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Trade-A-Boat Issue 512

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INDEPENDENCE When is a review a review? On face value, it’s as simple as when a piece of editorial work claims to be so, but it upsets me when I see the term used in relation to work that masquerades as similar to what we do, yet has a fundamental difference at its core. Recently we were shown a video of a new model being introduced by an employee of one of the brand’s most successful dealers. The video was good – I would have been happy if one of the Trade-a-Boat team had created it – and the presenter’s skill and knowledge were great, but the fact the they have a direct allegiance to the manufacturer brings the honesty of the work into question, and makes the title of ‘review’ somewhat…

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seadogs of yore

The earliest documented mention of Dutch-born Willem Janszoon details the beginning of his career with the Dutch East India Trading Company, as a 20-something sailor in 1598. During his time with The Company, Janszoon was called upon to search for new ports of trade to exploit, which led him to sail to New Guinea aboard the Duyfken. After setting out from New Guinea’s western coast, Janszoon and his crew inadvertently crossed the Gulf of Carpentaria, dipped into the Torres Strait and in 1606 recorded the first European landfall on the continent of Australia – not that he realised at the time. He proceeded to chart the coastline around the western side of Cape York, thinking it was a southern extension of New Guinea. Shore expeditions found the land to be swampy and inhospitable,…

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scibs marine village expansion

Australia’s number one boating event, Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS), is fast approaching, and the anticipation is building. The latest correspondence from the SCIBS news room confirms that this year will have a greater presence of PWCs, trailerboats, RIBs and fishing, through an expansion of the Marine Village area. One of the draw-card exhibitors in this category is Gold Coast-based JSW One, who will be in their usual spot at Masthead Way. As the world’s number one Sea-Doo dealer, JSW will be exhibiting the full line-up of 2019 models: the angling-oriented 2019 Fish Pro, luxurious GTX 300 Ltd, and the high-performance Wake Pro 230 and Spark Trixx. All told, JSW Powersports will be displaying more than 20 models from their range of Sea-Doo, Sea Fox and Malubi boats, as well as…

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wally becomes a ferretti brand

Italian boating powerhouse the Ferretti Group have announced that Wally will now fall into their stable of brands. The announcement, which took place at Düsseldorf’s Boot, does not indicate a full acquisition of the luxury Wally brand, but rather a licensing agreement that marks a major step in the acquisition process. Fans of Wally’s iconic aesthetic need not despair, as the brand’s founder Luca Bassani will be staying on to design exclusively, under the new deal. Bassani explains “I will continue my design and development activity on an exclusive basis, ensuring the continuity of Wally’s DNA. All the years and the effort to build the brand will have a continuation. I could not wish anything better for Wally’s life.” Over the coming four years Ferretti will invest more than €84-million into developing design…

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telwater farewell co-founder

Bruce Shepherd, co-counder of Telwater, passed away recently at the age of 75. Bruce’s career spanned three decades, in which time Telwater rose to become a leading manufacturer of aluminium boats, with brands inlcuding Quintrex, Stacer and Savage. Bruce is well-known and respected throughout the industry, and will be missed by not only Telwater staff and dealers, but by any who valued his hard work and vision. He was a firm believer in empowering people to share knowledge and take pride in their opinions. The company’s current owner and managing director Paul Phelan expressed his sentiments regarding the loss of his business partner, mentor and friend, saying “It is with great sadness we say goodbye, but he will not be forgotten.”…

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horizon inject success

Taiwanese manufacturer Horizon have broken their 2005 world record for the largest single-shot vacuum hull infusion, topping the previous 136-foot build with a new 140-foot giant. The project was undertaken by the company’s dedicated composites arm Atech, using their proprietary 3D resin flow technology. The technique requires resin to be flowed into fibre interstices and core material grooves through precise pressure variations. It’s a complicated business, made exponentially more difficult as the size of the mold increases. After 20 years of pioneering this technology, Horizon are clearly seeking to maintain their reputation as market leaders in the infusion process. Horizon are now fully under-way with the construction of the 140-foot yacht, and will continue with ongoing quality control tests to ensure that this is a pinnacle build.…