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Trade-A-Boat Issue 508

Established in 1977, it serves thousands of committed readers from all walks of life who have a passion for boating. Complementing its marine market place strengths are quality news articles, product reviews and the latest boat tests.

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GOODBYE AND WELCOME In my five years working on Trade-a-Boat I have been lucky to work with some fantastic people. The likes of John Bear Willis, John Ford, the two Kevs, Ben Keys and more recently Chris Whitelaw and Jeni Bone. These people are the faces of the magazine, the ones who put their names and reputations on the line penning opinions and ideas on the parts that make our industry. What you do not see are the people behind the scenes. The likes of Janina Roque, our gun-designer who has overseen the last five excellent issues and the tireless team in marketing, partnerships and admin. But for me, there is a role that crosses the boundary from behind the scenes to in your face, Trade-a-Boats deputy. James Jackson has moved on,…

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hands on the deck

JOHN ‘BEAR’ WILLIS Bear is a key part of the fabric that is wh we are today. Not just an able seaman with a past in selling and commissioning power boats, he is also a larger-than-life boating enthusiast. When not out on the water for us, he can be found throwing his weight behind social causes especially in fishing and boating. TIM VAN DUYL At the helm for the last five years, our faithful leader has seen the merger of Trade-a-Boat and Trailerboat, a change of ownership and the best and worst our industry has to offer. Always coming out the other side, his passion is innovation and design, particularly in hull performance and engine technology plus the magazine of course.…

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guest comment

RAMP RAGE IN VICTORIA All boaters go to sea with one eye on the horizon. As a professional advocate in the marine industry, I’m paid to scan the horizon for any dark clouds that will affect our industry. These dark clouds come in all forms but mostly they are legislation or regulation that will have unintended consequences for boaters or industry or are simply an ill-informed decision by a bureaucrat. Sometimes they are decisions that will negatively impact the growth of our industry. A recent example was the decision by a NSW Minister who announced an intention to ban a towed water sport without scientific evidence. It was a social licence decision not a decision based on best available evidence. So, what happens when the Victorian State Government makes a social licence decision…

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catch up with groote

Dreams of wetting a line in one of the world’s premier grounds can soon become a reality, thanks to the folk from Groote Eylandt Sports Fishing. The Gulf of Carpentaria offers some of the most diverse and exciting sports fishing, suitable for everyone from occasional rod renegade the dyed in the wool angler. With peak season fast approaching, the extensive coral reefs in the Gulf will soon be teeming with deep-water marlin and stunning sailfish, beastly bluewater queenfish, top-tier giant trevally, glimmering golden snapper and resplendent red emperor. And of course, the area’s tidal estuaries and mangrove rivers will be brimming with their world-renowned barramundi. According to seasoned fishing guide Jonathan Eddy, “what makes Groote Eylandt special is the ability to experience the full spectrum of world-class fishing in one place.” From the reefs and…

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eyachts expand into wa

Brendon Grieve has been a fixture in the West Australian boating industry since the ripe age of 19 and has since managed to chalk up an impressive career spanning 33 years. Most recently Grieve has been able to secure WA distribution for Eyachts, a Sydney-based dealer whose brand stable includes names such as Axopar, Sealine, Greenline, Fjord, Vanquish and Outer Reef Yachts. The Axopar 28 Cabin has been a particular stand out for the new distributor, owing to its warm and dry walk-around cabin — a feature that’s been sorely lacking in the centre console boats that are popular out West. With many more products yet to introduce to the local market, Grieve is confident that the combination of fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, sustainable and long-lasting designs will be a welcome introduction to the WA…

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sealegs deliver world’s largest aes

Large amphibious vehicles are redefining ecotourism thanks to the Sealegs System 100. Pennicott Wilderness Journeys have recently added the first of three 12.8m amphibious craft to their fleet, which will be carrying snap-happy tourists through the coastal wilderness surrounding Victoria's Wilsons Promontory. The new craft is the result of an 18 month project that aimed to satisfy Parks Victoria's exacting specifications for companies operating on sensitive coastal environments. The new system provides rugged on-land capability to a craft that can carry up to 30 passengers and two crew. As the largest amphibious enablement system in production, the company are confident that the Sealegs System 100 will provide new opportunities for recreational and military application around the world.…