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Trade-A-Boat Issue 516

Established in 1977, it serves thousands of committed readers from all walks of life who have a passion for boating. Complementing its marine market place strengths are quality news articles, product reviews and the latest boat tests.

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SENSATIONAL SCIBS The weather put it on for us again, the boats were even more stunning and we heard good things. You can read more about what stood out to us in News (p.14) but this year’s show was a milestone for TaB, being the first major show since we relaunched the magazine. It has been a great year since last year’s record-breaking SCIBS. Ten months ago we relaunched Trade-a-Boat with its present look and this was the first chance we’ve had to truly hear market feedback in person. From readers and the industry, the reinvestment and efforts put into the magazine have been widely appreciated. It was nice to hear people who’ve noticed what we set out to do; create a magazine celebrating Australian powerboat ownership (with a splash of trailer…

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seadogs of yore

Imagine what it would be like to land on the moon and live the rest of your life without anybody believing you. That probably gives some indication as to how William Swallow felt after his 1830 visit to Japan, which had been closed to foreign visitors for over 200 years. Of course, the process leading up to this Japanese sojourn didn’t do much for the credibility of the tale. Swallows’ ship, The Cyprus, was captured in a convict mutiny off the coast of Tasmania in 1829. The crew of miscreant sailors eventually turned up in China, where they scuttled the ship and claimed to be castaways. Nice try. Two were convicted of piracy and hanged, but Swallow convinced the judge he’d been coerced into participating and was convicted with the lesser crime of…

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get set for the adelaide boat show

The Adelaide Boat Show takes place from June 28-30 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. This year's exhibitors will include leaders from both government and private sectors, creating a world-class line-up with a focus on what matters locally. The event will include lifestyle-oriented presentations from boat dealers and fishing tackle suppliers, as well as information sessions from regulatory authorities on all aspects of boating in SA. Events will include; discussions on boating rules and safety equipment from the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure SA; fishing information covering limits, closures, aquatic reserves, lobster pot registration and protected species from Primary Industries and Regions SA; and safety on the water from the Volunteer Coastguard and SA Sea Rescue. There will be a range of Australian-made fishing boats from Pelican Marine, PWCs from Sea-Doo, and motors…

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simrad reveal affordable new chartplotter

Simrad have just revealed their new Cruise chartplotter, which is now the most affordable within their catalogue – prices range from $699 to $1099. It’s been designed for simple, intuitive navigation and includes a sunlight-viewable display, pre-loaded Aus and NZ charts by Navionics, mounting bracket and a transducer for CHIRP sonar with automatic depth tracking. To provide simplicity and affordability, the Simrad Cruise has been stripped complicated fishing-specific and networking features, leaving it with essential GPS and depth-finding functionality to facilitate reliable navigation. The Cruise chartplotter is available with five-, seven- and nine-inch displays, all of which are controlled by a keypad and rotary dial. It also comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it suitable for open-air vessels such as wake-board boats or tenders.…

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un chief addresses pacific forum on climate change

Addressing the Pacific Islands Forum in Suva, Fiji, on 15 May 2019, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that climate change was the single greatest threat to the wellbeing of the Pacific. “Oceans are warming and becoming more acidic, causing coral bleaching and reducing biodiversity” the UN chief told the Forum, stating that global warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius would cause “severe damage to tropical reefs”. He said that sea-levels are set to rise in some countries four times above the global average, posing “an existential threat to some island States”. He lauded Pacific countries’ commitment to promote their vision of a “Blue Continent” and maintained that their voices “remain crucial in global negotiations”. “The Pacific has a unique moral authority to speak out” he said. “It is time for the world to listen”. In a…