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30 Sep 2019

TV Soap Magazine is Australia’s number 1 magazine for lovers of TV Drama, gossip and glamour. Every issue features exclusive interviews with Australian and international celebrities, sneak previews of upcoming soap episodes, star style with the latest fashion and beauty tips, as well as fantastic competitions and giveaways.

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from the editor

Huge news for soap fans: Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless return to free-to-air TV! TV SOAP’s been flooded with calls and emails from excited readers left in the lurch in 2013 when both daytime shows were dumped from Nine, before finally ending up on Foxtel’s Arena months later. Now soap diehards can watch the shows on 9Gem, 9Now and/ or Arena. On B&B, Brooke’s facing possible jail for allegedly pushing Thomas off a cliff. With the odds against her, she’s found an ally in her ex, Bill. Can he spare her prison and ultimately woo her back? We chat with Josh Morrow about 25 years on Y&R, and gorgeous Naomi Scott about Aladdin. Check out our 10 pages of streaming TV, and all the local…

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waiting in the wings

Emotionally bereft when her furious husband Ridge refuses to believe that she didn’t mean to push his son Thomas off the cliff when she barged in on him and Hope, Brooke’s nerves fray as the cops arrive! Detective Sanchez descends on the hospital to quiz the injured Thomas for his version of the clifftop chaos. Frightened of what her stepson will tell the police, Brooke turns to her spouse and daughter for support. While Hope’s aware the stakes have been raised, Ridge seems to have little interest in his wife’s welfare at all... All Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) cares about is Thomas’s (Matthew Atkinson) health and welfare, and his prayers are answered when he finally stirs from his coma, and passes Dr Armstrong’s (Vincent Irizarry) medical checks. However, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang)…

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wyatt’s one true love …

Throughout the interminable agony around his niece Beth’s supposed death and eventual resurrection, Wyatt deemed himself a neutral sideline player in the whole mess. All he tried to do was be a loyal and supportive brother to Liam and his grieving wife Hope.That all changed when he discovered the depth of his girlfriend Flo’s shocking involvement in the baby’s abduction and sale... Horrified that she posed as Beth’s biological mother to facilitate the illegal adoption, Wyatt dumped her, regretting that he let his real love – Sally – go because he didn’t believe her claim that Thomas posed real danger to Hope. In the wake of those shocking events, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) gravitates towards Sally (Courtney Hope) and, while the road to rekindling their romance hasn’t been smooth, he isn’t…

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…and liam clings onto hope

Liam Spencer suffered desperately through the acute distress of thinking his beloved baby daughter was dead, and losing his marriage as a result – he endured a nightmare. Now that Beth has turned out to be Phoebe, and is alive and well, safe and sound, Liam can only pray Hope will find her way back to him. She’s taking her sweet time, still overwhelmed that she has their daughter back in their arms, but Liam holds on tight to the signal she gave him that she wants him back when they were reunited with the tot. Finally, as they play with the blessed babe at home, revelling in the miracle they’ve been handed, family time turns romantic! With Beth put to bed, Hope feels ready to take her husband back into…

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flo strikes a blow

Perhaps Flo Fulton should’ve just stayed in Vegas. There, she was happy living the life as a casino croupier, with no inkling that she was a biological Logan – blood ties that are now choking her at frightening speed! Locked in a cell for being an accessory in Dr Reese Buckingham’s crime of stealing Beth Spencer and selling her to Steffy, Flo knows her hopes of liberty are fast fading. At least she has her mother Shauna’s devotion and support, but even her attempts to get her released are proving fruitless. Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) visits his wife’s niece to grill her about the exact nature of Thomas’s (Matthew Atkinson) part in the babynapping – and warn her that if she doesn’t answer him truthfully, he’ll ensure she never sees the light…

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billy’s evil twin!

For Billy Abbott the grief he endured when his little girl was killed in a hit-and-run Adam was responsible for years ago remains as raw as it was that fateful day. Lately, Billy’s long-buried memories of being unable to save Delia because he was distracted when she killed have been festering inside him – all thanks to Adam’s return to Genoa City. Dismayed to see the man he’s never forgiven has survived his own near-death experience, Billy (Patrick Thompson) is being tortured and plagued by Delia’s ghost. He hears her voice and feels her presence in every corner of the Chancellor Mansion, the placed she called home. Even more disturbing, Billy has scraped paint from the living room wall, and found cryptic messages he believes are from his daughter scrawled beneath... Unsurprisingly, he’s struggling…