The Art of Healing Vol 2 Issue 79

Solar panels made from waste crops without direct light; broccoli can help metabolise coffee; plastics labelling needs a new sustainability scale for consumers ... and did you know that social media use has now been linked to poor physical health outcomes – so it’s not just mental health. And we need to look at population growth in Australia – as well as climate change, if we have any hope of reducing food, water and energy scarcities in the future. Homelessness is solvable according to evidence from the largest community database on sleeping rough and homelessness in Australia; we share a lovely story from a doctor about how Covid-19 humbled him, how we can help students get through grief, and how mental health is becoming increasingly important. Find out how Australia fared in the second Annual Global Wellbeing report put out by Lululemon Athletica which explores how people feel about their physical, mental and social dimensions of wellbeing. And if you are seeking optimal health, moving your body is like a tune-up for your mind, with daily detoxification also needing daily attention and support. Read these articles and more in our latest Winter issue of The Art of Healing, bringing you diverse news and research that supports a holistic approach and empowerment to individuals and communities.

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