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Trade-A-Boat Issue 509

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HONOURED GUEST Not to take anything away from other guest writers but I’m pleased Greg Nickerson of Northside Marine finally contributed to these pages. Greg and I have known each other for a number of years now – nearly a decade, come to think of it. I appeared at the 50-year young family business to help install the roof on a Stabicraft 2570 Supercab, a flagship model trailer boat too big to ship in one piece. Greg politely guided me over to some of his staff who helped me complete the two day job in a third less. The spare time I had was not wasted. I strolled the massive sales yard looking at new and used boats dreaming of where I would take each one, and with whom, but it was…

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hands on the deck

KEVIN SMITH Our resident South African, Kev loves nothing more than talking to Tim after the All Blacks win... again. A diver, former charter boat skipper and more recently avid soft plastics fisho, he is Trade-a-Boat’s Queensland-based trailer boat gun. He’s revered for his wise words and dedication – Kev’s word is lore. SEAN FARLEY Our Art Director has returned from France, pantalons stuffed with fromage. A single attempt to spray nearby walkers with a heavily trimmed up outboard constitutes Sean’s entire boating résumé – suffice it to say, this seaman is not able. However, credit must be given for his ability to roll our rhetoric in the proverbial glitter you see on these pages, we can assure you it’s no mean feat.…

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guest comment

40 YEARS ON When I was asked to provide a guest comment for Trade-a-Boat, I considered a number of subjects that I’ve witnessed over my 40-plus years in trailer boat retail. But the number one thing that stood out to me was how different a simple offshore fishing trip is now, compared to when I started. So I thought I’d share a small snapshot of the past, which I believe will be a ‘walk down memory lane’ for some and a ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ for others – either way, let me take you back. It’s the mid-70s, you’re 12 years old and you’re heading off for a morning fish. Your dad’s taking you and your best fishing mate out, miles from land. The boat launches with a big, powerful,…

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x-series sales stay strong

Maratimo’s recent success shows no signs of slowing, as they ride high on the wake of the recent X-Series sports yachts and updated M-Series motor yacht range. Their latest victory was staged at the Auckland On Water Boat Show, where they finalised over $10 million in contracts. The new X60 and upcoming X50 were the highlights of the show, with both models generating multiple sales. According to Tom Barry-Cotter, lead designer, the X50 – which will debut at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May 2019 – has generated unprecedented amounts of interest. He attributes this to an unparalleled range of spacious accommodation options at the price point. The X60 on display had made the trip from Australia to New Zealand under its own power, which is testement the remarkable range that…

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come join our crew

Do you harbour a longing to have your name immortalised in the annals of maritime history? Have you ever wondered how it feels to dip a toe into the inner circle of nautical influence? Maybe you’ve gazed longingly at the glossy pages of Trade-a-Boat and imagined how much better you could have done it. Well, now’s your chance. The crew are looking for new recruits to join our cohort of regular contributors. We’re looking far and wide for talented, passionate souls with a sturdy set of sealegs. Whether you’re a coast-guard with penchant for classic literature, a fisho with a photography fetish, a billionaire superyacht owner with a little time to kill or a two-stroker with a stroke of genius – it’s time to scratch that creative itch and send a…

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game & leisure recognised by grady-white

When it comes to high-quality, versatile sports fishing and coastal family boats, Grady-White tick all the right boxes. Their designs are informed by 60-years of customer feedback and finished with a sincere attention to detail. Game & Leisure Boats of Runaway Bay, Queensland, are well aware of the virtues of Grady-White boats. So much so that the manufacturer recently awarded Game & Leisure Boats with an award for excellence in sales volume for the model year 2018. Given how well suited the range of 18 to 45-foot vessels are to the Australian environment it’s no surprise that customers continue to be drawn to Grady-White. As Game & Leisure Boats Sales Manager Chris Jones states “It’s like these boats were built with our boating conditions as a priority, as they are just perfectly…