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that's life! 06 Feb 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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A reader’s letter this week gave me a dose of the guilts. Kelly Eng wrote how she recently returned a book to her library she had taken out 31 years ago. She said the librarian was very kind and did not issue a fine. Although she’d playfully calculated that, based on current fines, Kelly would owe a whopping $4000! My own sense of guilt relates to a library book I borrowed as a schoolgirl. I know that these days libraries will contact you about overdue books. And I now always return books (promise!). But back then, it must have been harder to track people down and I must have misplaced or forgotten about the book, which I found when I was packing up to go travelling overseas in the ’80s.…

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your life!

Felix, four, is wearing his special ‘Felix the Cat’ T-shirt. Paulette Cole, Mooroopna, Vic DON’T I KNOW YOU? I was thrilled to meet the amazing vocal gymnast Vanessa Amorosi at Gumbuya World theme park. Fi Bradley, Yarragon, Vic WINNERS are grinners Thank you that’s life! for the Magimax Blender prize! Vicki James, Macquarie Links, NSW ME and my PET Chief, my German shepherd, is trying to look as cute as my grandson, Emerson. Donna Blaker, Nth Rockhampton, Qld I took a copy of that’s life! magazine to read on my cruise to Milford Sound, New Zealand. Elizabeth Johnston, Riverside, Tas With my gorgeous daughter Savannah at the stunning Botanic Gardens in Adelaide! Lynette Norris, Kiara, WA Our family had a great time while on holiday in Fiji. Amber Pettersson, Hawke’s Bay, NZ What’s in a NAME ? Teleaha My daughter Teleaha’s name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘gentle…

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we both came back from the dead

Ocean Moses-Taurima, 21, Kalgoorlie, WA As I slid the gift box across the table, I could feel my heart slamming against my chest. ‘We’ve got some news,’ I said to my mum, Shayna. Ten days earlier, my partner Alex, 23, and I had the shock of our lives. Now, as Mum and my sister Anahera tore open the gift, I wondered how they would all react. My dad Kenny couldn’t make the lunch, so I’d put him on video call instead. Inside the box was a cuddly toy Stitch and a quote from our favourite Disney film. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten, that’s why we’re adding another member. As the penny dropped, Mum let out a squeal, while Dad’s eyes welled up with tears. ‘We’re going to be grandparents,’ he shrieked, fist pumping the air. A few…

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mum’s lover murdered my sweet dad

Amie Ryan, 18, Bundaberg, Qld Dad, it’s cuppa tea time!’ I called out. ‘Alright love, I’ll be five minutes,’ he replied, tinkering in his shed. If my dad, Gary, 43, a mechanic, wasn’t working on a car, or helping out a mate, he was fixing something in the house we shared with my grandma Jeanette. Around our little town, Mundubbera in Queensland, his nickname was Mr Fixit! He called me Chatterbox. Dad was my best mate. Ever since my mother Marilyn left when I was a baby, it’d just been us and Grandma. They’d given me the world. When I was 14 though, I began to get curious about my mum, and went to live with her and her partner Mark Crump in Orange, NSW. It was great to get to know my two little half-siblings and my mother. But…

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i saved his life then became his wife

Imogen Hunter, 21, Morrinsville, NZ Jogging around the park with my mum, Lisa, we’d worked up quite a sweat. We were desperately trying to keep up with my boyfriend, Anthony, then 21, but he was too quick for us. ‘I’m going to jump in the water,’ Anthony called, heading towards the sea. Wanting to cool off myself, I left Mum to finish her run and went to join Anthony. ‘Wait for me,’ I shouted. By the time I arrived, Anthony had stripped off his shirt and dived in before I could even undress. Seeing him bob to the surface, I figured he was trying to hold his breath. But as the seconds slowly ticked past and Anthony hadn’t raised his head up for air, I started to panic. Something isn’t right, I realised. Scrambling down the rocks, I charged into…

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reunion surprise

Walking into high school for the first time, I was nervous. But then I met Sandra. With long brown hair and a beautiful smile, she seemed shy. After getting to know her better, I soon learned she was anything but. Although we came from different backgrounds, Sandra and I became inseparable and formed an unbreakable bond. Sharing the same taste in clothes and music, we did everything together. We covered for each other when there was trouble, we caused trouble together and we were there for each other in times of need. But sadly, after her parents split when we were 16, Sandra moved away. I was shattered, but we promised to write to each other every week. The letters soon slowed to every month, then they went unreturned. I missed her, but as she moved around the country, it…