Ultimate Adventure Bike Issue 7

Our goal in ULTIMATE ADVENTURE BIKE AUSTRALIA is to appreciate everyone that’s having a crack — big or small — and enjoying whatever it is that’s an adventure to you. Hopefully, along the way we can steer you in the right direction (pun kinda intended) and bring to the fore just how much fun and how liberating adventure riding is. The adventure bike scene is one of the most vibrant across the globe and nowhere is it more relevant than in this vast sunburnt country. We were built by adventurers and the need to explore is in our blood. There’s never been a better time to do it on a motorcycle with an amazing array of machines and gear available for all. And now they’re finding freedom once again on bikes that take them back in bush and well beyond, in a less aggressive environment. Now is the time to reach those riders. Readers will be treated to the highest quality photography and journalism with bike tests and bucketlist rides leading the features. Each issue will also have dedicated ride tutorials and handy on track how to’s and will be chockas full of gear and accessories that we know this audience loves.

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husqvarna norden 901

Husqvarna dropped this one out of nowhere at the 2020 EICMA show. But before you push your kids out of the way to get to your wallet, it’s just a concept bike at this stage. And while Husky have since announced it will be a production model, there was no word on timing or pricing when I was typing this while drinking a Red Bull and eating a muesli bar (too much info?). It’s a very complete concept by the looks of it, which seems pointless should a release not be impending, but alas it is not a production bike at this stage. Based around an 889.5cc engine, the Norden (which is Scandinavian for “The North”) would sit in a sweet and uncrowded capacity zone offering a link between the large…

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suzuki dr650 tanami edition

Suzuki’s DR650 may be getting on in bike years but there can be no doubt it’s a model that gives and gives. For over 20 years, the DR has been criss-crossing this wide brown land and turning up in places many other bikes dare not tread. It’s reliable, simple and fun. But as an adventure concept it’s a base to build upon, not one that arrives ready to roll across the Simpson. The first thing any owner attends to is the small metal fuel tank which is unceremoniously tossed and replaced by a larger plastic unit. To save you the trouble with this and a few other details, Suzuki Australia is offering what it’s calling the Tanami Edition, which will include a 20 litre Acerbis tank as well as the…

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ducati desert x adventure

Another impressive prototype on display at the EICMA show came from Ducati. The Italian manufacturer has taken the Scrambler 1100 concept so much further by building an adventure bike that looks every bit the part and ready for action. And to get there they pulled inspiration from their own heritage with a Paris-Dakar Rally-inspired design that celebrates Edi Orioli’s victory in 1990 on a Ducati-powered Cagiva Elefant. At the time of writing there was very little information to go on, but there was a model on display at the show and it was one of the clear standouts. Using the Desmodromic L-Twin engine, the Desert X Adventure would produce 86 horsepower @ 7,500 rpm and 65 ft-lb @ 4,750 rpm. The bike features both forward and rear fuel tanks to increase range…

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husqvarna 701 lr

The 701 goes long with a new tank Husqvarna hasn’t redesigned the 701 as such, but with the LR (Long Range) it has given it some new electronic options which bring it up to the kit the current KTM 690 Enduro R runs, and most importantly a new 12-litre auxiliary tank to bring the total fuel capacity to 25 litres. This is a pretty big thing for a very capable and versatile bike that sat somewhat under a cloud of limited fuel range. It’s also a clever way for Husky to retain the bike’s relevance without going overboard on a massive re-think. New switchable ride modes New Bosch cornering ABS New Easy Shift function New lean-angle sensitive Motorcycle Traction Control — perfect rear-wheel traction New graphics and slim bodywork — carefully engineered ergonomics New 24-litre fuel capacity…

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rst pro series adventure 2 jacket

The RST Adventure Pro is fast becoming my go-to jacket on hotter days. Featuring a heap of good-sized vents on the arms, shoulders, chest and back, the RST allows more airflow than any other jacket I own. It’s not the lightest jacket you’ll find but it’s a comfortable fit, with accurate sizing and a waste belt to pull it in tight to improve fit and keep the worst of the weather out. There are two large front pockets and one interior pocket as well as a large rear pocket to keep the liner in if you need to strip it off or perhaps store a map. In fact, it has an internal strap and can be removed and used as a bag, which is a brilliant concept — not sure how often…

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alpinestars tech air street

The Tech Air system comes in two variants. The Race version is for use on a closed course. Street is for general use and that’s the model we used. It’s an airbag system that uses argon cartridges to inflate several sections upon the ECU detecting an imminent impact or crash. The ECU uses advanced motion detectors, not GPS, to monitor the rider’s movements. You can see the speed of the system in use in slow-motion footage of Moto GP crashes where the Tech Air clearly inflates before the rider hits the ground. It’s so fast it’s almost impossible to see at normal speed. The Tech Air system only fits in certain jackets and we tested ours in the excellent Yaguara Drystar jacket, obviously also by Alpinestars. The Tech Air comes as a separate product and…