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that's life! 25 Jun 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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Don’t you just love a love story? I so enjoyed reading Annette’s gorgeous tale on page 60 about the secondhand fridge that led her to her soulmate Andrew. It’s a story that reminded me of my friends John and Carol, who have a second-hand couch to thank for almost 20 years of a very happy marriage. They met when John, a widower living alone with his teenage son, advertised the sofa for sale. Carol, a vivacious and lovely woman in her 40s, had never been married and had only recently arrived from the US on a short-term contract. Spotting John’s ad, she decided to check out the couch. As Carol measured it up, and she and John chatted, both of them could feel that something more than a furniture sale…

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your life!

What’s in a NAME? Bayleigh Bayleigh is a name that I have loved for 20 years and it was always on my list for a girl’s name. The reason we spelt it with a ‘leigh’ was after my sister’s middle name. Joanna Shanks, Gold Coast, Qld We enjoyed our pink Jeep ride through the Grand Canyon. Brenda Dalbeth, Petrie, Qld Glenrowan was a great place to stop for morning tea and pick up a copy of that’s life! magazine. Margaret Jupp, North Lambton, NSW WINNERS are grinners Thank you for the wonderful Vileda mop prize I won. I was so excited when it arrived. Michaeleem Monsour, Noosaville, Qld We had so much fun at the beach making seaweed skirts. Silvana Gutiérrez, Nollamara, WA DON’T I KNOW YOU? Getting to meet singers Marina Prior and David Hobson after their concert in Taree was the…

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my girl can charge her phone with her arm!

Hearing the click-clack of heels coming down the hallway, I poked my head around the corner. Wearing sparkly dresses and my high heels, my 10-year-old twin daughters, Skye and Sara, were strutting their stuff. ‘We’re putting on a fashion show,’ Skye grinned. I should have guessed! Both my girls were obsessed with clothes. Even when Skye later started playing football, she still loved fashion. But in May 2018, she began complaining of a sore forearm on the right side. When she fell off an inflatable banana boat on holiday two months later, the pain worsened. ‘Maybe it’s a fracture?’ I said to my husband, Steve. But then doctors found a mass. Skye had a biopsy and it revealed something we never could have imagined – cancer. I started sobbing, while Steve was stunned into silence. Our brave Skye, 13, didn’t…

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dad’s heartbreak my baby girl’s killer walked free

Paul Terlato, 45, Melbourne, Vic Hanging the framed fairy picture on the wall, the nursery was fit for a princess. Or two! Double trouble, I grinned. My wife, Tina, 37, was pregnant with twins, and along with our two-year-old son, Luke, we couldn’t wait to meet his baby sisters. The girls’ arrival would make our family complete. On February 28, 2012, sweet Alicia was delivered first, via caesarean section, at 8.28am. Her beautiful sister, Amanda, followed just three minutes later. Tears sprang to my eyes, and the room was filled with joy and our daughters’ healthy cries. The next few weeks at home were a blur of baby cuddles, preparing bottles, nappy changes and sleepless nights. From day dot, Alicia and Amanda had trouble feeding, struggled to settle and cried constantly. So, Tina and I took it in turns…

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no punishment more severe

In his sentencing, Justice Bernard Bongiorno said that the infanticide charge as opposed to a murder charge, ‘was entirely appropriate’. ‘It is clear that [the injuries] were inflicted by a loving mother suffering from significant emotional and psychological compromise,’ he said. ‘Punishment of the offender has little or no role as a sentencing principle here… no court could ever inflict a punishment on her more severe than that which this tragedy has itself imposed upon her and will continue to impose for many years, perhaps forever.’ If you are struggling and need support after having a baby, call 1300 726 306 (Aus) or 0800 111 757 (NZ).…

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size 8 and australia’s best female eater!

Mimi Zhang, 32, Sunnybank, Qld Guzzling down the last mouthful of my milkshake, I could barely contain my excitement. It had taken just over 10 minutes, but I’d managed to devour not one, but two 2.5-litre milkshakes as part of a food challenge. With the shakes topped with marshmallows, whipped cream and Oreos, I’d consumed over 9000 calories in one sitting! But it was all part of my quest to become Australia’s top competitive eater. Working as a make-up artist and model, I’d never even heard of competitive eating until March last year. I’d just finished my grocery shopping and was headed outside when I could hear a commotion coming from a pancake parlour nearby. Curious, I peeked inside and discovered the store was hosting their annual pancake eating competition. Growing up, my mum, Chengze, had…