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that's life! 18 Jun 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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Now that restrictions are easing around the country, it’s been so lovely to hear from friends and family as they slowly shift back to a more normal life. On the first Saturday that it was possible to sit at a cafe table and drink a cappuccino I did just that. The sun was shining, I was with my husband, Simon, and our dog, Dizzy, was sniffing around for scraps. It was all so normal. But after more than two months of not going out and sitting down for a coffee, it felt like heaven. The tl! team are still all working from home, but we catch up a few times a week over the internet. And in today’s get-together we talked about the things we missed most when we were…

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your life!

Marlee-Mae, 1, absolutely loves Nanna’s homemade chocolate cake. Kylie-Anne Cram, Good Night, Qld ME and my PET Caeleigh, six, loves to play with her cat Luna. Beth Milkins, Buccan, Qld WINNERS are grinners Thank you so much that’s life! for the beautiful Haier fridge I won. It came at just the right time. Dawn Brettoner, Tatong, Vic It was so nice seeing my daughters, Jasmine and Amber, spending time with their cousins, Bella and Zoe, after the self-isolation restrictions eased in Melbourne. Sally Kershaw, Glen Waverley, Vic that’s life! weekly or Mega Monthly? Why not have both! Jill Witney, Ringwood North, Vic DON’T I KNOW YOU? My partner, Frank, at Twin Towns club with the wonderful country musician, Adam Brand, after his amazing show. Heather Cook, Corinda, Qld I was lucky enough to go on a work familiarisation trip to Arthur River, on the West…

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we spent $140,000 to have a baby!

Nicole Bourman, 44, Canberra, ACT Exploring the sights and sounds of Malaysia with my new husband, Jeff, then 33, I was on cloud nine. After meeting at a shooting range two years earlier, we realised we both shared a dry sense of humour and a passion for helping people, so we instantly hit it off. Then, just six weeks after we started dating, Jeff proposed to me in bed one morning. I was just 22, but confident he was the one. ‘It’s a big fat yes!’ I beamed, hugging him. A week into our trip to Asia, Jeff looked at me with his cheeky grin. ‘Do you want to try for a honeymoon baby?’ he smiled. We’d dreamt of having a family together ever since we met, so it seemed like the perfect time to start trying. But over…

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twisted teens plotted mum’s murder in macca’s

Sitting around a table in Macca’s, Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham looked like any other teenage couple. But as the 14-year-olds talked and ate, they weren’t chatting about homework or gossiping about their friends. They were plotting something sinister… Having met at school a year earlier, they’d soon become infatuated with each other. They felt misunderstood – like it was them against the world. But for Kim, the cause of her angst was pointed at one person – her 49-year-old mum, Elizabeth. She resented her mum’s close relationship with her younger sister, Katie, 13. The next day, in April 2016, Lucas went over to Kim’s house and they snuck out to the garden where no-one could hear them. Then, in hushed whispers, they went over the plan they’d come up with. ‘Knock three times on the back window…

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left in a shopping bag i found my dad after 22 years

Staring back at my parents, Bob and Lisa, I tried to follow what they were saying. ‘We want to talk to you about your birth mum,’ they said gently. I was six years old and I’d known I was adopted for as long as I could remember. My non-biological sister, Clara, was adopted too and my parents had always been open with us. But at just six, I didn’t quite understand what adoption meant. They explained that in December 1996, I’d been found in a shopping bag›in the foyer of›an apartment block. While she loved me, she couldn’t give me the care I needed I was only three days old. Inside the bag, there was a note from my birth mother, saying that while she loved me dearly, she couldn’t give me›the care I needed. After an unsuccessful…

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a bolt from the blue

Keith Cruz was going about life as normal with his wife and three children when his world imploded. He’d had no idea that two decades earlier, a baby girl belonging to him had been abandoned in a shopping bag. Describing their reunion last year, he told The New York Times, ‘This 22-year-old girl – my daughter who I’d never seen before – was crossing the street. ‘My heart was beating in my chest like a hammer. For that brief second, time seemed to stop.’ But within minutes, the pair were chatting like they’d never been apart and Keith soon became a welcome addition to Eleni’s life. He’s shown her around his old neighbourhood and went with her to meet Annmarie for the first›time. ‘It was like I had spent every day with her,’ Keith said. ‘I…