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March 2020

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As an adventurous but naive 20-year-old backpacking through Africa with my then-boyfriend, I jumped at the chance to trek into the Rwandan jungle to see the gorillas. It was 1995 in a country where just six months earlier – while I’d been obliviously ‘finding myself’ in India – one of history’s worst genocides was unfolding. In what was grimly titled “100 Days of Slaughter”, Tutsi villagers were massacared in their hundreds of thousands by extremists from the rival Hutu tribe. It’s hardly surprising then that we didn’t encounter many fellow travellers. Instead, it was volunteers from Médecins Sans Frontières who invited us into their temporary home and, on a rare day off, joined us and an armed local guide on our trip to see the gorillas. As powerful as the sight…

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open line

A COURAGEOUS LEGACY Jill Emberson’s story touched me deeply (When pink meets teal, AWW, February). What a brave, selfless woman. Although very ill with the dreaded ovarian cancer, Jill had the strength and determination to do something positive and think of others. A lot is done towards breast cancer, and how right it is that “the disease that whispers” should receive more awareness. I hope the campaign supports courageous Jill’s legacy. My heart ached reading of her death. May she rest in peace. F. Rooney, via email. LOVE BEFORE DUTY What a beautiful cover photo (right) of a young Prince Harry and his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales (AWW, February). Yes Harry, protect your family and live the life you want. Family first. D. Cooke-Ford, via Instagram. FOR THE FUTURE History shows that much of southern Australia…

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letter of the month

I have seen many moving and poignant images from the bushfires, but the one that leapt from the pack and brought me to tears was that of a Muslim community service group donating their time in support of the firefighters and bushfire victims (Black Summer special, AWW, February). They would have felt the blowtorch of intolerance in the past but despite this they have still been able to rise above the hate against them and prove beyond doubt that they are Australians. M. Wouters, Bundaberg, Qld.…

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in brief news bites

Down on the farm THE DUCHESS of Cambridge has been talking to parents and grandparents about their little ones to promote a national discussion about the early years of life. Catherine visited a farm in Northern Ireland with her UK-wide “5 Big Questions” survey, that aims to bring about a national conversation and lasting change for generations to come. Royal updates Peter’s marriage comes to an end The Queen’s grandson, Peter Phillips, and his wife Autumn have announced their 12-year marriage is over, but they are committed to co-parenting their two daughters, and maintaining an “ongoing friendship”. Autumn met the young royal at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal in 2003 and reportedly dated him for six weeks before learning he was the son of Princess Anne. In a statement the couple said their…

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a star for the ages

THE BEGINNING of Kirk Douglas’s life was as dramatic as his Hollywood career that spanned seven decades. Born to penniless immigrants after his father fled conscription into the Russian Tsar’s army in 1916, Issur Danielovitch Demsky grew up selling snacks to mill workers to earn money for food. He put himself through drama college by working as a professional wrestler and adopted the name Kirk Douglas. Legend has it that his classmate, Lauren Bacall, was responsible for his big break, mentioning him to a director while Kirk was appearing in stage productions after an injury cut his WWII naval service short. His on-screen charisma was undeniable and he went on to light up the screen in more than 80 films. Spartacus is certainly his most famous role, but he also won…

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there’s something about magda

“I’d love to have a parcel of kids running around.” Magda Szubanski is funny. She just has to roll her eyes, strike a pose or – of course – open her mouth and everyone is laughing. Indeed, from the moment she walked into the studio for our exclusive cover shoot, Magda had The Weekly team in stitches. It’s a gift the instinctive comedienne has recently used to brilliant effect in an inspired run of Uber Eats adverts. But Magda is also hilarious in print, as I have just discovered from her new project, the first of a series of laugh-out-loud – I kid you not – children’s books called Timmy the Ticked-Off Pony. At the heart of the Timmy stories is a study of fame and what it can do to you…