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Topos March 2017

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tanja braemer, editor in chief

There were times when Manhattanites felt that crossing the East River and heading for Brooklyn equalled a descent into hell. Leaving Manhattan’s tremulous vivacity came with all imaginable kinds of physical pain. It was the sort of torture that hurt even more than rotting in purgatory. One single question hammered in their heads while they were reluctantly rolling over the bridge: Who would ever voluntarily turn their back on the city? To describe it that way might sound like (and be) an exaggeration. Nevertheless, in the meantime Brooklyn has climbed the ladder and shed its image of a no-go area. It has evolved into a well-liked part of the Big Apple. In fact, one can find thousands of places just like Brooklyn all around the world. Many people who love living…

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elbphilharmonie hamburg, germany

The Hamburg Elbphilharmonie is open. We are well aware of the background; the increase from its initial budget of 77 million euros to the final 789 million will continue to stun critics for many years to come. Although the actual cost per square metre of an estimated 6,500 euros does not seem so exorbitant. Hamburg seems to be happy with its new gateway to the world. And likewise the world with it. The New York Times recently placed Hamburg on its list of most important travel destinations in the coming year. Visitors from New York will certainly rate the concert hall as a touristic highlight. That’s one viewpoint. And there are others. Perhaps this is the most interesting feature of Herzog & de Meuron’s (HdM) building: it can be read at…

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parque alberto simões, são josé dos campos, brazil

Since September 2016 the Brazilian city Sao Jose dos Campos owns a remarkable landmark. The Spanish architects IDOM created an exciting recreation area in a mountainous landscape with many attractions. Bright red handrails act as eye-catching features that guide visitors through the site. The biggest challenge for the two leading architects, Pedro Paes Lira and Eugenio Filipe Teixeira, was the topography of the 125,000-square metre site. Although the area lies within the city of Sao Jose, it is characterized by steep, wooded mountain sides. Instead of moving a lot of earth, the architects decided to use the topography to integrate their design into the landscape. An historic country house on one of the hills had to be preserved and now serves as a cultural centre. The transformation allowed the designers to fit their structures…

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diana balmori (1932–2016)

In November 2016 the profession of landscape architecture has lost one of its leading personalities. Diana Balmori was born in Spain, grew up in Argentina and emigrated to the United States in 1952 with her husband, architect Cesar Pelli. Although not trained as a landscape architect, she explored the field between architecture, landscape architecture and urban design from the beginning of her research for a PhD in urban history at UCLA in 1973, and in her professional practice. In 1980 she created a landscape department in Cesar Pelli’s architecture firm in New Haven and later, in 1990, set up her own professional practice, Balmori Associates, in New York. In a time when “landscape design had been thought of as beautifying a site rather than something fundamental” (Barry Bergdoll, Columbia University), and…

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elbbrücken quarter, hamburg, germany

The fifth and final competition for large open spaces in Hamburg’s HafenCity has been decided. The largest and most eastern neighbourhood in HafenCity – the Elbbrucken Quarter – will be the second urban retail and residential quarter besides Uberseequartier which will comprise high-rises, water expanses on three sides and a large central square, the Amerigo-Vespucci-Platz at the far end of Baakenhafen. The neighbourhood could potentially generate 13,000 jobs and provide 1,100 homes. Swiss architects Hosoya Schaefer from Zurich won the urban design competition in 2015. The assignment of the landscape competition, which was decided in December 2016, mainly focused on the structure and design of the public spaces. How can the Amerigo-Vespucci-Platz in the centre of the neighbourhood be structured, the level difference between street and promenade be designed, a…

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han riverfront at da nang city, vietnam

OMGEVING was awarded the joint first prize in the design competition for the Han Riverfront at Da Nang City alongside the “NetSong” proposal, which was developed by a joint venture between CPG Consultants, Consulus and Landscape Jardins Asia. Its two coastlines along the East Sea and the Han River Delta characterize Vietnam’s third biggest city, which is currently undergoing vast economic expansion and urban development. The purpose of the competition was to seek the best overall landscape development concepts for the riverfront as well as detailed landscape design solutions for the city centre. The aim is to bring new vitality to the Han River, in order to strengthen the city’s core values of being in harmony with nature, environmentally friendly, economically and culturally vital and providing a good quality of…