after we’d found out she was pregnant. But as we shared a meal together that night, my wonderful Sue had no recollection of our special day or even our kids, or grandchildren. High school sweethearts since 1966, I first met Sue at a school dance when she was 15 and I was 17. From that moment on, Sue and I were inseparable. After school, I’d drive her home on my motorbike. ‘I’d love to ride around Australia one day,’ she’d say. But after welcoming our…

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midnight madness

Slipping on my stilettos, I tottered into the kitchen and poured myself a drink. It was New Year’s Eve and I’d spent hours getting ready. As I checked my reflection in my red body-con dress, I felt a million dollars. My boyfriend, Dale, was due to arrive any minute and whisk me off to a glitzy party with all of our friends. But just as I was enjoying the refreshing bubbles, my phone rang. ‘Hi babe,’ I said, grabbing my bag. ‘Are you outside?’ ‘I’m so sorry Sarah,’ Dale groaned. ‘It’s work. Someone’s called in sick, I’m going to be stuck here all night.’ ‘What do you mean?’ I replied, blinking back tears. ‘It’s New Year’s Eve!’ As Dale continued to apologise, I could hear the disappointment in his voice. ‘Go without me,’ he said. ‘Have a good…