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TIME The New Mindfulness

TIME The New Mindfulness

TIME The New Mindfulness

We live in challenging times. How can we stay sane and balanced? The New Mindfulness, the new Special Edition from the Editors of TIME takes a look at mindfulness-becoming, and remaining centered with thoughtful practices for body and spirit, including breathing, yoga, healthy eating, restful sleep, meditation and prayer, and more. This Special Edition features thought-provoking articles on the benefits of mindfulness for overcoming anxiety, depression, chronic pain, problems of aging, and more. Distinct sections-"Modern Calm," "Life Balance," and "Body Harmony"-are filled with helpful how-tos, clear explanations of the latest scientific theory, insights into human psychology, and tips on fostering mindfulness in ourselves and our children. With dozens of illuminating full-color photos and illustrations, The New Mindfulness is a must-have for everyone who wants to rise above overstretched schedules and overtaxed lives to become truly present.

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the future of being present

MINDFULNESS HAS BECOME THE GOALPOST OF modern life, the answer to our high-paced, overstretched schedules. Do you know anyone who doesn’t want to be “more mindful” in some aspect of their life? Just search for “meditation” in the App Store and you will find a mind-expanding number of apps intended to help you plug into the here and now. “It’s taken a leap forward,” says Sharon Salzberg, co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Mass. For one, mindfulness has now become an accepted adjunct therapy for many conditions, especially in the field of mental health. In the past, says Salzberg, “if you were a psychologist or psychiatrist who included mindfulness, you usually didn’t disclose that. These days, people tell me they are facing so much pressure to teach mindfulness in…

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how to be centered in a crazy world

FOR THE PAST SIX MONTHS, MY FRIEND LAURA AND I have had a standing Monday-night date: At 6:45 p.m., we drive five minutes up the road from my house in Northern California to Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where some of the country’s best-known mindfulness teachers lead evening sessions. We remove our shoes, get settled on a meditation pillow and then close our eyes and breathe for 40 minutes. Afterward, the evening’s speaker gives a stirring, thought-provoking talk on Buddhist wisdom. Sounds lovely, right? It is. When we actually go. Of the 24 sessions since we began Mindfulness Mondays, we’ve attended exactly three. A regular dose of calm would be good for me. But I’m usually too weary and overwhelmed to pry myself off the sofa. In a head-to-head contest between binge-watching…

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can you stay sane in an open office?

Almost three quarters of U.S. offices now have open floor plans, a design that was meant to foster collaboration, employee bonding and an egalitarian sense of all for one and one for all. The outcome of this decades-old experiment has been far more practical: employees have learned the value of walls and doors. It’s not merely annoying to be able to hear your desk mate crunching an apple or see who the boss is talking to (what are they laughing about, anyway?); it actually elevates stress, reduces motivation and causes cognitive overload. A 2011 study review by researchers at the University of Leeds helps explain why. Open offices increase distractions and interruptions and impede concentration, which can leave you feeling frazzled and frustrated. Moreover, while studies show that people are happier…

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master the moment

You’ve probably already used mindfulness in some form, whether it’s taking a moment to calm yourself in that long Costco line or touching your heart as you say “Namaste” at the end of yoga class. That’s a good call: mindfulness—the act of being aware of what you’re sensing and feeling so that you can become less consumed by negative thoughts and worries—has clear health benefits. “It can reduce stress and improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, because it really forces you to focus on where you are at the present moment,” explains Alice Domar, the executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health and the director of mind/body services at Boston IVF in Boston. But like everything else in this fast-paced world, research on what techniques work best changes…

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bliss out with tech

Aura Can’t sit still? This meditation app is for you. It offers brief 3-to-10-minute meditation exercises. You can also track your moods to see if the meditations help you. You’ll find personalized meditations—indicate how you’re feeling and get the perfect one for your current mood. Other benefits: the “daily reflection” field, where you can record something that you’re grateful for (another way to practice mindfulness), and 30-second Mindful Breathers, where you match your breath to a computerized circle that gets bigger and smaller. There is a free basic version, as well as a premium one for which you can pay per month ($11.99), yearly ($59.99) or through a one-time lifetime fee ($399). Headspace The people behind Headspace—one of the original mindfulness apps—have announced they’ll be launching Headspace Health, the first-ever doctor-prescribed meditation app. Designed…

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the antiaging promise of mindfulness

“YIELD TO THE PRESENT,” URGES A TRAFFIC SIGN along the country road leading to the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County, California. The challenge is timelier than ever, as evidence piles up that mindfulness may help you be not only calmer and more focused but also physically healthier, right down to the state of your chromosomes. A drumbeat of findings is raising hope about the benefits of practices such as meditation and yoga, which are designed to curb distraction and cool destructive emotions. Science suggests that slowing down, breathing deeply and letting go of regrets about the past or worries about the future may bring relief from ills ranging from chronic inflammation to hot flashes to irritable bowel syndrome. In May 2018, some particularly intriguing news came from Spirit Rock, where a…