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The Art of Healing Vol 1 Issue 74

With so much publicity being given to fake news of late, we are very pleased to reassure you that our latest issue of The Art of Healing has lots of scientifically-based research articles to keep you informed and educated, and help you practice preventative health strategies in your life, along with accompanying beautiful imagery to lighten and hearten your soul – particularly over the colder Winter months. Highlights include Why Reading Good News Is Good For You; a few articles on Sleep and afternoon napping, which is linked to better mental agility; and some natural remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome. On the emotional side of things, we have a really useful article on how to release judgement, and also the difference between anxiety and Anxiety Disorder from one of the experts. And if you haven’t heard about the Tibetan Rites, don’t miss finding out about this. Doing these 7 exercise is an easy and effective way to keep fit and healthy – including as you age. Our Featured Artist this issue (and also our front cover artist), is Holly Wilmeth. Lots more .. including the Dirty Dozen and Clean Lists for 2021 (fruit & vege with the most and least pesticides).

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The Things We Dare Not Tell The fields are fair in autumn yet, and the sun’s still shining there, But we bow our heads and we brood and fret, because of the masks we wear; Or we nod and smile the social while, and we say we’re doing well, But we break our hearts, oh, we break our hearts! for the things we must not tell. There’s the old love wronged ere the new was won, there’s the light of long ago; There’s the cruel lie that we suffer for, and the public must not know. So we go through life with a ghastly mask, and we’re doing fairly well, While they break our hearts, oh, they kill our hearts! do the things we must not tell. We see but pride in a…

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FRONT COVER IMAGE: Madre ARTIST: Antonio Mora WEBSITE: www.mylovt.com FB: antonio.moradiez.1 INSTA: a.morartworks Thank you to all the writers, organisations, and people we interviewed for their time and contributions to this magazine including: • Dr Liz Isenring • Dr Simon Wilksch • Ronni Kahn, OzHarvest • Amanda Kate • Simon & Schuster • Penguin Random House • OzHarvest WEBSITES YOU MIGHT LIKE TO VISIT: • wakeup-world.com • greatergood.berkeley.edu • neuroscience.com • mindbodygreen.com • flinders.edu.au • worldhealth.net • mercola.com • sciencedaily.com • globalwellnesssummit.com…

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editor’s note

Expectations. Now we are part way into 2021, I thought this would be a good topic to bring forth in this note. If I think of how expectations impact my own life, the first thing I think of is disappointments. It is something I wrestle with pretty regularly - perhaps I set the bar too high? I guess we all have expectations of ourselves, and if we meet those expectations, we sort of expect that others would too and then are disappointed when they don’t. So the lesson I keep getting is acceptance. I just have to accept people for who they are and have no expectations. I do find this difficult I must admit. It is definitely a constant underlying thing that you can apply in other ways as…

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there is always a reason to smile

Even if it’s hiding amid a pile of pain, we can always find something that will shift us into a positive state of mind. There is always a reason to smile. I know it may seem like the world is falling apart, but you can also look at it from the perspective that there is a mass awakening - to the reality that the way society operates does not currently lead to everyone thriving. It does not nurture the continued personal and collective evolution that could lead to extraordinary leaps in consciousness. A new conscious paradigm that is one based on more harmony, coherence, and balance can eventually lead to what Sri Aurobindo called supramental transformation. So, in the case of the global challenges and disintegration of the artificial societal matrix which…

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how gratitude helps students with anxiety

A new study has found that when high schoolers are taught about gratitude and given opportunities to practise it, they show improved mental health and wellness. In recent years, many educators have used social-emotional learning (SEL) programs to focus on building skills of understanding and managing emotions in students, along with relating positively with others, and behaving in personally and socially responsible ways. However a study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology has found that when high schoolers are taught about gratitude and given opportunities to practise it, they show improved mental health and wellness. In two urban high schools in the U.S., 152 students participated in lessons and activities to learn about the science of gratitude - what it means, how to practise it, and the benefits it can bring. Additionally, students…

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is spirituality a component of wisdom?

Wisdom has gained increasing interest among researchers over the last few decades, as a biologically-based personality trait relevant to physical wellbeing and mental health. Previous studies have identified six common, measurable components of wisdom: • pro-social behaviour including empathy • compassion, altruism and a sense of fairness • emotional regulation, self-reflection or insight • acceptance of divergent perspectives • decisiveness • social decision-making In a study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, researchers have added a seventh component to wisdom: spirituality. “There has historically been controversy about whether spirituality is a marker of wisdom,” said Dilip V. Jeste, MD, co-first author of the study, senior associate dean for the Center of Healthy Aging, and Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. “Our findings show that spirituality is significantly associated…