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that's life! 30 Apr 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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Several years ago, when we were putting together a that’s life! craft special, one of our crafty contributors came up with a simple soft toy made with a striped sock and some buttons. After it had been photographed for the magazine, I put it into a cupboard, and didn’t give it another thought. That is, until we moved to a different floor and an open-plan office, with less storage space. I had to do a major purge of all my stuff, but I couldn’t part with the sock toy. So it ended up in a little box of miscellaneous bits and pieces that sat under my desk. And there it stayed, undisturbed, for a couple more years. But then, last September, Oscar, four, came to say hello. His mum, Susie,…

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your life!

WINNERS are grinners Thank you so much that’s life! for my BB cream prize. Cecelia Wallace, Charters Towers, Qld Cheeky seven-month-old Braxton loves to smile for the camera. Rebecca Floyd, Murwillumbah, NSW My husband, Mal, insisted to my future daughter-in-law, Jess, that we had to take a copy of our favourite magazine before leaving the house for a wedding. Tracey Hawkins, Albury, NSW DON’T I KNOW YOU? What a wonderful surprise when we ran into ex MasterChef judges George Calombaris and Matt Preston at the Noosa Food and Wine Festival. Rhonda Casella, Newport, Qld Ava, seven, with a special find at Split Apple Rock, Tasman Bay. Vanessa Meyer, Parklands, NZ Mum and I loved visiting Japan during the last school holidays. Curtis Kurzner, Swan Hill, Vic ME and my PET I’m still trying to get my cat, Bella, to like me after 12 years. Chrystal Glassman,…

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surprise baby! the womb that went zoom!

Sandra Rhodes, 32, Melbourne, Vic Sitting next to my son, Joey, three, I showed him the black and white photograph in my hand. ‘You’re going to have a new brother or sister soon,’ I told him. He looked back at me and grinned. But once we started telling friends and family our news, Joey’s excitement really went through the roof. ‘Mummy’s got a baby in her tummy,’ he’d tell his friends proudly. As well as Joey, my husband Jack and I also had a little girl, Mia, one. Both Mia and Joey had been quick arrivals and I made sure to warn my obstetrician. ‘I don’t want to be one of those women who gives birth on the way to the hospital,’ I laughed. Like with Mia and Joey, we decided not to find out the gender of our…

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47-year cold case could this car solve my sister's murder?

Robyn Johnson, 61, Queenstown, NZ Bursting with excitement, I ran to my sister as she walked in the door. ‘I’ve missed you! How’s it going?’ I cried. Gaye, 22, hugged me. ‘I missed you too,’ she said. Aged 13, I idolised my big sister. She’d moved from our home in Sydney to Brisbane to work with the air force and now she was training as a police officer. My mum, Dorothy, brothers, Mark, 14, and Glen, 10, sister, Annette, eight, and I all gathered around the table, eagerly listening to Gaye’s stories. She told us about the job and the halls she was living in with other girls. ‘I also went to New Zealand,’ she beamed, showing us breathtaking photos of snow-capped mountains and blue lakes. ‘Wow,’ I breathed. Along with our sister Karen, 20, I was one of six…

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mum’s 100th birthday wish ‘i want a stripper!’

Carolynn Larsen, 74, Melbourne, Vic Sitting around the dining room table with the family, we started discussing the year ahead. It was a big one for my mum, Elva, who was going to turn 100. ‘What do you want to do for it, Mum?’ I asked. ‘I want a stripper,’ Mum grinned. ‘No, actually, I want a well-endowed stripper!’ Everyone burst out laughing. ‘Oh Mum, you’re so cheeky,’ I chuckled. I wasn’t surprised about her answer though. It was typical Mum! Ever since I could remember, she’d been the life and soul of the party. And her sassy, independent attitude had always put a smile on mine and my brother Alan’s faces. When we were kids, our dad, Ron, was away for work a lot. His absence meant that Mum had to be self-sufficient and take on the majority of the…

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the buzz

Youngest PUBLISHED SCIENTIST From the age of four, Grace Fulton has been an assistant to her father with field research to help protect owls in South East Queensland. Now six, the Brisbane girl, who has a passion for wildlife, has had a research article published in a scientific journal. Dad Graham Fulton, a University of Queensland ecologist, believes this makes her Australia’s youngest published scientist. HOT Take it away Order some takeaway for dinner and support your local businesses during this tough time. NOT Stay inside Some people are still gathering as groups for parties. We all need to follow the rules and practise social distancing. 2 The number of world flags that have the colour purple in them: Dominica and Nicaragua HEATWAVE IN ANTARCTICA With temperatures soaring over the summer, Australian scientists stationed at Casey in Antarctica declared the…