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Trade-A-Boat Issue 514

Established in 1977, it serves thousands of committed readers from all walks of life who have a passion for boating. Complementing its marine market place strengths are quality news articles, product reviews and the latest boat tests.

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on watch

Throughout the rebuild of this fine magazine, a focus for us has been dealer-used and interesting private vessels for sale secondhand. At times it irks some new-boat makers and sellers as a used-sale is sometimes seen as the loss of a potential new-boat buyer. Though I have tried, I often cannot convince everyone that every boat sale is a win for the industry and us, its constituents. A fast sale indicates strong demand, and with that comes the ability to ask for higher prices. Yes, that’s not great for some buyers in the short term but higher resale is a nice thing, right? And if secondhand vessels are priced close to new, buyers have more choice, more new boats will sell and more get built. Our main feature for special secondhand…

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seadogs of yore

François Péron’s life took an unexpected turn when the Revolution hit France. Originally destined for the priesthood, Péron reluctantly signed up to defend Landau from Prussian forces, was captured, imprisoned and eventually returned to France. He was eager for a career change, so he signed up as a trainee zoologist with an exploratory expedition to Australia in 1800 and boarded a ship captained by Nicolas Baudin, and commissioned by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. The voyage proved to be a great success and collected so many specimens previously unknown to science that they purchased an extra ship to send a boatload of stuff back to France before they continued to Tasmania. It’s said that while he was down-under Péron wrote a report to Napoleon outlining ways to invade the British colony in…

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trade a boat

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sundance debut wellcraft

For over 60 years Wellcraft have been driving innovation within the marine industry, which has lead to their success as one of the foremost saltwater fishing boat builders around the world. Their forward-thinking hull engineering has resonated with an ever-expanding audience, drawing many first-time boaties into the fold and nurturing a hardcore, multi-generational following. Wellcraft are now setting their sights one Australian shores as they announce a partnership with Sundance Marine, who have signed on as the brand's representative to Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Asia Pacific sales manager for Wellcraft, Mathilde Delfour says “we are excited to have an established dealer in Sundance Marine joining Wellcraft for 2019. The Wellcraft fishing ranges are designed by fishermen for fishing and we know there is a huge market here in Australia. Australian fisherman…

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focus in aus

Strafford-based McIntyre Equipment have expanded their catalogue by becoming Australia's exclusive importer of Tony Castro-designed Focus Motor Yachts. The first of their versatile sports cruisers to hit the market will be the Focus Power 33, which will be previewed by Sanctuary Cove Boat Sales at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May. Grant Flanagan, director of Hurricane Boats Australia sums it up by saying, “the Focus Power 33 is ideally suited to families, couples, groups of friends who could happily cruise, spend a day or a week onboard.” The parties involved expect that the European styling, diverse directionality and size of the Focus Power 33 will enable it to fill a gap in the current Australian market that's been left open since brands such as Mustang and Sunrunner have diminished. Each Focus Power 33…

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euro pick-up with a twist

One of the best ways to break in a new boat is with a cruise around the Adriatic or Mediterranean. Many new owners will take advantage of the fact that their yachts are built in Europe by picking them up personally, taking a cruise and then heading all the way back to Australia. It's a big saving compared to having the boat transported before taking ownership, but the sheer distance can be daunting. Eyachts are now offering the best of both worlds, enabling new owners to pick their yachts up in Slovenia or Mallorca, for either a Croatian cruise or some Spanish island sailing. Then, they'll transport the boat back to Australia on the owner's behalf, saving on import costs. Sounds like a win-win.…