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The Magnolia Journal Summer 2019

This magazine from TV couple Chip and Joanna Gaines focuses on seasonal ideas for life, garden, and home. Each quarterly issue identifies a thought-provoking virtue (gratitude, confidence, hospitality ...) and delivers stories that inspire readers to pursue it intentionally in their own lives. Regular features include personal essays by Chip and Jo, ideas for entertaining and family activities, recipes, gardening, decorating, and much more--all beautifully packaged with the signature Magnolia style.

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letter from the editor

In our house, summer announces itself as a familiar soundtrack: the pitter-patter of feet running down the hallway and out the back door, early morning games of tag in the yard, cannonball splashes into the deep end of the pool. My kids would probably start defining summer by what it isn’t before they could get to what it is. Instead of classrooms and homework, practice and school projects, summer is bathing suits all day and steady reminders to put on more sunblock. It’s iced tea on the porch and playing till long after dusk. It is boundless and untold. Simply put, they’d tell you that summer is freedom. There seems to be a consensus on this topic among children, an understanding of summer’s sacredness. I love to watch my own kids…

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magnolia report

can’t make it to the silos? You can always find us online! Head to magnolia.com where you can shop, stay in the know on all things Magnolia, and find seasonal updates on Jo’s blog! books by magnolia We’ve got your summer reading list covered! Check out a book or two from Chip and Jo. All titles available at magnolia.com or where books are sold. THE MAGNOLIA STORY An inside look at how it all started CAPITAL GAINES Chip’s memoir on life and business MAGNOLIA TABLE Joanna’s collection of personal recipes HOMEBODY Joanna’s guide to home design WE ARE THE GARDENERS A children’s gardening book from Jo and the kids summer vendor markets A curated vendor market will be held under the historic barn at the Silos for one Saturday in June, July, and August. Head to magnolia.com/events for more details. food trucks at the silos Did you…

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cards as a mainstay

My grandparents lived in a suburban neighborhood, tucked away from city life, with only a single climbing tree in their front garden. They did not have open fields for my siblings and me to explore or video game consoles to keep us busy as children. But what they did have was a love for our visits and playing cards. During our summer stays, they taught us Go Fish and Crazy Eights. We learned more strategic games as we grew older, like Solitaire, which we could enjoy even when we lacked a playmate. They also taught us we could take our stack of cards—tucked into a pocket-size box—just about anywhere. Designs and games evolved as traders carried playing cards from China into new cultures, eventually finding a place in America in the…

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behind closed drawers

Most everyone has junk. There, we said it. No matter what room a drawer may be serving, it can quickly become a landing spot for the many things we use often, keep close by just in case, or want to save for no reasonable reason at all. In an office or a hobby space, you might stash frequently needed useful things, such as scissors, bag clips, magnets, pens, and tape. Small objects—safety pins and thumbtacks—that might get lost elsewhere also find a home here. In a typical catchall drawer, there’s usually a pool of hastily stowed items, such as receipts and spare change. Even in a bathroom, where what’s inside the drawers may differ entirely, the looming reality remains the same. At some point, it will likely contain junk. For some, there…

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grilled flatbreads

Steak + Arugula Flatbread START TO FINISH: 35 minutes8 oz. top sirloin steak, about 1 inch thick1 Tbsp. olive oil2 tsp. minced fresh garlic2 9-inch plain or garlic naan¼ cup Kalamata olive tapenade1 cup crumbled feta cheese (4 oz.)1 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese2 cups loosely packed fresh arugulaFreshly cracked black pepper4 lemon wedges Grill steak, covered, over medium 10 to 12 minutes or until medium rare, turning once. Transfer steak to a cutting board. Let stand 5 minutes. Slice into very thin bite-size pieces. In a small bowl combine olive oil and garlic. Brush garlic mixture over tops of naan. Grill naan, oiled side down, over indirect high heat about 2 minutes or until deep brown grill marks appear. Transfer to a flat baking sheet, grilled side up. Spread tapenade over grilled naan, leaving…

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stepping outside your comfort zone in design

If your interest in interior design is just beginning, or you’re simply unsure of your ability to pull off a look you love, it can be natural to revert to outdated decor truisms (think: all woods must be the same finish or stick to one design style). Though these misconceptions have, over time, been debunked by designers everywhere, it’s possible that they continue to lurk within your own process when it comes to styling your home. If you’ve already stumbled across a design rule or two that aligns with your own sense of style, that can be really helpful. It’s not likely, though, that all of us, each with a distinct taste and perspective, will resonate with the same set of guardrails when it comes to where we live. Make your home…