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Trail February 2019

If you love to sling on a backpack, head for the hills and do some wild camping, Trail Magazine is for you. Each issue is packed with: - Routes with full OS mapping - Reviews of the latest outdoor kit - The UK’s best outdoor writing - Exclusive picture and video content As the UK’s biggest and best-selling hillwalking magazine, we specialize in the most beautiful, most spectacular and most challenging regions of Britain and Europe – and inform you about all the tools you need to explore them. If you want adventure you’ll love Trail, and Trail will love you.

United Kingdom
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welcome to february 2019

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, I’m going to say thanks for the year that’s just gone. And with all the things I’ve explored on Trail, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. So I wanted to say thanks for that. Thanks for the inspiration. For 15 years of wild camps above sun-brushed clouds, of frozen bothies, burning thighs, cold beer, warm beer, crisp duvets after days of damp sleeping bags, the happy fug of a mountain inn, the waits in a café for the rain to ease (almost always in North Wales, alas) the strange silence of the Highlands after snow, the moors, the summits, the coasts, the islands. The camaraderie. The solitude. And most of all, for you lot. The most aspirational bunch of people I’m ever…

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ring of steall the mamores

There are loads of amazing peaks in Scotland. But if you were asked to name the truly great mountain ranges of the UK’s bumpiest nation the pickings get rather slimmer. There are plenty of groups. Dozens of scatterings. But a range is different. And rarer, if we’re talking a hoisted complexity of peaks, corries, summits, lakes and waterfalls, with all the stature and drama the name implies sealed up in its own little world of high adventure. Names that come to mind are the central Cairngorms, the Cuillin Ridge, Ben Nevis and the Grey Corries – and, of course, the Mamores. The Mamores suffer from Cinderella syndrome, being overshadowed by a burlier, uglier sibling that commands all attentions. And while the views of Ben Nevis that you are confronted with…

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1 For wild escapades What the Berwyn range lacks in gnarly peaks it makes up for in quiet wilderness. Away from the crowds and reaching above 800m, there’s lots to explore, with waterfalls, llyns, edges and lofty peaks. Kate Worthington starts us off in Route 3 (p99), taking in some of the very best bits. 2 For adventures of every kind Immerse yourself in the landscape and learn some new survival skills at the same time with the Wild Bush Craft Company just down the road near Corwen. Or try your hand at white water rafting. And if that sounds too tame, test your balance with the latest craze of stand-up white-water paddle boarding! While it might be chilly this time of year, you can find some 2-4 grade whitewater and 3km of…

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new year plans?

Visit a festival Keswick Mountain Festival, Kendal Mountain Film Festival, plus many other smaller events are held throughout the UK. They’re great places to meet and hang out with similar mountain-lovin’ folk. If you’ve not been to one before, make 2019 the year you do. Learn some skills The learning never stops, so why not sign up to a navigation, hill skills or first aid course? Or hire a guide in order to do something you’d be nervous trying on your own? Or partake in a geologist- or botanist-led walk. It’s a great way to further your experiences and knowledge. Sign up to a challenge Naturally, our own #Everest Anywhere should top your list, but other challenges are available, and they’re great for adding extra motivation to your hillwalking (but psssst, #EverestAnywhere is best!) Spread the…

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luci pro lux + mobile charging £35

The Luci Lux is one of the best ways we’ve found to bring a little light into a winter wild camp. Folded flat, it takes up little space in a pack; but with the diffused casing inflated it provides a bright, warm glow that’s great for reading, preparing your kit, and for keeping the mountain monsters away. It’s chargeable by USB or the integral solar panel, and fully charged it’ll run for 50 hours. But you can also use it to charge other electronic devices, making the Luci Pro Lux the ideal camping tool: one that serves multiple uses. WE SAY A little luxury that earns its place as a wild camp essential.…

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make yourself winter-proof

The peaks are cloaked in white. Streams are frozen into silence. A thick blanket of snow deadens sound and purifies the landscape. What could be better than walking in this winter wonderland? Only, it’s not that straightforward. When winter visits the mountains it brings with it a host of challenges and potential dangers. While experience is a great tutor, it’s also a risky one – winter is not a time to rely on learning from your mistakes. A far better path to follow is to take a proper Mountain Skills course with a reputable provider; the classified section of this magazine, the Mountain Training website, or the Plas y Brenin and Glenmore Lodge mountain and outdoor centres are good places to start. There you’ll learn about the key hazards, how…