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29 Apr 2019

TV Soap Magazine is Australia’s number 1 magazine for lovers of TV Drama, gossip and glamour. Every issue features exclusive interviews with Australian and international celebrities, sneak previews of upcoming soap episodes, star style with the latest fashion and beauty tips, as well as fantastic competitions and giveaways.

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from the editor

In what may be their biggest battle in years, Brooke and Taylor face off on B&B! Will it be another classic catfight? Will Ridge again be caught in the crossfire? Keep the tissues handy when Marilyn and John welcome soldier son Jett home on H&A, while on Ramsay Street it’s a nailbiting end to Flynn’s court saga! SeaChange leads the line-up of new local dramas, along with Lawyer X and talk of international stars Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie being in the frame. There’s a return from the dead in Genoa City, plus a wedding of convenience in Salem. Never a dull moment! And if you loved Bohemian Rhapsody, check out our interview with Rami Malek. There’s also UK dramas, streaming updates and puzzles. Enjoy! …

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tv soap

EDITOR Vesna Petropoulos ART DIRECTOR Judy Charge CHIEF SUB-EDITOR Tim Gill SENIOR DESIGNER Mel Tiyce CONTRIBUTORS Bronwyn Hardy, Mark Hartcher, Pauline Hopkins, Jan Janssen, Charles Purcell ADVERTISING NSW SALES MANAGER Jill Trochei jtrochei@nextmedia.com.au (02) 9901 6115 PREPRESS MANAGER Jonathan Bishop PRODUCTION MANAGER Peter Ryman PUBLISHER Carole Jones EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN David Gardiner MANAGING DIRECTOR Hamish Bayliss…

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let the battle begin !

GOSSIP GIRL Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) fills Liam (Scott Clifton) in on the news Brooke Yep, the battle’s back on! Having fought so many battles with Taylor over the years – usually in a tug-of-love for Ridge’s affections – Brooke feels she has the wood on the psychiatrist she says is seriously disturbed. She’s also learned a thing or two about how to thwart her foe when she has to, feeling she knows what makes her tick. That’s proved valuable in their recent clashes over their children’s futures… but Taylor’s latest antics are making her tear her hair out! And this time it’s going to be all-out war, with all guns blazing! “Will Brooke be forced to step in to stop Taylor running interference? This…

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who’s your daddy?

Vegas casino croupier-turned-fraudulent babymama poser and Bikini Bar mixologist Flo Fulton thought she had enough on her plate after getting involved in old friend Reese Buckingham’s sordid little scheme. And just as the nagging guilt from those shenanigans threatens to fray her nerves, things take a turn for the worse!Her surprise reunion with her old high school boyfriend Wyatt (Darin Brooks) has given Flo (Katrina Bowden) a glimpse into his newly reconciled relationship with his dad Bill (Don Diamont). And that’s only served to highlight the traumatic fact that her own father’s identity remains a complete mystery to her! Her subsequent reunion with Wyatt’s mother Quinn (Rena Sofer) does nothing to quell Flo’s disquiet, especially with the matriarch constantly dredging up fond memories of knowing Flo as a girl…

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hope’s dashed

For a shaky Hope, bonding with little Douglas, and indirectly, his dad Thomas, is giving her a fresh new outlook and the purpose she needs after losing baby Beth. Lending a supportive ear to Thomas, Hope in turn comforts him in the wake of Caroline’s death. However, it’s her chats with Douglas that prove most profound – especially when he claims to have recently seen his mother outside Hope’s cabin near the birdhouse… Explaining to the little boy that memories sometimes bring loved ones back but that Caroline’s in heaven now, Hope’s stunned when he asks her, “Can you be my mummy?” Later she tells Liam that the question helped to take her right out of herself for the first time in ages… Heartened to hear…

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pulling the heartstrings

Undoubtedly on the cusp of a romantic reunion, former spouses Bill and Katie are inching ever closer together with each passing day, buoyed by their son Will’s joy at them being together. Besides Will, many other interested parties, including Donna, Justin, Wyatt and Sally, are keen for these old flames to rekindle. They’ve been going to great lengths to throw Bill and Katie into extremely close quarters as often as possible!Until now, one particular mystery matchmaker’s efforts have been relatively subtle, and although Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie (Heather Tom) can’t deny that they’ve enjoyed the air of romance, they’re a little perplexed about who their Cupid could be! And their determination to out the mysterious matchmaker takes on new urgency when Katie makes one of her regular visits…