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Trade-A-Boat Issue 520

Established in 1977, it serves thousands of committed readers from all walks of life who have a passion for boating. Complementing its marine market place strengths are quality news articles, product reviews and the latest boat tests.

Adventures Group Holdings Pty Ltd
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12 Issues


2 min.
on watch

Do we have an issue with unseaworthy used boats changing hands? I think we do, and it seems there are enough opinions like mine to warrant investigation and possible legislative change for all states. This is big news with big implications and it is being led by our southernmost state Tasmania who, charged by the unfortunate deaths of a local family and friends that had recently purchased a used-boat that proved to be unseaworthy, are edging closer to laws to prevent the sale of inept vessels. Who defines what is seaworthy, or not, and who is responsible for making the claim is not yet clear and whether these potential laws could roll into other states is a matter of conjecture itself so, in the name of good journalism, we have set…

1 min.
seadogs of yore

It’s easy to imagine that captaining a ship filled with convicts on passage to Australia wasn’t a highly sought after job back in 1835, so the kinds of people doing so probably weren’t the cream of the crop. Nevertheless, throughout the entire period of convict transport, only one convict ship was wrecked, and that was the Hive, under the command of Captain John Nutting. The ship ran aground near Jervis Bay one evening, despite the crew’s insistence that their course was taking them too close shore. Nutting dismissed their concerns, got drunk and went to bed. After the ship struck a reef, Nutting emerged and insisted the crew and convicts stay aboard, before changing his mind and telling them all to swim to shore. Fortunately, the ship’s doctor thought better and saw everyone…

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sanctuary cove marina expansion

One of Queensland's premier marinas, Sanctuary Cove, have commenced work on a multi-million dollar expansion that will greatly increase their offering to the global boating community. The expansion will raise berthing capacity from 237 to 303 vessels, new berths catering to yachts between 50 and 180 feet in length, and a section of covered berths where visitors can shelter from the seasonal elements. Sanctuary Cove's extensive facilities currently include a shopping and restaurant precinct, two golf courses and country club, gym, and the five-star InterContinental resort. Visitors to the marina will have access to the the full assortment of services, including room service to berths, laundry service and buggy transfers with an 'Admiral Club' membership. Marina General Manager Steve Sammes explains “Sanctuary Cove is uniquely positioned to offer berth holders the ultimate boating…

1 min.
positivity from brisbane show

Following the conclusion of the 2019 Brisbane Boat Show in late-August, the marine industry is feeling a new optimism for the continued growth in the South East Queensland market, especially as the weather begins to warm up. The Boating Industry Association (BIA), who organise the show, explain that the event is geared towards educating the public about the joys of boating, and in doing so it allows new boaters access to information and products to enable new experiences. Domenic Genua, General Manager of Marketing and Events for the BIA expresses broader satisfaction with the state of boating in Australia, saying “this years’ show season has been very good for industry. These events provide a vital forum to create opportunity by bringing industry together with an interested public.” All told, the Brisbane Boat Show…

3 min.
cove of wonder

In our line of work, we attend more than enough boating, caravan and outdoor shows to have seen just about every exhibition building and showground the country has to offer – yet we’ve never experienced anything quite like OutdoorX. One sunny weekend in September, a contingent of staff headed to the Gold Coast and made our way to the show. Bypassing the typical outer-suburban sprawl that so often surrounds events of this kind, we rolled into the manicured marina village of Sanctuary Cove. Right away we could tell that the events crew there weren’t messing about with the first ever edition of their new outdoor lifestyle show. Of course, by now, putting on a spectacular show is second nature to Sanctuary Cover. While the location may be new to the world…