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The Hollywood Reporter Wednesday, January 29, 2020

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heat index

Billie Eilish The 18-year-old singer claims five Grammys and sweeps the top categories — best new artist, record, song and album of the year — for the first time since 1981. Carmi Zlotnik The Starz programming chief, one of the few high-ranking execs remaining from Chris Albrecht’s regime, is departing after a decade with the Lionsgate-owned network. Awkwafina Her Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens delivers the biggest audience for a series debut on Comedy Central in three years, taking the sting out of her Oscars snub for The Farewell. Christopher Ripley After a failed $3.9 billion takeover of Tribune Media, the Sinclair Broadcast Group CEO settles a breach of contract lawsuit and will pay buyer Nexstar $60 million. Showbiz Stocks $504.08 (+1%) CHARTER (CHTR) Morgan Stanley raises its price target on the cable and internet provider to $540 but warns…

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china’s outbreak ‘could be a disaster in the making’

Despite a fraught 2019 at the North American box office, when revenue slipped 4 percent to $11.4 billion, the film business could take solace in the fact that worldwide grosses hit an all-time high of $42.5 billion last year. The global uptick was due to a spike in key markets, with China turning in $9.2 billion. Now, in the wake of a coronavirus outbreak that has infected thousands and claimed more than 100 lives in China, the movie industry is grappling with the unthinkable: Nearly every cinema in the country, totaling about 70,000 screens, has shut down. As concerns mount that Beijing’s efforts to contain the virus are falling short, there is growing awareness that the economic damage wrought by the epidemic could potentially drive down 2020 global box office revenue…

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‘how does sky fit in comcast’s portfolio?’

It’s a case of a partly cloudy Sky for Comcast as Wall Street wonders if the benefits of acquiring the European pay TV giant in late 2018 were worth the $40 billion price tag. That’s pretty hefty, considering that Sky, run by CEO Jeremy Darroch, is not expected to boost profits in 2020. Skepticism is mounting, especially because Comcast’s core cable systems financials have grown strongly, driven by broadband, not linear television. Without Sky or NBCUniversal, “Its price chart would look much more like that of Charter,” Bernstein analyst Peter Supino says. Charter shares are up 165 percent in the past 52 weeks; Comcast’s are up 23 percent. In its first full year under Comcast ownership, Sky did manage to grow earnings 12 percent, though only after interest, taxes, depreciation and…

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kobe bryant 1978-2020

DYAN CANNON ON ‘THIS GAWKY KID’ The actress and longtime Lakers fan remembers Bryant’s first game at the Forum and how they bonded (thanks to her brownies) over the next 20 years I was there the first game he played at the Forum. I remember thinking, “Who is this kid? He can’t make a basket! I wonder why they chose him.” But I was sure proven wrong. When he was courtside, he was very focused. But we met outside at dinners or at parties. And he became a dear friend. He was a guy who always showed up. If I wasn’t there at a game, he’d come up to my friend in my seat and ask if Dyan was OK. When my condo caught fire, he was the first one that called and…

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‘he structured the tempo of a game to beethoven’s fifth’

In the fall of 2015, Kobe arrived at our little West Hollywood studio. As he and his beautiful family stepped out of their SUV, I wished someone in the neighborhood was there to witness it. But it was just our humble little team. As he walked toward me, I wondered, “Do I shake his hand? How do you greet a legend?” I put out my hand, and he pulled me in for a hug. As he stepped into our 1920s Spanish duplex, I hoped he would not bump his head on the low arch separating the living room and dining room. He stood silently and looked around at the walls covered with storyboards and sketches. “What’s he thinking?” I wondered. “Perfect,” he said. For him, it was real. No polish. Just a…

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m&a megadeals might slow in 2020

With media and telecom mergers the talk of Wall Street — including much ink spilled over the $11.7 billion recombination of Viacom and CBS on Dec. 4 — one would think 2019 was a banner year for such activity. But both the volume and the value of deals were down compared with 2018, and activity isn’t expected to grow in 2020, a Jan. 23 report from PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts. While MGM, Lionsgate and Univision are considered in play, most of the large acquisitions were unveiled in 2018 or before —AT&T buying Time Warner, Disney purchasing most of 21st Century Fox — so M&A has likely peaked in the near term (PwC tracks announcements, rather than closing dates). In 2020, “We do not see any game-changing opportunities. Most of what remains is smaller, and…