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Trail November 2018

If you love to sling on a backpack, head for the hills and do some wild camping, Trail Magazine is for you. Each issue is packed with: - Routes with full OS mapping - Reviews of the latest outdoor kit - The UK’s best outdoor writing - Exclusive picture and video content As the UK’s biggest and best-selling hillwalking magazine, we specialize in the most beautiful, most spectacular and most challenging regions of Britain and Europe – and inform you about all the tools you need to explore them. If you want adventure you’ll love Trail, and Trail will love you.

United Kingdom
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team trail’s month

Ben Weeks finds that it’s not always those that shout the loudest that offer the most mountain fun p28 Twitter @GingerheadBen Jake Kendall-Ashton heads deep into Whinlatter Forest and finds a ridge hiding in plain sight... p38 Twitter @KendallMintJake Sarah Ryan becomes a Mountain Leader and promises a whole world of adventure for those seeking the qualification! p66 Tom Bailey puts down his camera, climbs up into a tree and puts pen to paper on his (rather polarising) hammocking experience... p48…

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welcome to november 2018

Apparently I have some Nordic blood (so that’s what’s in that little old bottle! Only joking). This comes up in conversation around the turn of the season usually when I’m explaining why my wardrobe is 90% warm weather gear and 10% summer gear. I shrug and say, ‘Hey, I have Nordic blood. I like winter.’ Never mind the obvious flaw here that if I really was Nordic I’d still be wearing T-shirts in -12°C, there do seem to be folks who swing one way or the other. Some people live for the winter. And some really struggle with its darkness. It’s as the season turns that the outdoors becomes really important. So don’t close the shutters: find wonder in that dark, starry sky. Seek out animals in their winter coats.…

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wetherlam lake district

Wetherlam is a hill overlooking the Great East Road about midway between the Shire and Rivendell in Eriador, a region of Middle Earth. It is home to the ruins of The Tower of Amon Sûl, built in the first days of the north-kingdom of… Hang on, that’s Weathertop from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels. Wetherlam in the Lake District is nowhere near as interesting, is it? Well, at first glance, possibly not. Its summit is of the bluntly-domed rather than the sharply-pointed variety, and the whole hill is a sprawl of lumpen fellside, rather than a distinct shape. But beyond the obvious there’s much more to this mountain. The most common approaches start from Coniston to the south, Little Langdale to the north, and Tilberthwaite to the east. This latter journey…

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To meet an old man 1 The Old Man of Coniston is undeniably Coniston’s mountain, and not just because it shares the name. Once believed to be the highest point in Lancashire (it has since been absorbed into Cumbria and it’s possible that Swirl How is higher anyway), it stands above the village like a fatherly guardian. It’s home to the remains of copper mining and slate quarrying, which make for interesting (albeit careful) exploration. For the Black Bull’s beer 2 The Black Bull can trace its history back some 400 years to its origins as a coaching inn. Its traditional bar with exposed stone walls, oak beams, slate floor and wood-burning stove is temptation enough after a walk up the Old Man (at whose feet the Black Bull Inn rests – a…

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what say you?

David Dowling “A walk up Wetherlam and around Tilberthwaite from Coniston is a magnificent day out. Coniston Old Man is a sensational dark ale.” Will Rogers “The museum is worth a visit once you’ve been for a hike, and the lake is perfect for a swim. Great town to visit, with great walks.” Nicky Metcalfe “The road East of Lake is beautiful. Little beaches and sheltered bays where you can get a really great view of The Old Man.” Emily Woodhouse “There’s a lovely ice cream shop in the town. That’s pretty cool...” Adammitcheson “Go up Wetherlam. You can see the entire Lake District peaks on a clear day. Absolutely incredible and an experience you’ll never forget.” schaefersworld “Don’t miss Kelly Hall Tarn and its surrounding hills. You’ll enjoy wonderful views over Coniston Water.”…

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these boots were made for… walking?

We might choose our footwear based on comfort, support, and yomp-ability, but in 2018 fashion’s elite were seen rocking the look on catwalks, rather than Catbells. And you thought your last pair of boots were expensive... Proenza Schouler Lace-up Hiking Boot £480 Least likely to be seen… scampering up Tryfan’s north ridge. www.proenzaschouler.com Viberg Hiker Brown Oiled Calf $720 (£559) Least likely to be seen… in the depths of a Cairngorm winter. www.viberg.com Moncler Geoffroy $995 (£773) Least likely to be seen… descending the nose of Kirk Fell. www.moncler.com Jimmy Choo Hillary Flat £950 Least likely to be seen… wading through the boggy groughs of Kinder Scout. www.jimmychoo.com Louis Vuitton Outland Ankle Boot £2240 Least likely to be seen… in any youth hostel drying room, after a sodden day on the hill! www.louisvuitton.co.uk…