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that's life! 16 Jan 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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This time of year puts us smack bang in the middle of mango season, which is just one of the many things I love about January (it’s my birthday month for a start!). Mangoes also happen to be my grandson Harley’s favourite fruit. Now three, like many Aussie kids, he’s been eating them pretty much since he was first introduced to solids. But, weirdly, I didn’t taste my first mango until I was 11. I remember it very clearly. I was with my mum at Sydney’s Central railway station, farewelling my sister, Lenore, on her first school camp. And I was pretty devastated that I wasn’t going too. Sensing my distress, one of the mums grabbed a mango out of the bag of fruit she’d brought for her daughter and…

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your life!

WINNERS are grinners Cousins Joshua, Sophia and Lachlan had heaps of fun at Thorndon park. Lara Longo, Pooraka, SA Thank you that’s life! for my Magimix food processor. It was a nice surprise when the postie gave it to me! Leonie Maltman, Bellmere, Qld While on holiday in Mauritius, I still had time to read my favourite magazine at the beach. Abdool Outim, The Ponds, NSW ME and my PET My son, Jakim, and Kiara are cooling down in the heat. Allison Falzon, Mount Cottrell, Vic The only thing better than one llama onesie, is two llama onesies! Hannah Prime, Penrith, NSW My daughter, Zara, and her bestie, Elena, are such special friends and happen to also be born on the same day. Simone Valenti, Sunbury, Vic After a big week of orientation for big school, Alexia, five, was very proud of herself. Kassandra Devjak,…

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our extra special twins

Jonica Williams, 41, Ettalong, NSW Walking out to the garden, I plucked a juicy mango off a tree. Paradise! I thought. It was September 2017 and I was on maternity leave. Scraping together our savings, my husband Clint and I had rented a little beach house for six months in Vanuatu for us and our 11-month-old son, Jonty. A lovely local lady named Joylyn was even helping us out around the house. Unpacking the groceries together a few weeks later, Joylyn asked if I wanted to meet her cousin Ruth as she was trying to find a family to adopt her six-month-old son, Hendry. She was struggling to make ends meet and she’d made a brave, selfless decision to give her son a life she couldn’t provide. ‘We already have a baby,’ I told her. ‘One small boy,…

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home invasion horror a stranger stole my baby

I breathed a sigh of contentment as I lay on the reclining couch with my baby Cory, 13 months, asleep in my arms. It was late at night and my hubby, Gary, was away for work. With the TV murmuring softly, I drifted off to sleep. Next thing, I felt someone shaking my leg. Waking with a start, I saw a strange man standing above me. He was dressed in dark clothing and looked fairly normal. ‘Can I help you?’ I asked, confused. ‘It’s okay ma’am, I’m from the future. Do you need a man around the house?’ he asked. ‘Who are you?’ I said. ‘I’m from the future,’ he repeated. I wondered if he was a friend of our daughter, Courtney, 23, who was out with mates. ‘Do you know Courtney?’ I asked. ‘No,’ he said, sitting on the chair…

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bear the koala detective

Romane Cristescu, 39, Gold Coast, Qld Gently cradling the tiny swallow in my hands, I watched as it gulped down its lunch. ‘Good birdie,’ I smiled, pleased at its progress. After falling from its nest in a nearby tree, I’d decided to hand-raise the little bird. Growing up in France, I’d loved animals of all sizes. From turtles to moles, and even mice, I never shied away from helping any creatures in need. As I got older, my passion for animals and conservation only grew stronger, so I decided to become a veterinarian, before training as an ecologist. And after watching a documentary about Australian wildlife, I became fascinated with koalas. I was captivated by their strict diet of eucalyptus leaves and their sleepy nature. But I was saddened to learn about their declining numbers due to diseases,…

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are you a diy wizard?

It was only painting a wall. I thought it might be fun. I didn’t need to start cooking dinner for ages, but the paint refused to go on. After half an hour, the wall looked like one of those modern artworks in 50 shades of blue. There had to be something wrong with the paint. I decided to take a break and picked up a magazine. When I did, a quiz jumped out at me. Are you a DIY wizard or a DIY wimp? I made a coffee, and worked my way through it. Q 1. What’s the most important thing to consider when choosing wallpaper? A) Price. B) Design. C) Quality of the paper I remembered the hideous paper my parents used to have – yellow sunflowers glaring out from a dark orange background. Thank goodness tastes have changed,…