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that's life! 26 Mar 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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Fellow grandparents will empathise (and have a chuckle) at one of the fabulous pics in this week’s Your Life! (Page 4). It shows sweet little Nina, four, with her granny, Yvonne, dressed as Elsa and Anna, of Frozen fame. Yvonne looks fabulous in her bright green skirt, velvet bodice, and flower crown. Nina, of course, is absolutely beaming as Anna’s big sister, Elsa! The pic reminded me of the time, years ago, when my mum dressed as a big pink bunny rabbit to surprise my nieces, Ruby and Ava, and nephew, Angus, at Easter. The kids have become used to their Nanna Sal doing crazy things to make them laugh and Ruby, especially, loved the surprise. I know lots of Aussie grandparents go over and above for their grandkids. Because,…

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your life!

My granddaughter, Ella, loved exploring the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney. Carolyn Devrell, Wollongong, NSW Thank you, that’s life!, for my rice cooker prize. Marie Sullivan, Bayswater, WA Nina with her dear granny dressed up as Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen. Kelly Edmondstone, Veteran, Qld Alyssia was so excited to take a pic with her favourite goalie, Lawrence Thomas, from Melbourne Victory. Konstantina De Rose, Mulgrave, Vic While in New Caledonia, I had a very relaxing break soaking up the sun and reading that’s life! Amanda Harper, Hillside, Vic Chloe and Rosie at their first ballet lesson. Janice Payne, Whangarei, NZ Holly enjoys having happy hour with Josh on a Friday afternoon. Jo-Anne Tawse, Condon, Qld Our family had a fantastic summer getaway to Merimbula. Siaw Mei Kong, Karabar, NSW What’s in a NAME ? EAMONN My son, Eamonn, has the same name as his…

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the $2 trick that changed my life 65 kilos gone!

Jackie Burrows, 53, Cannon Hill, Qld Scooping another spoonful of pasta onto my plate, I called out to my family, ‘Dinner’s ready!’ I heard the rumble of feet as my husband Tony and our four kids assembled around the table. Then, once they were eating, I grabbed my fork and tucked into my steaming mountain of food. Life was always hectic. I couldn’t stand to see my reflection At 27, I’d given birth to our twin girls, Jessica and Erica, and a year later we had a son, Rhys. Three years on, our family grew again with another girl, Krystal. With five hungry mouths to feed, I relied on big, hearty lunches and dinners. But while carb-heavy dishes like pasta and pies went down well with the kids, it was a different story for my waistline. By the…

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jailed for the murder my brother committed

Staring at the cell wall, I was convinced the last few hours must have been a bad dream. I’ll wake up any minute, I told myself. Camille won’t be dead and I’ll be at home with my kids. But, as the hours turned to days, it became apparent this was real life. Earlier that week, on November 5, 1999, my wife’s 14-year-old sister, Zetta ‘Camille’ Arfmann, who lived with us, had disappeared. My wife, Heidi, and I had been out searching for her with the whole town. Then, two days later, police had the worst news. Camille had been found dead. Gentle, sweet Camille had been shot four times and her body had been hidden in a shallow grave. But the shock waves kept coming. My older brother, Tom Bledsoe, 25, had confessed to the crime. He’d led…

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one night with my ex, then triplets!

Pulling the vacuum over the living room floor for the third time that day, I let out a sigh. My three girls had been behaving like whirlwinds all morning, and the house was an absolute mess. My toddler, Siena, had her jam-covered fingers on my sofa. My elder two, Cassi-Lee and Caira-Jae, had scattered Lego all over the carpet. I loved my girls to bits, but sometimes they tested my patience. What I wouldn’t give to be on a beach right now, I thought, remembering the carefree holidays my boyfriend, Ryan, and I used to enjoy together. We’d met at school and loved being parents. ‘Three’s enough though,’ I told my best pal Jess. ‘You two only have to look at each other to get pregnant,’ she laughed. She had a point. Ryan and I seemed to be very…

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the jigsaw puzzle

Switching on the TV one night, I flicked through the channels to find something to watch. With no-one to fight over the remote control, I was free to pick any show I liked. After the breakdown of my marriage, I’d moved into a small flat. Living with others for most of my life, it felt good to let my guard down and just be myself. Although it was often quiet, I preferred being on my own. Growing up, I was always known as the shy, withdrawn child. Though I was never bullied, I felt like I lived in my own bubble and everyone around me seemed like strangers – including my own family. Watching them interact, they seemed so fascinated in each other’s lives. ‘How was your day?’ my parents would ask me and my…