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that's life! 28 May 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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I bet nobody is surprised when they read our number fact in this week’s The Buzz, on page 15. Turns out, in the first four weeks of the pandemic lockdown, confectionery sales increased by a whopping 27 per cent. I’m going to put my hand up here and admit to helping nudge that figure along. Every single night since it started, my husband Simon and I have shared a Peppermint Crisp. We’ve also become fans of Sweet and Salty Popcorn. Although I’ve noticed that’s selling out at the supermarket, so I reckon we’re not the only people who’ve ‘discovered’ it! I’ve just come from an online Zoom meeting with the rest of the tl! team and it turns out most of them have helped with that lolly sales jump, too.…

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your life!

ME and my PET Erin, 13, loves our Jack Russell, Missy. Nicole Alexander, Cooma, NSW My grandma celebrated her 90th birthday with pina coladas. Manroop Soin, Bondi Junction, NSW Taking some time out with my fave mag in the stunning White Desert in Egypt. Catherine Spicer, Belrose, NSW My daughter, Zara, and her bestie, Mackenzie, ready to hit the spa. Simone Valenti, Sunbury, Vic Jayden made the most of his visit to Disneyland. Donna Greenhalgh, Pacific Pines, Qld What’s in a NAME? Athena-Eden We loved the name Athena after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, and Eden was after her godmother. Jennifer Thompson, Chartwell, NZ As there was only to be five in the church, we had cut-outs of the parents of the bride and groom. Lyn Louttit, Cootamundra, NSW WINNERS are grinners Thanks that’s life! for the wonderful book prize. Can’t wait to get reading. Julie…

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58 kilos gone thanks to pizza!

Chelsea Dixon, 33, Gympie, Qld Dropping the frozen chips into the deep fat fryer, they hit the bubbling oil with a satisfying sizzle. Carbs are life, I thought, scooping out golden fries and smothering them with gravy and cheese. In the house I shared with my partner, Andrew, and our kids, Isabella, then nine, Thomas, six, Oliver, three, and Harrison, one, potatoes reigned supreme. I would even ladle mash onto our spaghetti with tomato sauce! The fryer also got a workout – I’d dunk schnitzels and chicken nuggets into it too. ‘I’m still hungry,’ I’d tell Andrew after dinner, slumped on the couch watching TV and gorging on Shapes, Twisties and Doritos. I’d always been big, my weight hovering around the 115 kilo mark. But now I refused to step onto a set of scales, or even look…

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kidnapped by mum’s killer, then raised by his family

Dread stirred in the pit of my stomach, like I was walking down a dark alley in the middle of the night and could sense a predator hot on my heels. But, aged 15, I wasn’t dashing down a back street. My smiley Uncle John was spinning me around the dance floor at his son’s wedding. Uncle John was my dad Don’s favourite brother. A father-of-four, and a grandpa, he coached kids’ sports games, taught Sunday school and was a Scout leader. But he gave me the creeps. Luckily, living a six-hour drive away, we hardly saw him. My parents had no clue of his crimes One night, soon after the wedding, I was sitting by the phone waiting for my friend to call. It was around 9pm and Dad and my mum Frieda’s house…

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the victims

1984: Paula Godfrey, 19, answered a job ad for a sales rep position that Robinson had placed in the paper. He hired her and told her she’d be travelling for training. She disappeared and her body has never been found. 1987: Robinson hired single mum Catherine Clampitt, 27, who vanished. Her remains have never been recovered. 1993: Beverly Bonner, 49, left her husband to be Robinson’s mistress. When she disappeared, Robinson kept cashing her alimony cheques. Her remains were stuffed into a barrel, which was discovered at his storage facility. 1994: Robinson murdered Sheila Faith, 45, and her daughter, Debbie Faith, 15, who had cerebral palsy. Then, he claimed their welfare payments. Their bodies were found in barrels at Robinson’s storage facility. 1999: Robinson met 21-year-old student Izabela Lewicka online. Her remains were found…

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help! my head’s falling off!

Lacing up my sneakers, I called out, ‘Come on kids, let’s go!’ Landon, 12, Brooklyn, 10, and Evelyn, six, barrelled through the front door along with my husband, Sean. After a relaxing Saturday in the garden, we were setting off on a hike together to cook snags around the campfire. As a former ballerina, I’d always been active and my kids were too. Throughout my dancing career, I’d suffered with back pain though, so I saw various chiropractors. One day, in August 2019, I visited a new chiropractor. As he pressed down on my back and twisted my neck in sharp, swift movements, I tried not to wince. It wasn’t painful as such, but as I drove home, I began to feel woozy. Three days later, I woke up and a splitting pain shot through my head. ‘I’ve…