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The Australian Vegan MagazineThe Australian Vegan Magazine

The Australian Vegan Magazine

March / April 2019

The Australian Vegan Magazine is designed to reach both vegans and potential vegans through the latest news and research, hard-hitting issues, vegan celebrity interviews, animal welfare stories, and loads of other vegan lifestyle features. The Australian Vegan Magazine is also your gateway to lots of delicious vegan recipes from quick family meals to more elaborate, sumptuous feasts for parties and special occasions. Don’t miss out on being part of the largest revolution.

Michaela Bilik TA. The Australian Vegan Magazine
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editor’s note

This issue marks The Australian Vegan Magazine’s second year anniversary and what a joyous (and sometimes very stressful) journey it’s been! To see an idea and passion come into fruition has been an amazingly rewarding experience.Hopefully, the magazine has served as an instrumental platform to both draw non-vegans into the world of veganism and to provide vegans with new knowledge, inspirational articles, delicious recipes, and tools to help them not only cope but thrive.I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteer contributors who make this magazine a possibility. Without them, there would be no magazine. I’m sure they all have very busy lives but choose to give up their free time each issue to educate the readers.I’d also like to thank you, the reader, for supporting the…

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what’s on where

MARCHPLANT-BASED COLLECTIVE MARKETSSaturday, 16 March, Saturday, 20 April, 8am - 3pmRobina State High School, Robina, QLDRobina State High School will be the place to be on 16 March and 20 April. You’ll be spoilt for choice with 80+ stalls including food trucks and ethical gifts. There will be music, entertainment, a plant-based kids corner, and free jumping castle. The event is dog-friendly and eco-friendly.ALIVE PLANT-BASED FESTIVALSaturday, 30 March, 10am - 5pmKibble Park, Donnison St, Gosford, NSWThe Alive Plant-Based Festival is a biannual event that runs on a Saturday in March and September. Come hungry, bring your picnic blankets, relax in the sun and enjoy the tunes. Large range of vegan products on offer from fashion, beauty and literature, plus large variety of vegan food including gluten-free and soy-free products. Entry…

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can fish feel pain?

For the vegans reading this, the question of whether fish feel pain would generate a quick response. “Of course”, they would answer. Just because they’re different to us, “the superior species”, apparently, doesn’t mean a living being can’t feel pain.Yet this is a novel concept for much of the world, and surprisingly, or perhaps not for many, one that is still being debated. Less so in the last year due to much new research being published, but if it was accepted unanimously, then would it not be acceptable as it is now, to gloat on social media with photos of the latest “kill” from Sunday’s fishing outing? We get angry when we see the hunter posing with the lion, yet the next day we pose with our own personal slaughter…

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vegan junk food

Junk food is generally classed as anything that is pre-packaged and processed, contains artificial flavours and colourings, and is high in fats and sugars. And, just like a drug, these foods can be addictive.However, most of us love it, and vegan junk food is everywhere, from accidental vegan foods to purposely made vegan food alternatives.We are witnessing extreme growth in our supermarkets, speciality stores, fast food franchises and our local cafés; anything and everything now comes in vegan form.Which is precisely the trap many of us are finding ourselves in.A common misconception is that vegans must be healthy because they only eat plant foods. It can even be easy to convince ourselves that all vegan food is healthy, after all, it is 100 per cent plantbased, therefore, it must be…

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live vegan, save how much water?!

Compared to a vegan diet, eating meat, dairy and eggs uses a lot of water. Studies carried out by researchers in Australia and overseas show that over 20 times more fresh water is required to produce animal products compared to the same weight of plant products. Animal agriculture puts a huge strain on our water resources and compromises our water security.While directly saving water at home is a noble idea, most people don’t realise that water used to produce our food makes up 90 per cent of all water used by an average Australian household. So, whether saving water for drinking, or saving our mighty rivers and their wetlands, moving to a vegan diet will have a much more positive impact than having shorter showers or not watering the garden.As…

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did you know?

• It takes over 20 times more water to produce 1kg of beef compared to rice, grains, beans, fruit and vegetables in Australia.• It takes 800 litres of water to produce one litre of cow’s milk, four times as much as it takes to make one litre of soy milk.• Vegan households use less than a third of the water of the average Australian household.• Agriculture is the number one user of water, accounting for 65 per cent of total water consumed in Australia and 70 per cent worldwide.• Animal agriculture is responsible for up to one third of all fresh water consumption in the world today.• 43 per cent of irrigation water in Australia is used by the animal agriculture industry.• Only 24 per cent of irrigation water in…