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that's life! 04 Jun 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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It’s not unusual for buildings to be named after people. Just think about the royal family. I’m sure Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t have any idea how many hospitals, schools or grand buildings bear her name. But I wonder how many people are named the other way around. That is, after a building! Our What’s in a Name for this week (page 5), reader Idobel Mudd was! She told us that when her dad went to register her birth, the building he went to was called Idobel. So that’s what he registered. ’Mum never forgave him,’ said Idobel. Ironically, her dad never actually used her real name. With elder sisters Violet and Rose, Idobel got called Pans, short for pansy, which is really sweet. I suspect the building where my name was…

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your life!

Chelsea really wanted a picture in front of the Louvre in Paris. But the only one we got was of her looking very unimpressed and we couldn’t stop laughing! Ellie Maas, Fortitude Valley, Qld WINNERS are grinners Thank you for my fragrance prize; I was thrilled to receive it. I‘ve been a regular for many years and enjoy keeping my brain active – so winning a prize is an added bonus. Jennifer Spiers, Safety Bay, WA Our family holiday to Kirkjufell, Iceland, was magical. Natalie Smith, Bondi Junction, NSW Going for a drive so Tracey-Lee can fall asleep. Alison Buys, Butler, WA Abbey, 14, and Sofie, 11, loved putting the tent up together in the front garden. Angela Vandenban, Clontarf, Qld DON’T I KNOW YOU? My Aunty June and Uncle Vin moved to Geelong roughly 18 years ago and became friends with…

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no clue i was due then i gave birth in the shower!

Amber Smith, 18, Mareeba, Qld Pacing around the backyard with my dogs Lilly and Snowy at my heels, my stomach churned. I feel like I’m going to puke, I fretted, my head pounding too. Could it be the kiev, I wondered. It was 10pm, but for dinner, my fiancé Blairdon, 20, had cooked the crumbed chicken fillets in our brand new toaster oven. Maybe they didn’t cook completely, I thought. With the nausea building, I ran inside and leaned over the loo but nothing came out. As time ticked past, I started to worry. I was due to start my shift at Coles at 10am. I need the money, I can’t call in sick, I panicked. It was well after midnight when I stepped into the shower, hoping it would make me feel better. Hand resting on the shower wall,…

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aussie mum’s horror stabbed at the shops

Kim Abbott, 24, South Hedland, WA Placing one foot confidently in front of the other, my little girl, Dakota, had mastered walking. Though it only seemed like yesterday the tiny pink bundle was placed in my arms, she was now 14 months old and my shadow. ‘Maybe it’s time to get her a little trike,’ I said to my fiancé, Andy, 27. The following day, on May 1 this year, after Andy had set off for work, I headed to Kmart to buy Dakota her first set of wheels. Strapping her into the front seat of the shopping trolley, I pushed as she took in all the sights and sounds. Deciding on a shiny red trike for my girl, I paid up. ‘Are you excited to go for a ride?’ I asked Dakota, as we made our…

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ten minutes of carnage

The terrifying rampage started at The Lodge Mot el in South Hedland when Ashl ey Fildes, 34, grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started chasing staff and guests around the car park. He slashed one woman’s arm before fleeing across the road to McDonald’s where 19-year-old Connor Herwig was attacked and chased. Mr Herwig was taken to hospital but released later that day. Ashley Fildes, wearing his hi-vis work uniform, then continued his rampage inside the shopping centre, where five others were knifed, but survived the attack. Dramatic mobile phone footage reveals the panic inside the centre, as shoppers and staff ducked for cover and hid in storerooms before police shot Ashley Fildes and he died. In a statement to 7NEWS, a few days after the attack, his parents said their thought s were…

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‘i’d choose you every day for the rest of my life’

Carrying the last box of my belongings inside, I closed the front door behind me. Home sweet home... I’d just finished studying at uni to become a teacher and bought my first house. But I soon realised my part-time position wasn’t enough. One day, in April 2006, a family friend called Dawn got in touch. She worked as a personal care assistant for a patient named Chad, 27, who was in a wheelchair and lived a few blocks away. ‘He’s looking for some more help at home,’ she said. I didn’t have much experience of caring for those with disabilities but I loved helping people and the extra income would be a welcome relief. Arriving at Chad’s house a few weeks later, the door swung open. Taking in his piercing blue eyes and warm smile,…