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Trade-A-Boat Issue 517

Established in 1977, it serves thousands of committed readers from all walks of life who have a passion for boating. Complementing its marine market place strengths are quality news articles, product reviews and the latest boat tests.

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TOP END TRAVEL With all of his experience racing, testing and cruising the world, Kevin Green stands as one of if not the premier marine journalist to grace our shores. His work for Trade-a-Boat is often on the back of a personal invitation into the deeper workings of some of the industry’s biggest brands. Kev doesn’t just get to test boats, he is often invited into the planning rooms and the construction yards to better appreciate the goals the brand has set the new model in question. This comes from being on a first name basis with the bulk of the marketing and product development managers in Europe, so it comes as no surprise he can assess a boat – his work this issue, however, is of a different sort. From page…

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seadogs of yore

What does it take to have an island or two named in your honour? In Pieter Nuyts’ case, not a whole lot – good pedigree was really all anyone needed back in the early-1600s. Nuyts was born into well-to-do textile family, sent to university, and then promptly secured employment under the Dutch East India Company. In 1627, while en route to the hub of the company’s trading activity, Batavia (now the area around Jakarta), Nuyts’ ship was blow off course and ended up on the southern coast of Australia. Making the most of the situation, the ship’s captain decided to sail east and map the as-yet uncharted southern coast of Aus. Nuyts himself made no record of the coastline, which would suggest it didn’t please him in the slightest. Nevertheless, the captain decided to…

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new boat show for victoria

The Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIA) are organising a brand new on-water event, which will take place in Lake Eildon during October of this year. The Lake Eildon Boating and Fishing Show is supported by Murrindindi Shire, Lake Eildon House Boat Industry Association, Golburn Murray Water, Victoria Fishing Authority, Eildon Boat Club and Regional Development Victoria – it promises to be an all encompassing lifestyle show. Lake Eildon plays host to all manner of water-borne activities, including fishing, skiing, houseboats and paddle craft, making it the ideal location for such an event. “The Lake Eildon Boating and Fishing Show will showcase the growing houseboat industry and range of water-based recreational opportunities on offer in Murrindindi Shire. Boating’s best kept secret, Lake Eildon, has something for everyone,” says Murrindindi Shire Council Mayor Sandice…

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citizen scientists wanted

Scientists from James Cook University are on the lookout for new volunteers to assist in the research of misplaced sea creatures. The appeal comes as a result of new funding that has been acquired to train the citizen scientists to identify and educate others about out-of-range species, such as barra south of Bundaberg or spine-cheek clownfish south of Cairns. “We want the data to map which Australian marine species may be moving house in response to changes in the marine environment, such as ocean warming,” says Associate Professor Jan Strugnell, wh o runs Queensland’s section of the Range Extension Database and Mapping project (REDMAP). Volunteers will seek to engage with existing coastal fishing, SCUBA and snorkelling operations and empower them identify and log key species. The program is open to Queensland residents over the…

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upgrade for research vessel

Sailing electronics manufacturer B&G continue their support of the Arctic Whale project, with the recent upgrade of equipment aboard research vessel Barba. Since they first partnered up in 2015, the crew aboard Barba have relied on B&G gear to navigate and record data, as they seek to learn and communicate about the impact of plastic pollution on our planet’s marine environment. In order to ensure the crew’s ability to capture detailed data with ease, B&G have provided software updates, replaced outdated equipment and added a number of new sensors to Barba’s already impressive systems. The information logged by this equipment is uploaded to a cloud platform in real time via satellite, which enables on-shore teams to analyse the data and produce the most accurate, timely results. On top of the information collected by ship-based…

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mercury turn up the heat

Mercury Racing have unveiled a new 450R supercharged 4.6-litre V8 outboard that promises to satiate the relentless cravings of any dyed in the wool speed fiend, and it’s set to hit Australian shores early to mid-2020. The high-performance fun-factory delivers 450 peak-propshaft horsepower with 40 per cent more torque than the previous version, the 400R. All that power and it still weighs in at 313 kilograms – that’s 136 kilograms below its nearest competitor – for an exceptional power-to-weight ratio without sacrificing durability. It utilises Mercury’s proprietary 64-degree aluminium block, topped with aluminium cylinder heads, Mercury QC4 design, race-spec exhaust valves, chain-driven camshafts and a 2.4-litre twin screw supercharger that supplies a no lag throttle response. WOT runs between 5,800 and 6,400rpm, making the engine suitable for a range of props for varied applications. It…