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tanja braemer, editor in chief

A hole is a hole is a hole. To be frank, it is not nearly as simple as that. You can easily tell from watching the goings-on at the Stuttgart 21 construction site. This massive project located in and around the capital of Baden-Württemberg presents itself as a giant hole, as freshly dug caverns that reach deep into the ground and meander through the area around the main train station. Located in the very heart of the city, Stuttgart 21 is one of the most controversial urban projects in Germany in decades. Protests and several attempts to stop construction illustrate vividly that there is more to the digging than meets the eye. The project also raises fears that a well-liked urban environment and its familiar green structures will be irrevocably…

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asla meeting & expo 2016 in new orleans, usa

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) meets for its annual conference at a different venue each year. The 2016 event took place from 21 to 24 October in New Orleans – the cradle of jazz, the “Big Easy”, but above all, the city that after eleven years is still struggling to come to terms with the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Around 6,000 participants came together to discuss the current challenges in landscape architecture under the motto “A celebration of place”. At the end of August 2005, New Orleans was devastated not by the hurricane itself, but by the tidal waves that were whipped up by the immense winds. The dyke system broke, leaving 80 percent of the city under water. More than 1,800 people died and tens of thousands of…

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playing with the past and present – the 9th international biennial of landscape architecture in barcelona, spain

“Tomorrow Landscapes”: The 9th Barcelona International Biennial of Landscape Architecture, which took place in Barcelona from 29 September to 1 October, used this title as the stimulus for a debate about the future direction of the profession. The contribution of landscape architecture to the energy transition and the creation of new energy landscapes, as well as the importance of access, use and common property in the digital age, were also discussed. Anuradha Mathur from the University of Pennsylvania presented new ways of investigating and designing shifting landscapes using examples from the Mississippi River and Mumbai. The potential of landscape architecture in an age of increasing displacement and migration was revealed in Gabriella Trovato’s work. As Professor at the American University of Beirut, she has conducted research and organised student workshops…

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creative infidelities

The latest book from Berlin’s Topotek 1 landscape architects, created as a gift for partners to mark the 20th birthday of its office, goes under the title of Creative Infidelities. This name is based on a quotation from Argentine author and translator Jorge Luis Borges, which refers to the fact that translations are never quite true to the original. They may be related, but they always interpret the original to some extent and therefore give a text its own character – an interpretation that could also apply to the work of Topotek 1. Creative Infidelities permeate their projects, blending the search for references with the pursuit of a contemporary identity. Superkilen in Copenhagen is a prime example. “Superkilen follows a typology of landscape architecture, even if it does not look…

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rust red – the duisburg-nord landscape park

In August 2015 the Guardian architecture critic Rowan Moore ranked the Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park as one of the ten best parks in the world. Yet this icon of contemporary landscape architecture had already found recognition outside of specialist circles. In 2005 the Museum of Modern Art in New York used an exhibition entitled “Groundswell: Constructing the Contemporary Landscape” to showcase modern landscape architecture to an interested public. The park landscape on a former industrial site in Duisburg was one of the projects shown in the exhibition, while this magnum opus from Peter Latz has also come to feature regularly in expert discussions. Now Latz has called on more than 20 years of personal — experience to pen the book Rust Red – Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord. He seeks to present a “mature…

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hengqin wanxiang world, zhuhai, china

September 2016 saw 10 Design announced as the winner of the competition for a mixed-use development in the Chinese city of Zhuhai – and construction has already started on the project, which stretches over more than two square kilometres. The key feature of the design is a green belt that forms a pedestrian-friendly connecting element within the urban fabric. The centre of the “Hengqin Wanxiang World” will be called the “Experience Central Square” and is set to feature a diverse mix of amenities such as the Central Green Belt, a retail axis, a waterfront promenade and a convention centre. “Sustainable design is a key driver for the master plan design. The first concept is to minimise the energy requirements through simple passive solar principles. Another goal is to reduce the…