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that's life! 16 Apr 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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So how are you and yours adjusting to this new (ab)normal way of life? It’s upsetting and frightening and frustrating for many. And for some it’s just heartbreaking. I’m sure among our wonderful readers, there are households who have been directly affected by COVID-19. Please know that all of us on the team tl! have you in our thoughts. The same goes for those dealing with other health conditions, not related to the virus. With so many people now confined to their homes, we are all being called on to get creative with our time. I hope our article on page 14 by mum-of-two Emma, will give you some ideas, no matter what your circumstance. My personal contribution to Emma’s great tips is a virtual dinner party. My husband, Simon,…

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your life!

My daughter, Elisabeth, and her son, Logan, four, have such a special bond. Ally Bennett, Engadine, NSW What’s in a NAME? Lexa We chose the name Lexa as we wanted a name that was beautiful, strong and a little unique. The meaning of the name just so happens to be ‘protector of the people’. Monika Rackel, Giralang, ACT ME and my PET My son, Ethan, loves mucking around with our growing puppy, Chase. Erin Craven, Ryde, NSW Eva and Georgie love dressing up Shaunie. Anne Leeson, Willetton, WA During my 1000km road trip to Canberra from Queensland, I had lots of time to read my that’s life! magazine. Shirley Palmblad, Banksia Beach, Qld DON’T I KNOW YOU? It was great to catch up with an old school friend who I haven’t seen in 40 years. My friend Paul Martin is the bass guitarist for…

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the music of love

I was barely able to contain my laughter. ‘There’s a man for you just around the corner,’ my clairvoyant was saying. ‘I’ve been happily single for 10 years!’ I joked. ‘I’m not looking for a partner.’ Every year, I would see two clairvoyants to see if their predictions matched up and they usually did, but this time I was sceptical. At 61, I had no plans to meet a man. ‘He will be available within three months,’ she told me. ‘But now he’s either overseas, not well, or he is looking after someone who is not well. Just go about life as you normally do and he will find you.’ So I did. Forgetting all about it, I kept busy with my job at my local community radio station as their midday presenter. I broadcast the best…

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he murdered mum then held me captive

As Jayme Closs boarded the school bus, she had no idea of the evil that was watching. Happily chatting to her friends, Jayme didn’t notice Jake Patterson, 21, on the way to his job at a cheese factory. Patterson was a man with disturbing fantasies. He dreamed of abducting girls. And spotting young Jayme, he’d chosen his victim. The 13-year-old loved sports and dancing. As an only child, she was everything to her parents, James and Denise. But nothing would stand in Patterson’s way. Obsessed with his fantasy, he found out where the Closs family lived. Visiting their house twice, he was scared off both times. But, on October 15, 2018 – his third visit – Patterson put his sick plan into action. It was roughly 1am when he pulled into the Closs’ driveway. Dressed in black, he wore a mask,…

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i have my dog’s ashes tattooed on my body!

Phoebe Rastrick, 26, Christchurch, NZ Collapsing onto the sofa, it didn’t take long before I heard a thud as my boyfriend Ben’s dog clambered up next to me. ‘Hello Herbert,’ I laughed. He settled into a comfy spot and then rested his giant head in my lap. At two-feet tall, Herbert the bull mastiff should have been the perfect guard dog. But in reality, he was a gentle giant. Scared of plastic bags and the sound of the vacuum cleaner, he’d rather slobber me in kisses than bark at the postman. Ben, 27, had bought Herbert as a puppy and when we got together three years later, the pooch was fully grown. After I moved in, Herbert realised I wasn’t going anywhere and we became good friends. In the years that followed, Herbert was always making us laugh. Whether…

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sea change

Scattering loved one’s ashes at sea is not new. But in 2015, Australia’s first artificial reef ball containing cremated remains was dropped into the ocean in Jurien Bay, north of Perth. Keen diver Ron Sutherland had requested his ashes be put into the reef ball, which would attract various marine life. After the ashes were dropped in the ocean, Ken’s son Ben took a swim to pay his dad a visit. ‘I reckon he’d love it out there… being with the fish,’ he said. ‘That was one of his passions.’…