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The Art of Healing Vol 3 Issue 64

With such unprecedented changes upon us, we hope that the articles in our latest issue of The Art of Healing give you some relief. Our Winter issue has lots of suggestions on how to keep well during these very trying times, including how to support your immunity with Traditional Chinese Medicine; how to treat infection with iodine; and ways to help people with Alzheimer’s manage their pain. There are lots more News and Research articles from around the world, including how letting go and thinking about our perspective might enable us to embrace new opportunities. The article on how much strength we can gain from stillness through transcendental meditation is really not-to-be-missed. And it is quite timely that we also have a Q&A with David Bronner in this issue, CEO of the Dr Bronner’s liquid soap brand. We also have another feature piece on Wellness Travel, and how it can decrease overtourism, and some definite Do Not Do when foraging for wild mushrooms.

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Frost-locked all the winter, Seeds, and roots, and stones of fruits, What shall make their sap ascend That they may put forth shoots? Tips of tender green, Leaf, or blade, or sheath; Telling of the hidden life That breaks forth underneath, Life nursed in its grave by Death. Blows the thaw-wind pleasantly, Drips the soaking rain, By fits looks down the waking sun: Young grass springs on the plain; Young leaves clothe early hedgerow trees; Seeds, and roots, and stones of fruits, Swollen with sap put forth their shoots; Curled-headed ferns sprout in the lane; Birds sing and pair again. There is no time like Spring, When life’s alive in everything, Before new nestlings sing, Before cleft swallows speed their journey back Along the trackless track – God guides their wing, He…

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FRONT COVER IMAGE BY: CHRIS HAZELL ‘Sleeping with the Fishes’ INSTAGRAM: @chrishazell artist Thank you to all the writers, organisations, and people we interviewed for their time and contributions to this magazine including: • Manuela Boyle • Judy Nicol, Biobalance • Bonnie McLean • Deborah Catterall • Anne Taylor Hall • Colleen Garseed • Barry du Bois & Miguel Maestre • Dr Catherine Crock, Hush Foundation • Skinnyfish Records • BFredericksPR • Reece Carter, The Happy Gut • Harlequin PR DISCLAIMER: All material provided in this magazine should be used as a guide only. Information provided should not be construed or used as a substitute for professional or medical advice. We would suggest that a healthcare professional should be consulted before adopting any opinions or suggestions contained in this magazine. Whilst every care is taken to compile and check articles contained herein for accuracy, the…

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editor’s note

I have to talk here with you about matters of the heart. Over the last couple of weeks, in the community where I live, two people have passed away. Both of them were very well known, because they happened to be big contributors to the community, and both of them were women – in their 50s or 60s. So. You feel it. You are amazed how much you feel it. One of these women I didn’t know, and the other I knew of. It does make me feel sad. I feel dis-heartened, even though, who knows where these two beautiful souls are now. I hope they are skipping and are joyous. And at the same time, I have been reading a book called The Lost Art of Healing by Bernard Lown,…

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take the flavour of green tea to the next level with jasmine tea

Tea is one of the most widely enjoyed beverages around the world, and green tea is one of the most popular types, known for its health benefits and flavour. So if your taste buds are looking for a new way to enjoy this beneficial beverage, then jasmine tea may be one to try. What Is Jasmine Tea? Jasmine tea is green tea scented with jasmine flowers, though the base tea can also use black, white or oolong tea leaves. High-quality jasmine tea is usually scented using fresh jasmine flowers, while affordable options are flavoured with jasmine oils or jasmine extract. The end result produces a clean and fragrant smell, with a sweet flavour. Potential Benefits of Jasmine Tea Green tea happens to be one of the healthiest beverages you can drink, with studies suggesting…

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next-generation therapeutic helps immune cells detect and destroy cancer

“Clinicians are increasingly realising that one drug or a one-size-fits-all approach is not enough when combating cancer, and that a combination immunotherapy, such as blocking two distinct targets in the same immune cell is the future of immunooncology. Our approach capitalises on this concept,” said co-corresponding author Ashish Kulkarni, PhD, a former instructor in the Division of Engineering in Medicine at Brigham and Womens Hospital and assistant professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Kulkarni and colleagues have previously reported on the design and engineering of supramolecules --therapeutics that are built from component molecules that click together like building blocks. To reinvigorate macrophages, the team designed a supramolecule that could block the “don’t eat me” signal that cancer cells can produce and simultaneously inhibit signalling that…

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a powerful self-care tool that doesn’t get enough credit

We call ourselves human beings, but instead, we live in a world filled with human ‘doings.’ As a society, we tend to put doing and action on a pedestal, while just being and breathing are never applauded in any way. When we achieve, accomplish, or even just participate, we are praised for the action and the effort. This could include participating in a marathon, starting a new business, getting a promotion, or completing any kind of project. Action is considered positive - and inaction, not so much. The breath is a magical tool at our disposal 24/7. We can use it to transform anything and everything in life. We can use it to bring ease to the deepest physical and mental struggles. Eventually, it doesn’t feel like a struggle anymore, because…