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25 Nov 2019

TV Soap Magazine is Australia’s number 1 magazine for lovers of TV Drama, gossip and glamour. Every issue features exclusive interviews with Australian and international celebrities, sneak previews of upcoming soap episodes, star style with the latest fashion and beauty tips, as well as fantastic competitions and giveaways.

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from the editor

Looks like it’s finally the end of Brooke and Ridge on dramatic episodes of B&B coming up. Read our cover story on how events unravel, culminating in the final nail in the coffin for this star-crossed couple. Sad news from the Days camp with the death of longtime star John Clarke, best known to us as Mickey Horton. Suzanne Rogers (aka Maggie Horton) shares some special memories of her former TV husband. Onscreen, there’s lots going on in Salem with the show now on Foxtel’s Arena and Channel Nine. Check out our coverage on both networks, plus what’s happening over on Y&R. We also catch up with Joaquin Phoenix on his obsession with playing the Joker, and chat with the effervescent Bridie Carter about what fans can look forward to…

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splitsville !

After weathering seemingly endless grief, turmoil and drama since they first met more than 30 years ago, Brooke and Ridge thought their marriage was rock-solid at last and immune from any more trouble. That all changed in the wake of Thomas’ wicked ways with Hope and her baby Beth. Naturally, Brooke supported her daughter through the ensuing ordeal, while Ridge defended his son, creating the deepest chasm in the Forrester marriage. Truth be told, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) problems have only escalated as they traded emotional blows over Brooke’s hatred for Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) intensifying, then Ridge got drunk and spent the night with a consoling Shauna (Denise Richards). Finally, with the tension at home becoming quite unbearable, Ridge moved out, leaving Brooke in utter distress and now…

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playing cruel games!

Amid the fallout from the revelations about Thomas’ evil, devious machinations involving baby Beth, Hope’s primary concern has been for the welfare of his motherless son Douglas, the little boy she’d become a nurturing figure to during her brief relationship with and marriage to Thomas. As the despicable details of his wicked ways leaked out, Hope vowed to right the shocking wrong he committed when he manipulated Douglas into doing his dirty work, before turning on him for the Beth revelations... Taking Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) into her care, Hope (Annika Noelle) teams with Liam (Scott Clifton) to offer Douglas a safe and secure home life in a loving family. Motivated to protect Douglas from his father’s unpredictable, troubling and deeply insidious behaviour, Hope and Liam have decided that they want…

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fanning the old flame

Throughout the emotive tumult surrounding the revelations that Beth was alive, well and living as Steffy’s daughter Phoebe, Liam pledged that a broken-hearted Steffy wouldn’t be forgotten after she was forced to hand the baby over to Hope. Honouring that promise, Liam has recently allowed Steffy to spend time with Beth, and although the move has upset Hope, he’s committed to maintaining the bond his ex-wife shared with the little girl she raised for so long as her own. As Halloween dawns, Liam (Scott Clifton) finds himself at a loose end when Hope (Annika Noelle) troops off to the Forresters’ Halloween party to advance her scheme to force Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) to give her custody of Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri). Not wanting to spend the night alone, Liam brings Beth to…

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trick or treat!

There is no doubt in Marlena’s mind that Diana Colville has returned to Salem after a 30-year absence solely to destroy her marriage to John! She’s convinced, now that Victor has dropped the bombshell news that John is the father of Diana’s son Leo. Immediately suspecting that Diana’s spreading fabricating lies to ensnare John in her wacky web, Marlena insists her husband submit to DNA testing to prove his blood ties to Diana’s son. Interrupting a conversation between Diana (Judith Chapman) and Victor (John Aniston), Marlena (Deidre Hall) manages to distract them long enough for John (Drake Hogestyn) to steal Leo’s (Greg Rikaart) toothbrush for the tests. While Marlena feels certain the DNA panel will clear John of being the daddy, Diana secretly plots to derail her interference in her life…

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too close for comfort

District Attorney Ted Laurent has a divisive reputation that regularly polarises the good folk of Salem. While most who deal closely with him give him a wide berth after their business is over, Hope has spent the past few months being regularly distracted by his French charms and smooth moves. Becoming fast friends with Ted, Hope is leaning on him more than ever as her frail marriage to Rafe continues to splinter over their innumerable messy personal and professional issues. Taking advantage of the conflict between the pair, Ted (Gilles Marini) uses Haley’s (Thia Megia) immigration case to ramp up the tension. Fed up with Ted’s interference in their lives, Rafe (Galen Gering) finally snaps and demands that Ted stands down from his legal position! Refusing, Ted instead rebukes Rafe for…