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The Art of Healing Issue 60

With so much publicity being given to fake news of late, we are very pleased to reassure you that our latest issue of The Art of Healing has lots of scientifically-based research articles to keep you informed and educated, and help you practice preventative health strategies in your life, along with accompanying beautiful imagery to lighten and hearten your soul – particularly over the colder Winter months. Highlights include Why Reading Good News Is Good For You; a few articles on Sleep and afternoon napping, which is linked to better mental agility; and some natural remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome. On the emotional side of things, we have a really useful article on how to release judgement, and also the difference between anxiety and Anxiety Disorder from one of the experts. And if you haven’t heard about the Tibetan Rites, don’t miss finding out about this. Doing these 7 exercise is an easy and effective way to keep fit and healthy – including as you age. Our Featured Artist this issue (and also our front cover artist), is Holly Wilmeth. Lots more .. including the Dirty Dozen and Clean Lists for 2021 (fruit & vege with the most and least pesticides).

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And a youth said Speak to us of Friendship. And he answered saying: Your friend is your needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is your board and your fireside. For you come to him with your unger, and you seek him for peace. When your friend speaks his mind you fear not the “nay” in your own mind, nor do you withhold the “ay.” And when he is silent your heart ceases not to listen to his heart; For without words in friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared with joy that is unacclaimed. When you part from your friend you grieve not; For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence,…

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Thank you to all the writers and people we interviewed for their time and contributions to this magazine, including the following: • Frank Joseph • Ingrid Button • James and Kirsty Greenfields • Jessica Hobson and Jill Danks • Steve Taylor Thank you to the following photographers and artists for their time and contributions to this magazine: • Gaily Russell • Michael Philp • Diana Domonkos for photos on pages 29, 30 Thank you to the following organisations for their time and contributions to this magazine: • Ronin Films • The Yoga Foundation • Resilient Leaders Foundation • Magabala Books • Quikmark Media • Brendan Fredericks PR DISCLAIMER: All material provided in this magazine should be used as a guide only. Information provided should not be construed or used as a substitute for professional or medical advice. We would suggest that a healthcare professional should be consulted…

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editor’s note

Scrolling through the news bytes and research articles for this issue, I do have a couple of favourites. The first is the article on non-complementary behaviour being used in Denmark to curb the number of young people leaving their country to join ISIS. I hadn’t heard of this before (I have come across non-violent communication). Non-complementary behaviour means doing the unexpected. So if someone acts with hostility, you respond warmly for example. This is actually an unnatural reaction which is now proven to be a way to produce a different outcome from the usual one. Both Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi used this approach in their non-violent resistance movements. And the success rate this little country has had since taking this approach is astounding - even more so…

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our cover artist: gaily russell

Gaily Russell was born in Tasmania but moved to the Northern Rivers region of NSW 40 years ago. She is a self-taught artist, having had no formal training in art. However she says she has attended life drawing with live models for over 10 years, something she still loves going to. In 1988 some of her paintings of Australiana were published on cards in a whimsical animal series. “I think being an artist helps to open the 3rd eye. My psychic visions are unforgettable. What I also love about art is that there are no rules, which is something I find very inviting.” The name of this cover piece is Angel Feeling Love.…

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four ways to filter and purify water with fruit

There is a cheap and easy way for any community in the developed (or underdeveloped) world to purify their water. The peels of some of the most widely consumed fruit in the world are remarkably efficient at absorbing a wide variety of harmful pollutants, including heavy metals, and they can be transformed into effective water filters with only minor preparation. Banana Peels Minced banana peels could be used repeatedly to purify water contaminated by industrial plants and farms — up to 11 times — and still be effective. In their study paper entitled; Banana Peel Applied to the Solid Phase Extraction of Copper and Lead from River Water: Preconcentration of Metal Ions with a Fruit Waste, researchers also noted the very low cost of banana peels and the fact there is no…

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online psychological therapy effective in reducing depression

One in seven Australians experience major depression in their lifetime, yet up to 70% of people reporting depression symptoms will not seek treatment. This has a huge impact on the health and well-being of our community and is a contributor to our rising suicide rate. An international meta-analysis, published in JAMA Psychiatry, has provided irrefutable evidence that clinically developed, online psychological therapy provides a highly effective and accessible solution to this growing problem. Black Dog Institute Director Professor Helen Christensen, one of the study authors and a global leader in the development and delivery of online mental health tools, says this important finding cannot be ignored by our governing health bodies. “This research clearly shows that self-guided, online psychological therapy is effective for most people experiencing depression, regardless of severity or background.” “We…