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Total Film Christmas 2018

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welcome to total film the smarter movie magazine

This month is all about beginnings – looking forward to all the entertainment delights coming to us in 2019. Yeah, so Wonder Woman and Bond did one to 2020 but there’s still a shedload of goodness incoming… oh you know, some little film about Avengers, a small undertaking with a kaiju, some things with clowns. We didn’t forget the here and now though – get into the holiday spirit with our peek into Poppins, dive into the chat with the chaps behind Green Book (possible Best Film Oscar?), catch up with ‘Sandy’ Bullock, and take a look at a prescient and abortive presidential campaign with Hugh Jackman. Plus all the incoming news you need (Ben Wheatley’s take on Rebecca? Yes please). As stuffed to the gills as you will be…

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call sheet

JAMIE GRAHAM EDITOR-AT-LARGE I went on set of a low-budget British horror movie in south London, but the catering was all very LA. Vegan shepherd’s pie, anyone? Lovely! JORDAN FARLEY NEWS EDITOR Went on a set visit in a building just off a hugely busy London street, and no one knew that one of the world’s most famous actors was plying his trade inside… MATT MAYTUM DEPUTY EDITOR Interviewing Emily Blunt got me out of the annual company conference. “Oh, thank God!” she exclaimed. “Those are always riveting, aren’t they?”…

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total film wingman

DEAR WINGMAN, My partner and I have sat through our share of awful movies. But no matter how bad they were, we committed to the full running time. I find TV is different. Usually, if we aren’t hooked by the first episode then we don’t commit to the full series. People might say that we’re missing some great TV, but with so much choice, we need to be stricter, don’t we? HANNAH JONES, FAREHAM WINGMAN SAYS… You need to be absolutely ruthless, Hannah. If the font on the opening captions of that pilot episode isn’t working for you, off it goes. If you’re not getting the feels by the time the Netflix introductory ‘ba-dum’ has faded, it’s dead to you. Just don’t be all Wingman and end up idly channel surfing to that…

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STAR LETTER ⋆ I recently somewhat enjoyed Venom, but it felt like it should have been a more R-rated experience. Could the studio not have released two versions? An adult as well as a more family-friendly version? There’s likely a concern that a film will make less cash if it gets a higher certificate, so wouldn’t it be more viable, in a monetary sense, to have different options? That way we wouldn’t have to jeopardise the definitive version just to cater for a younger audience, who could see the film, and then the R-rated version when they’re old enough? How amazing would that be? PETE RENDER, YORK As you may now be aware, there’s a ‘toned-down’ cut of Deadpool 2 called Once Upon A Deadpool, albeit not toned down enough to escape a…

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end of days

Age cannot wither her,” wrote Shakespeare. He obviously wasn’t thinking of the LAPD’s Erin Bell, the worn-out detective at the heart of Karyn Kusama’s nihilistic new crime drama, Destroyer. Played by Nicole Kidman – truly as you’ve never seen her before – Bell is a broken woman. Alcoholism has taken its toll, with her sallow skin pock-marked with liver-spots, her teeth yellowing and blue eyes now bleary. “If you really think about it, time isn’t kind to all of us,” reasons Kusama, when Teasers sits down with the 50-year-old filmmaker of Girlfight and Jennifer’s Body. “There are often reasons for it, but it’s not typical that we ask: ‘How did you get here?’ Lots of people tell her she looks terrible but no one asks why. That’s the world we live…

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natalie portman

I think every person has a different self that they show the world and that they have privately… but with public figures that’s exacerbated,” says Natalie Portman of her edgy new role as a self-sabotaging pop star in Brady Corbet’s study of 21st Century celebrity, Vox Lux. She would know. Fiercely private since finding fame at 13 as Mathilda in Leon, Portman has long walked a fine line between keeping her personal life – marriage and two kids – private, her public persona carefully curated. That’s changed with the #TimesUp movement, the 37-year-old founding member admitting that the two sides of her self have collided in pursuit of better communication and sisterhood among the women of Hollywood. She’s opened up about her own sexual objectification as a child star, openly supported #MeToo…